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Disney XD TV Schedule & Listings Guide

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What’s on Disney XD Today?

Here’s today’s schedule for Disney XD.

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2024 EDT

Sharks vs. Dolphins: Bahamas Battleground

In the Bahamas, over 30% of dolphins have shark bite scars; using a non-toxic gel bite pad and a life-sized dolphin lure, a look at bite impressions of three species that could be predators.

Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurConey Island, Baby!

Lunella must confront her childhood fear, the Coney Island Funhouse, to save Mimi from The Beyonder.

Hailey's on It!Scott's on a Roll; Bye Bye Birdies

In a competition where the winner has a sandwich named after them, Hailey is pitted against Scott; when Hailey must be truthful for a day, she ends up delivering a comedy roast.

Big City GreensCricket's Place; Volunteer Tilly

When Remy and Cricket get their own apartment, they discover that nonstop fun leads to chaos; Tilly volunteers at the animal shelter but doesn't want to part with any of the animals.

Big City GreensBoss Life; Papaganda

Bill forces his family to embrace a "Live, Laugh, Love" philosophy; Gloria tries to maintain her café's perfect rating.

Phineas and FerbIt's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World; The Ballad of Badbeard

The boys create a monster truck for Candace to practice her driving skills; Grandpa tells the boys about Badbeard the pirate while on a camping trip.

Phineas and FerbDude, We're Gettin' the Band Back Together!

When Dad forgets his wedding anniversary, the children must find their parents' favorite band; Dr. Doofenshmirtz plans a birthday party for his daughter.

Phineas and FerbReady for the Bettys; The Flying Fishmonger

Phineas and Ferb stumble upon Perry's secret lair; the boys help their grandfather jump a gorge on his motorcycle.

Phineas and FerbPhineas and Ferb Get Busted

Phineas and Ferb get shipped off to reform school; investigative talk show host Morty Williams prepares an eye-opening report on the school.

Phineas and FerbGreece Lightning; Leave the Busting to Us

Phineas and Ferb re-create a chariot race; a reality show records the brothers building a white-water rafting ride.

Phineas and FerbCrack That Whip; The Best Lazy Day Ever

The boys build a roller-derby rink so that their grandmother can compete against an old rival; Phineas and Ferb take the day off, to Candace's dismay.

Big City GreensGramma's License; Bear Trapped

When Gramma crashes into a parked police car, she loses her driver's license and her confidence; Cricket Green hates bears.

Big City GreensGridlocked; Mama Bird

Bill takes the family on a road trip to the country, only to wind up trapped in a traffic jam; when Tilly finds a bird's nest, she cares for the eggs hoping the chicks will think she's their mother, but the birds imprint on Cricket instead.

Big City GreensCricketsitter; Backflip Bill

Bill takes Gramma to a doctor's checkup and leaves Tilly in charge of Cricket; Cricket learns that Bill never realized his childhood dream of becoming a gymnast.

Big City GreensWelcome Home; Raccooned

Cricket Green and his family move from the country to Big City to live with Gramma; when Cricket and Bill accidentally disturb a nest of raccoons in the garage, they invade the house.

Big City GreensGabriella's Fella; Cheap Show

When Cricket's crush returns, Remy takes the opportunity to help Cricket get to know her; the family wants to visit a street fair, but Bill wants to stay home to save money.

Big City GreensGreen Mirror; Cricket's Tickets

When the Greens visit BigTech, Tilly discovers a chance to improve her chaotic family; Cricket wins tickets to a show and must decide who to bring.

Big City GreensTimes Circle; Super Gramma

Tilly and Remy put on a play while Cricket meets his favorite heroes; when Gramma temporarily loses her eyesight, Cricket and Tilly try to help her.

Big City GreensPresent Tense; Hurt Bike

Cricket struggles to get the best birthday present for his best bud, Remy; due to a close call with a dirt bike, Cricket fearfully decides to live his life in shelter.

Big City GreensQuiet Please; Chipwrecked

At the library, the Greens try to find a book, but a scary librarian threatens them into being quiet; Chip decides if he is really the failure Cricket says he is.

Big City GreensChipocalypse Now Part 1; Chipocalypse Now Part 2

Chip Whistler tears down the buildings around the Green's house to build a Wholesome Foods store.

