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Surprising Streaming Statistics: How Are Cord-Cutters Getting Their TV Fix?

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“While not everyone has cut the cord on cable or satellite, a significant number of consumers are actively looking for alternatives,” said Yung Trang, President and Editor in Chief of TechBargains.com.

“Today, people are streaming their favorite shows and movies on their device of choice — at significantly lower costs.  This gives consumers more choice and undoubtedly has serious future implications for the cable and satellite industry.”

3 Out of 10

Cut the Cable

Cut The Cord Survey Results – 1,640 responses:


  • 75% of people stream video on their televisions.  57% of those who stream content from their TV use a gaming console, 43% use a Streaming Media Player, 23% use a Smart TV and 32% use a different device (e.g. Blu-Ray player, PC).
  • The majority (74%) of people watch Netflix when streaming content on TVs.

Cell Phones

  • 53% of people said they do not stream content on their cell phone.
  • The majority (80%) of people watch YouTube when streaming content on cell phones.


  • 72% of people use their tablets to stream video content while 28% do not stream content on their tablets.
  • The majority (74%) of people watch YouTube when streaming content on tablets.


  • 77% of people stream content on their laptops. Learn how to connect your laptop to your tv
  • The majority (78%) of people watch YouTube when streaming content on laptops.


  • 70% of people stream content on their desktops.
  • The majority (80%) of people watch YouTube when streaming content on desktops.

Cutting the Cord!

Landlines and Cable

The survey also found that 60% of people no longer have a landline telephone, not a surprising trend as mobile devices continue to gain popularity. The results also revealed that 57% of people that still have a landline do not plan to disconnect their landline in the next year. However, of those who have gotten rid of their landline, 36% of people have also discontinued their cable/satellite service. Finally, of those who still have their landlines, 19% have cut the cable cord.

Have you cut the cord yet? If not, what’s the hold-up?

As always, comments are welcome and encouraged. Cheers!

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Ditch “Big Cable” Now – 3 Simple Steps to Cut the Cord

  1. Pick the right streaming service
  2. Get the content you deserve with the best VPN.
  3. Supercharge your internet provider

That’s it — you’ll save money, take back control, and enjoy TV more!

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12 replies on “Surprising Streaming Statistics: How Are Cord-Cutters Getting Their TV Fix?

Cut off the propaganda! Everything on cable tv is propaganda, commercials, or low-grade information. If you get your news from cable, you’re sure to be ill-informed. Channels like Fox News, CNBC, CNN, etc make billions selling you propaganda. Most troubling… Americans are happy to pay for this propaganda.

I have Dish Network and am honestly not impressed. The only time we ever watch anything on it is when RAW is on or American Ninja Warrior. The majority of the time we watch Netflix. It’s a waste of money really for a bunch of channels that we don’t watch at all.

Love American Ninja Warrior. And yes, why pay for what you dont use. Does not make sense and millions of people are finally starting to see the light.

How ironic is it that, as a kid, my brother and I were so excited to get cable TV? We watched the workers who wired our street, then marveled at the ability to get NY channels 9 & 11 plus Philadelphia’s PRISM TV, which allowed us to watch Philly sports teams’ home games, commercial free, plus uncut, uncensored movies.

Fast forward 36 years and I cannot wait until I am fully removed from the cable scene. The only problem is finding inexpensive internet access. Comcast really burns you if you want internet only, jacking the monthly rate up by $20-30/month.


I had Comcast cable for a while and while they are awful, Dish was even worse. I ended up going with Windstream for cable, and still my Dish bill is almost a $100 a month.

I’m not in any of the demographics “most likely to”–married, with kids, and in my 40’s–but I made a decision to cancel my cable: First, because I’m no longer willing to support the immoral values depicted on TV that have become the norm and are worsening every day, and second, because I was already using streaming services of Netflix and Amazon Prime on my iPad and television. My kids use Xbox for streaming, and I was using a blu-ray player for my TV, but I find it cumbersome to navigate so I now watch TV and movies primarily on my iPad. If there’s a news story I want to see on TV, I watch live streaming video from a website, such as Fox News Live. If my husband and son want to watch football, they go to a restaurant that plays the game on the big screen, so–instant bonding time! Cutting the cable was one of the best decisions we made last year. 🙂 There are some drawbacks to using streaming services, especially in a busy household with many devices being used at the same time. But I haven’t missed cable TV at all.

there’s really no where to go to replace freezing / pixelating cable and satelite streaming tv. the free internet sites don’t cut it and who needs recorded tv ?

Freezing and pixelating video is definitely frustrating. For streaming online the best thing you can do is hard-line all your devices vs. relying on WiFi. This will really help with signal issues. And when using an Antenna, just do whatever you have to, to position for optimal reception.

As for recorded TV – i actually have the opposite opinion. Who needs all the commercials. Why do I need to see live TV when i can stream just what i want, when i want. And if i need news feeds, there are tons of sites that offer that – live: https://hotdog.com/tv-channels/

I agree, like HotDog.com has said, I have noticed that hard line internet is far more superior than WIFI. I always keep my internet hooked up via ethernet cable and never experience any problems. It’s when I use WIFI that I get slow connections and other problems.

Thanks Amy! What video streaming devices do you use? And you do you use an antenna as well? Always curios to hear specifics on what cable tv alternatives my readers are using. Cheers

Have you tried an Amplified Mohu Leaf or Sky? If not see my posts on this. These antennas are getting better and better with every new model that comes out!

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