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Slide into the Excitement: Why Sling TV is the Best Way to Watch 2023 NCAA Baseball

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Division I Men’s Lacrosse Tournament is here! Get all the details in our viewer’s guide!

And the Men’s Golf Tournament is around the corner! We have the details: NCAA golf viewer’s guide!

And you can watch it all with Sling TV!

Get in on what many baseball fans have already discovered: college ball has the potential to be more exciting, more emotional, more competitive, and more engaging than the pros. And there’s no lower cost way to watch NCAA baseball than Sling TV!

In a hurry? Sling TV is your cheapest option to get all the ESPN-NCAA channels that air the college games. For just $40.00/mo, you can sign up for Sling Orange and get all the main ESPNs. Upgrade to the Sports Extra for $11 more and get all the conference networks.

Save With Sling TV

MLB Spring Training (schedule) is just getting going, but it’s not the only baseball action going around. The NCAA Division I baseball season just got going on February 17. 300 college teams will compete over the next several months for a spot in the tournament in June, and ultimately the Men’s College World Series in Omaha. (Don’t miss the CWS Selection Show!)

Read on to find out what channels have your favorite team.

Watching NCAA Sports Channels on Sling TV

If your favorite team(s) are in just one or two conferences, you may be able to save money by watching the games on Sling TV. Let’s go over some major ones. Details on the Sling TV packages are further down.

Southeastern Conference (SEC)

The SEC includes the best baseball teams in the NCAA, including #1 LSU, #2 Tennessee, #4 Ole Miss, and #5 Texas A&M. Most SEC games are televised on the SEC Network. On Sling, it’s part of the Orange Sports Extra, and as of this writing, is just $46/mo.

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

The ACC claims baseball teams from Wake Forest, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, and Louisville. Most games appear on the ACC Network, which is also part of the Orange Sports Extra.

Big Ten Conference (B1G)

Maryland, Rutgers, Iowa, and Illinois are all members of the B1G. The B1G Network (sometimes listed as BTN) is not owned by ESPN (unlike the SECN and the ACCN), so it’s in the Blue Sports Extra, which is also $46/mo.

Pac-12 Conference

West Coast schools Stanford, UCLA, and Oregon are in the Pac-12. Pac-12 Network is also not owned by ESPN, and is only available on two streaming services: FuboTV and Sling TV. On Sling, you can find it in either the Blue or Orange Sports Extra.

NCAA Baseball - Rice Owls vs Texas A&M Aggies
Joe Savery pitches for the Rice Owls against the Texas A&M Aggies (2007) / CC0/Public Domain via HippoPX.com

Sling TV Plans for NCAA Baseball

Sling TV has two base plans: Orange and Blue. Either one is $40.00/mo. You’ll also want to pick up the Sports Extra, an add-on bundle for $11/mo. The Sports Extra costs the same for either Orange or Blue, but several of the channels are exclusive to either Orange or Blue.

Sling Orange for the ESPN Win

If you’re a fan of the ACC and/or the SEC, you’ll definitely want to go with Sling Orange, because it has the ESPN channels. Specifically, the base plan has ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. The Orange Sports Extra will add these networks to your lineup:

The channels in bold feature college sports. ACCN Extra and SECN+ both feature the same programming as their Network counterparts, but they stream on demand.

Sling Blue for the Big Ten Love

You may have noticed the only major omission from that list, namely, the Big Ten Network. That’s because B1G is owned by Fox Sports, which means it’s only available with the Blue Sports Extra. You’ll get these additional sports channels:

  • MLB Network
  • MLB Strike Zone
  • NBA TV
  • NHL Network

Sling Blue overall has more channels than Sling Orange, but Sling Orange has more sports channels.

Sling Orange + Blue to Have it All

You can get the Orange and Blue channels together for $55.00/mo, and the combined Sports Extra is $15/mo. Not too shabby.

The 2007 Rice Owls celebrating victory at the 2007 NCAA Super Regional / photo via pxhere.com / CC0/Public Domain

Wrapping Up

If you’re a fan of college baseball, you’ll probably be better off with Sling Orange, unless you’re only interested in Big Ten teams. If you want the whole enchilada, you can always sign up for Sling Orange + Blue and get them all.

How to Watch More Baseball

If you are looking for information about watching the College World Series, we have a whole guide about it. Beyond that, we have a base MLB baseball guide along with ones for every team and the playoffs. And we have a World Baseball Classic guide as well, along with how to watch Team USA at the WBC.

Featured Photo: Cal State Fullerton Titan Danny Dorn slides into home — photo taken at March 5, 2006 game versus Rice Owls — CC0/Public Domain

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