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Exclusive Sports on Hulu + Live TV

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We’ve previously discussed the enormous quantity of exclusive content from Hulu — almost 400 shows and original movies. But Hulu + Live TV also offers an impressive selection of exclusive sporting events through its inclusion of ESPN+. Let’s go through some of it.

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Hulu + Live TV Sports Exclusives

ESPN+ is not the source for the most popular sports in the United States. For that, you need live TV channels like the many ESPN, Fox Sports, and regional sports networks like NBC Sports. Hulu + Live TV offers all that.

But when it comes to less popular sports, ESPN+ is often the only game in town.


Have you ever wondered if there is something like NBA League Pass for Major League Soccer? Well, there is: ESPN+. It provides access to all out-of-market games for the league.

But its soccer coverage is much greater than that. With Hulu + Live TV, you get exclusive coverage of Bundesliga, La Liga, and many other leagues as well as FA Cup and various events.


When the XFL finally returns next season, ESPN+ will be the only way to watch many games. Note that XFL also airs on linear channels that are available from other services. You can also watch USFL games.

Combat Sports

Combat Sports are one area where ESPN+ really excels. In particular, ESPN+ is the only place to watch most Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events.

Many UFC events are pay-per-view, but that only applies to the top card bout. So you can watch all that bout without paying extra.


As with MLB, ESPN+ acts as a league pass for NHL. You get access to all out-of-market games. Hulu + Live TV itself provides access to 75 games per year. And you also get all the channels you need to watch every playoff game.


If you only want to watch the top-line tennis matches, you can see them on the live TV channels that come with Hulu. But for complete coverage of Wimbledon, you can only get it with Hulu + Live TV.


In addition to college sports, ESPN+ provides exclusive coverage of most Athletes Unlimited softball matches.

NCAA Sports

This is a huge subject. Most of the biggest football games appear on major live TV channels like ESPN, FS1, CBS Sports Network, and the network affiliates. And, of course, Hulu + Live TV offers these channels. But so do other live TV streaming services.

But for some football and almost all other sports, you really can’t follow the season without ESPN+. That includes men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and most other sports.


There is much more. They tend to be smaller events like the Porsche Supercup France Race. But almost every day, you can watch a dozen or more exclusive sporting events on Hulu + Live TV.

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Beyond Exclusive Sports

The best thing about Hulu + Live TV for sports fans probably isn’t the exclusive games and matches that it provides through ESPN+. Even more important are all the games it provides that are being shown on other channels that are not widely available.

For example, on the day this article is published, ESPN+ will be presenting the MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays at the Boston Red Sox.

Should Sports Fans Get Hulu + Live TV?

With all of the live sports channels plus ESPN+, sports fans cannot go wrong with Hulu + Live TV. If your focus is on one particular MLB or NBA team, then you might be better off with a more expensive Choice plan from DIRECTV STREAM. But for overall sports coverage, no one beats Hulu + Live TV.

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