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Mohu One Review: Good for Discovering Free Videos or Waste of Time?

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Imagine a one-stop-shop platform that cultivates the internet’s best short videos, and organizes them by genre. Then imagine that this tool is 100% free and only a click away. Well, the team at Mohu has once again turned our dreams into a reality.

What is Mohu One?

There are so many great videos hitting the web every day, but traditionally it is very difficult to track down which ones are worth watching. With Mohu One, this is all taken care of for you.

Mohu One is a free web Video discovery service that takes all the best content available for free on services like Youtube and organizes it by category, within an easy to navigate interface. It is a like a “Best of Youtube” Channel on steroids.

The Mohu One channel comes preset on the Mohu Channels set-top box, and can now be used by anyone with an internet connection. To read more about Mohu Channels, where “Over-the-air TV and streaming apps meet in an Android-powered set-top box” click here

Antennas: Mohu Pricing

The categories available on the Mohu One channel include Entertainment, Music, News, Sport, Living, Kids, Education, and Gaming. And these categories act like playlists that are continually being updated with the most engaging content available. Think of each category as a channel. And think of each channel as a playlist that can contain hundreds of videos.

Mohu Channels Installation Video

“This is just the beginning. Think of Mohu One like a streaming video service that offers movies and TV shows, with one exception – everything on Mohu One is free content!”


Bookmark MohuOne.com today, and start enjoying Free Online Video Entertainment in a whole new way.

Mohu One has also been added to our “Watch TV Online” page. If you don’t know about this page, you’re going to need to bookmark this one as well.

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Wrapping Up

As always, comments are welcome and encouraged. Cheers!

Have you tried Mohu One? What do you think? What features could they add to make this an even better tool?

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