Big City Greens'Rent Control; Pool's Gold

When Gloria's parents visit, she ropes the Greens into escalating lies about her success; Cricket goes on a quest to find the best pool in Big City.

Big City GreensBig Resolution; Winter Greens

On New Year's Eve, Cricket insists on helping Gloria complete her resolution of approaching her longtime crush, Kevin; Cricket and Remy challenge Vasquez to a snowball fight; Tilly creates a snowperson.

Big City GreensMages and Mazes; Okay Karaoke

When the kids play a role-playing game at Remy's, his rules lead to conflict; when the Greens go out for karaoke, Tilly struggles to decide what genre of music will best express her true self.

Big City GreensDate Night; The Room

Bill chaperones Cricket and Gabriella's first date; a disagreement between Cricket and Tilly turns into reality-TV-like entertainment for Gloria and Gramma.

Big City GreensBleeped; Sellouts

Cricket teaches the local kids a new curse word, threatening to ruin the community center's choir performance; the Greens try new methods to improve sales at their produce stand.

Big City GreensFast Foodie; Spaghetti Theory

Cricket tries to prove to Bill he can eat fast food for every meal; Tilly and Cricket debate whether the lives of people in Big City are connected.

Big City GreensDing Dongers; Animation Abomination

Remy uses Cricket's antics to gain views and likes on a new video-sharing app; Gloria gives Tilly and Cricket a tour of the animation studio where she's interning.

Big City GreensThe Van; Bat Girl

Gramma and Cricket fume over an unsightly van parked in front of their house; Nancy joins Cricket and Tilly's Little League team to get back at their unsportsmanlike rivals.

Phineas and FerbPerry the Actorpus; Bullseye!

Perry wins a contest and becomes the spokesanimal for Totally Tools.

Phineas and FerbA Hard Day's Knight; I, Brobot

Candace joins a jousting tournament at the Renaissance festival; the boys build robot clones of themselves to complete more projects.

Phineas and FerbEscape from Phineas Tower; The Remains of the Platypus

The boys have fun with an escape tower until it becomes self aware.

Phineas and FerbFerb Latin; Lotsa Latkes

Phineas and Ferb create their own language, Ferb Latin; Phineas and Ferb clone potatoes when all of them go missing in Danville.

Beyblade Burst QuadStrikeWild Dash! Battle Marathon!

The Champion's Challenge Tournament keeps spinning, but one important face is missing, since the Dark Prince is nowhere to be seen.

Gravity FallsLand Before Swine

A prehistoric beast snatches Mabel's pig Waddles and the Pines family must take a journey.

Gravity FallsThe Legend of the Gobblewonker

When Dipper and Mable hear rumors of a sea monster living in the lake, they want to prove it.

Gravity FallsHeadhunters

Dipper and Mabel set out to find out who tampered with Mabel's statue.

Gravity FallsThe Inconveniencing

When Dipper tries to impress Wendy by acting older than he really is, he's invited to join a group of teenagers.

Gravity FallsThe Hand That Rocks the Mabel

Dipper and Mabel find a new neighbor, a psychic kid named Lil' Gideon.

Gravity FallsTourist Trapped

Young twins Dipper and Mabel Pines arrive to spend their summer break with their uncle.

Gravity FallsDipper vs. Manliness

Dipper travels into the forest to battle the notorious Multi-Bear in a quest to attain manliness.

Gravity FallsThe Time Traveler's Pig

Dipper, wishing he could go back in time and undo a mistake he made, discovers a time machine.

Gravity Falls

The adventures of 12-year old twin brother and sister Dipper and Mabel Pines.

Big City GreensTilly Tour; Dinner Party

Tilly takes Gramma out to be a tourist for a day; Cricket and Remy arrange a dinner party for everyone to get to know each other.

Big City GreensPen Pals; Study Abroad

Tilly and Andromeda exchange letters that reveal their unique outlooks on the world; Remy enlists the Greens to help him lie to his parents about his week in the country.

Supersized Sharks

Scientists investigate the giant tiger sharks of Norfolk Island.

Maui Shark Mystery

A fearless team dives in to solve the secret gathering of Maui sharks.

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