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Out-of-Market Arizona Cardinals Games: How to Watch Them in 2023

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Cardinals fans in and around Arizona will generally be able to watch games on their local channels — most often Fox. But for fans outside the area, watching Arizona Cardinals games is more difficult. Read on to learn all your options.

In a hurry? The only perfect way for US fans to get complete access to out-of-market Cardinals games is with a satellite TV plan. But there are a number of tools you can use besides that:

  • ExpressVPN: Get the games you deserve while securing your privacy. Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket: Available only through a satellite plan (mostly), but it is the easiest way to watch the whole NFL regular season.
  • FuboTV: Although it won’t provide you with all out-of-market NFL games, it does give you 120+ channels including all those that you need to enjoy the season live. FuboTV allows you to try out its service free for 7 days.
  • DIRECTV STREAM: A great cable-replacement service with all of the NFL with the Choice plan. A 5-day free trial is now available for DIRECTV STREAM.
  • Sling TV: If you are looking for a low-cost way to live stream most games, this service is a great choice. Save with Sling TV!

If you’d rather talk to someone about NFL Sunday Ticket, a support person at DIRECTV Satellite can walk you through the process. Just call 877-432-7840.

  • DAZN Canada is streaming every NFL game live, which means preseason, regular games, playoff games, and of course the Super Bowl.
  • ExpressVPN: Get the games you deserve while securing your privacy. Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • NFL Game Pass: Watch any game live for NFL fans outside the US.

Although the Cardinals did make the playoffs last year, they’ve been struggling recently. We have to go all the way back to 2015 to when they last won the NFC West. And they last went to the Super Bowl in 2008.

Just the same, they’ve been a reliable and fun team to watch. And they have fans across the nation who struggle to watch their games.

Out-of-Market Games

In most ways, the NFL makes being a fan easy. Each team plays a maximum of one game a week, it’s easy to follow the whole season, and all the games are broadcast.

But there’s one way that following the league can be difficult: regular season broadcasting is regionalized. In any given location, Sunday afternoon games will be limited to two each broadcast on CBS and Fox.

This is great for local fans (those in-market) because games featuring that will team will be featured on the local CBS or Fox affiliate. But fans in distant locations are often out of luck. For example, most of the time, the Arizona Cardinals game will not be shown to viewers in New York.

Most leagues offer solutions for this problem. There are NBA League Pass and MLB.TV, for example. And MLS and NHL both use ESPN+ for this purpose. And there is a solution for out-of-market Cardinals fans too: NFL Sunday Ticket.

The problem? It is currently only available from satellite provider DIRECTV. (It is not available from DIRECTV STREAM.) If this is fine, go ahead and sign up. Problem solved.

Out-of-Market Arizona Cardinals Games Options

There are options you can use to watch out-of-market Cardinals games.

  1. NFL Sunday Ticket: For Arizona Cardinals fans outside that area, this is the ultimate resource. Note that it is only available to satellite subscribers. (NFL Sunday Ticket review)
  2. NFL+ Premium: For just $9.99/mo, you get on-demand access to all out-of-market games. The catch? You only get replays. But if you don’t mind waiting until the game is over, this is a great option. You do get live primetime and in-market games on mobile devices. And you get all out-of-market preseason games. (NFL+ review)
  3. NFL RedZone: This doesn’t allow you to watch out-of-market games, exactly. Instead, it effectively allows you to watch all the Sunday afternoon games at the same time. (NFL RedZone Out-of-Market)
  4. VPN: This option doesn’t provide you with game streaming but it is a powerful tool to allow you to watch Cardinal games that you otherwise have access to. (VPNs for Out-of-Market Viewing)
  5. SiriusXM: You can listen to all the games. Note that NFL+ also provides this.
  6. Friends, Sports Bars, and Other Options: If all else fails, ask around. Other people have resources you lack. And most people like company when viewing NFL games.

Subscribers in most countries outside the US can see all games via NFL Game Pass International.

NFL RedZone

NFL RedZone is widely available through live TV streaming services:

  • FuboTV: Base plan for $74.99/mo includes 120+ channels. Get RedZone and 28 other sports channels with Sports Plus for $10.99/mo more. (FuboTV review)
  • Sling TV: The Blue plan provides 40+ channels including Fox and NBC for $40.00/mo. RedZone and 10 other sports channels come with Sports Plus for $11/mo more. (Sling TV review)
  • Hulu + Live TV: Get 85+ live TV channels for $69.99/mo. RedZone comes with the Sports add-on. (Hulu + Live TV review)
  • Vidgo: The Premium plan for $84.99/mo comes with 140+ channels including NFL RedZone. (Vidgo review)
  • YouTube TV: Offers 100+ channels for $72.99/mo. RedZone comes with the Sports Plus add-on.


One of the most powerful tools in the cord-cutter’s arsenal is a VPN. They are the only way to solve many issues that we all face. Of course, they don’t provide content. But they allow you to stream the games you’ve paid for.

For more information on streaming out-of-market games, see our VPN guide.

Unblock Your Favorite Events & Teams With a VPN

If you can’t watch your favorite events or teams because of your location, a VPN will allow you to get the access you are entitled to, plus extra security and unequalled privacy. Check out our VPN Guide for everything you need to know, including our top pick ExpressVPN.

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Devices to Live Stream Out-of-Market Cardinals Games

What devices you can use to watch Arizona Cardinals games on will depend on the service you use. But most of them support all the devices you know: Amazon Fire TV/Firestick, Android mobile, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Roku, and Samsung smart TVs. Most also support gaming devices and other smart TVs.

Note that Roku devices do not support VPNs. But there is an easy workaround for this: set up the VPN on your router. All the major VPNs provide step-by-step instructions to do this.

Wrapping Up

Arizona Cardinals fans who live far away have a few options for watching games. The best one is to sign up with DIRECTV Satellite and get NFL Sunday Ticket. Barring that, NFL RedZone is a great option, which we recommend Sling TV and FuboTV for.


Can I watch out-of-market Arizona Cardinals Games with DIRECTV STREAM?

DIRECTV STREAM is a great streaming service for NFL fans with all the channels that are available to viewers in your area. But it isn’t especially great for watching out-of-market games. NFL Sunday Ticket is not available with it (you need the satellite plan). And you can’t get NFL Network and NFL RedZone with it. But for most fans, it’s a good choice.

How do I watch out-of-market games from teams besides the Arizona Cardinals?

We’ve got individual viewer’s guides for watching out-of-market NFL games for each team:

AFC East AFC North AFC South AFC West
Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans Denver Broncos
Miami Dolphins Cincinnati Bengals Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs
New England Patriots Cleveland Browns Jacksonville Jaguars Los Angeles Chargers
New York Jets Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans Las Vegas Raiders
NFC East NFC North NFC South NFC West
Dallas Cowboys Chicago Bears Atlanta Falcons Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers Los Angeles Rams
Philadelphia Eagles Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints San Francisco 49ers
Washington Commanders Minnesota Vikings Tampa Bay Buccaneers Seattle Seahawks

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If you still have questions, these resources should help:

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