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About HotDog.com: How We Help You Find the Best Cable TV Alternative

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HotDog.com is one of the oldest cord-cutting resources on the web. Since 2011, we’ve helped consumers break the chains of their cable TV contracts with detailed and easy-to-understand information. In the process, our readers have saved millions.

Over the years, HotDog.com has become the go-to destination for cord-cutting tutorials, streaming reviews, and industry news. If it has to do with watching video content without a cable contract, you’ll likely find it here. And if you can’t, you can email us or post a comment, and we’ll try to help!

About HotDog.com

HotDog.com started over a decade ago as KillTheCableBill.com, a small passion project. This was long before live TV streaming was a thing and not long after Netflix figured out that streaming was a better business than shipping DVDs directly to your door.

Over time, the site really took off — along with the industry itself. In early 2022, we changed our name to HotDog.com. We wanted a more general name given that we aren’t razor-focused on cable anymore. For example, we also provide lots of guidance for people how have already cut the cord and want to know who best to utilize their streaming time and money.

Today, we provide reviews, background, how-tos, studies, and news content about all aspects of the streaming experience. That includes technologies like the internet and VPNs, content analysis on sports, movies, and shows, and news coverage about events that affect our readership.

HotDog.com Team

HotDog.com is run by a dedicated team of cord-cutters.

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29 replies on “About HotDog.com: How We Help You Find the Best Cable TV Alternative”

Do you guys have an email address or something through which I can get in touch?

Hi Nancy! thanks for reaching out. No dumb questions ;). If your asking you are one of the smart ones – yes you can use existing coaxial cable i your house and simply hook your Antenna up to that. As for hooking up 2 TV's read the following article and let me know what additional questions you have: How to Connect Multiple TV’s to your OTA Antenna https://hotdog.com/how-to-connect-multiple-tvs-to-your-ota-antenna/

I am a NOVICE….trying to figure out how to cut the cable. Watched your video on Mohu antenna. I need to ask a dumb question…how does this work with 2 TV's….can I used my Comcast connection to connect the antenna? I just envision cable cords all over my house?

John Brillhart Very interesting. To get your name out there is going to take time and money (SEO). Maybe you look into geo-targeted google ads (adwords). Drive people in your area to a landing page and watch your conversion rates – just to see how things work out. test, optimize, repeat…. Ill keep thinking about this, but that is the first thing that comes to mind.

John Brillhart Very interesting. To get your name out there is going to take time and money (SEO). Maybe you look into geo-targeted google ads (adwords). Drive people in your area to a landing page and watch your conversion rates – just to see how things work out. test, optimize, repeat…. Ill keep thinking about this, but that is the first thing that comes to mind.

Hi Dave,

I'm in minneapolis. So far slow in closing sales. It's not hard to generate interest, but finding folks truly interested in making the leap is tougher. The main thing is marketing, my name isn't out there yet. Other thing? Husbands, I've lost so many sales because the husband is scared to move or thinks that he can somehow get a good deal from the cable company.

Hey John – interesting business model. where are you located? what type of response have you received so far?

Hey Dave, I own a cord-cutting consultant business (we follow each other on twitter) would you mind checking out my website and letting me know what you think http://www.cablealternatives.com. You can message me there or reply here, really appreciate it.

I have just seen the Amazon Fire Stick but cannot find info if it can record at a particular time and then playback later.
I have HughesNet satellite internet which has cheap bandwidth available from 2am till 8am. I am trying to figure out how to record Netflix and Amazon content during that timeframe.

Hi Sandy – thanks for reaching out. This is a very interesting idea. I have not read much about Amazon’s Fire Stick – but now that you have brought this up, I think ill tackle this topic very very soon. Please check back for my full review.

Amazon Fire Stick is a media player (Android OS) for Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu and similar services. It is also considered a micro-console since it can play games. It can’t record or play anything locally other than games.

Ive got the lifetime playon subsciption with many script added although I cannot stream them to my xbox. Any suggestions? I can see links to select but I get no output


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Have you looked into an Antenna yet? If not, start there. You get all the basic cable chanels for free in HD. In my opinion the solution is a simple one: Antenna + Hulu | Netflix | Web Content + Video Streaming Device = Financial Freedom

Hula is great Cable is so expensive you can go on line and watch shows good luck

so This is the year our cox cable contract runs out. I really want to cancel just TV and phone- keep the internet . I want to make sure I can still stream BBC, AMC, History, PBS, Science Fiction, ect. It looks like Hulu has some of these channels- but alas I am a novice. Any advice from other folks who are sick of paying over 100$ a month for junk we don't want or need to watch.

Thanks, I didn’t see this article. I picked up the lifetime plan. However, there are some streaming issues. In order to minimize those, I had to drop picture quality, which stinks.

That is a bummer. Maybe you can you jack up your Internet speed to accomidate? What streaming device do you use? I use a PS3 and it works great. I can get all the Hulu Web Only shows, along with a ton of other web channels that I otherwise would not be able to access on my ps3.

I play it through Roku. I cannot afford to increase my internet speed. It kind of defeats the purpose of ditching cable. The money I save on cable goes right back to the company to increase my speed, which is an extra charge, unless there are ways to do it that are less expensive.

skip the stream – do the “on demand”. Leave quality setting on AUTO.

Have it now for about 3 yrs. Linked it to the WDTV media hub – best investment ever. There’s a free trial (about a week or so) and they won’t even ask for a credit card until the free trial is up (assuming you wish to continue). DO IT! They also have DVR option – I don’t usually watch the streams except new – mostly go for the “on demand” options; so, the DVR didn’t make much sense to me. Have used it and it is high quality DVR. Get the lifetime license to playon … I bought it and never have been asked to pay another dime in three years time.

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