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Watching the Women’s FIFA World Cup in El Salvador

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Football fans in El Salvador have been blessed with the appearance of the Selecta, as they call affectionately call their men’s national football team, in two Women’s World Cup tournaments.

Even though El Salvador will not play in the Cup this time around, the fervor for football will not be diminished in this Central American nation; after all, this is a country where impromptu football matches are played on the streets, at the beach, and during lunch breaks. With this in mind, let’s review your television and streaming options for watching the matches in El Salvador.

El Salvador TV Channels for Women’s WC 2023

You have two options for watching live televised match broadcasts from Australia and New Zealand in El Salvador:

  • Telecorporación Salvadoreña (TCS) Canal 4
  • Tigo Sports

TCS Canal 4 has been on the air for more than six decades; it is one of the most popular TV stations in El Salvador, and it has plenty of experience with broadcasting the World Cup. This channel broadcasts over-the-air (OTA) on an analog VHF signal and a digital HD signal. For FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, TCS acquired the rights to 44 matches.

Tigo Sports is part of the Nordic telecommunications giant Millicom, which operates in various Central American countries. If you are a Tigo cable TV subscriber, Tigo Sports is part of your channel lineup; it typically occupies the 3, 300, and 1001 positions on the digital tuner. Tigo Sports carries all 64 matches of the Cup, which means that 20 of them are exclusive to this cable TV channel in El Salvador.

It so happens that both TCS and Tigo Sports have their own digital video streaming platforms, which will broadcast the Cup, and which we will describe in the following section.

Streaming Women’s 2023 FIFA Matches in El Salvador

TCS Go is a very popular streaming platform in El Salvador, and you can use it to view all 64 matches, but only if you sign up for its premium subscription plan. The free version of TCS Go grants you access to Canal 4 programming, including the 44 Cup matches that you can watch on television, but you need to register and use an internet connection geolocated to El Salvador.

For $2.99 per month, TCS Go premium gives you all 64 Cup matches in addition to programming from Canal 2, 4, and 6; plus, you are not region-locked at all, which is why this option is very popular in the Salvadoran community living in the United States.

Tigo Sports subscribers can stream all 64 Cup games through the network’s website or mobile apps. This option is strictly region-locked. If you are a Tigo Sports subscriber in Costa Rica, for example, your app will not work in El Salvador and viceversa.

Devices You Can Use to Stream Women’s 2023 FIFA in El Salvador

Both the TCS Go and Tigo Sports apps are available for iOS and Android devices. All the same, these two networks can be accessed from their respective websites, but the browser-based user experience is not as good as with the mobile apps.

Women’s FIFA 2023 Schedule in El Salvador

In El Salvador, the opening ceremony and the initial match between New Zealand and Norway were broadcast on July 20th at .

Once the group stage comes to an end, the remaining teams will move to the first knockout round, which will play from August 5rd to the 8th. This will be followed by two more playoff rounds until the final plays on Sunday, August 20th, at .

Enjoying Women’s FIFA 2023 in El Salvador

Whoever gets to be in El Salvador during the Cup will be treated to a national party, which this year coincides with the festive holiday season. Good places to watch FIFA 2023 matches in El Salvador include the Conference Center in the capital city, the Plaza Francisco Seeber, and the beach bars at El Tunco and Las Flores, where the beer is always cold and the pupusas are always delicious.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Viewer’s Guides Outside the US

For more information on watching matches in different areas, see our World Cup VPN Guide.

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