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FYI Network TV Schedule & Listings Guide

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What’s on FYI Network Today?

Here’s today’s schedule for FYI Network.

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2024 EDT

Flipping VegasParty House

Scott lets the twins join him in the flipping of a trashed party house, on the condition that he and Amie are allowed to make all the decisions.

Flipping VegasGrow House

Scott purchases a home that has legal issues, but he soon needs legal help of his own to avoid federal drug charges.

Flipping VegasHot Tub House

A hot tub from hell is just one of the problems Scott faces.

Flipping VegasCondo From Hell

Scott buys a small condo unit in a low-income neighborhood, only to learn some nasty surprises about his bargain-priced purchase.

Flipping VegasParty House

Scott lets the twins join him in the flipping of a trashed party house, on the condition that he and Amie are allowed to make all the decisions.

Flipping VegasGrow House

Scott purchases a home that has legal issues, but he soon needs legal help of his own to avoid federal drug charges.

Flipping VegasHoarder House

Amie's insistence on elaborate upgrades foils Scott's plans to quickly flip a hoarder's junk-filled residence.

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Joseph PrinceWhere Is Holiness in Grace?

What the Bible says about living a holy life.

Elevation with Steven Furtick

Featuring inspirational messages from Pastor Steven Furtick at Elevation Church in North Carolina.

Joni: Table Talk

Joni and guests tackle a wide range of relevant issues, controversial subjects and hard-hitting news topics with candor and wit.

David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah's goal is to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world.

Swamp People: Serpent InvasionBackyard Blitz

Zak and Aaron combat an invasion in Zak's neighborhood; Tes works alone in the depths of buggy country; Ashley and Kaylyn hunt near a camp with a haunting past; Dusty chases an old nemesis.

Swamp People: Serpent InvasionFull Assault

Troy and Tes hunt for a horse-killing gator; Zak and Aaron gamble on the Dead Sea; Ashley and Kaylyn explore a distant honey hole; Dusty launches a new scheme.

Swamp People: Serpent InvasionRelentless Pursuit

Troy and Tes gamble on new hunting grounds; Ashley and Kaylyn follow an old surveyor's trail; Zak and Aaron place their bets on Bad Luck Prairie; Dusty resurrects an old boat to reach distant honey holes.

Swamp People: Serpent InvasionAll In

Zak and Aaron make a bet with Ashley and Kaylyn to reignite their seasons; Troy and Tes voyage to the cypress strand in the middle of the Glades; Dusty puts his swamp bartering skills to the ultimate test.

Swamp People: Serpent InvasionGator Gauntlet

Troy and Tes venture into gator territory; Zak and Aaron chase a hog-eating monster; Ashley and Kaylyn hunt the edges of a wildfire; Dusty launches a new business venture.

Swamp People: Serpent InvasionHeat is On

Troy and Tes intercept pythons charging toward the rivers as a heat wave scorches the Everglades; Zak and Aaron venture far west to a remote canal; Ashley and Kaylyn gamble on an all-night hunt; Dusty scavenges for his next meal.

Shipping WarsMonsters, Mannequins, and Mayhem

Todd and Tamera engage in a monster move; Dusty takes on travel companions of the strong, silent type.

Shipping WarsLove Is a Crazy Carnival Ride

Jessica agrees to transport a seller's beloved item; Dusty braves the desert heat as he moves a giant cow skull.

Shipping WarsTo the Moon and Back

Todd and Tamera contend with trailer issues and engine trouble as they move a giant dog toy; Jenn hauls moon rocks from Houston to Phoenix.

Shipping WarsProblems Set in Stone

Side loads create unexpected problems as Dusty transports a sculpture; Marc makes a rookie mistake when he moves an antique camper.

Shipping WarsBig Wine & Bigger Pine

Jarrett has a big problem on his hands when an oversize chair won't fit down the stairs; things heat up when Marc transports wine across the country.

Shipping WarsStuck in the Vending Vortex

Jessica moves a bizarre carnival-type attraction and a side load of baby swans; Jarrett hauls a repurposed vending machine to Chicago.

Shipping WarsGoose Bumps in the Road

After bidding above her weight class, Jenn and Samko team up, but when Jenn withholds information Samko makes threats; Dusty takes on expensive geese decoys.

Shipping WarsThe Silver Whining Playbook

Dusty gets a job transporting hundreds of live butterflies; Jarrett's bullion run becomes a huge fiasco.

Shipping WarsSmooth Sailin', Rough Ridin'

A family's history and Marc's attitude threaten the relaunch of a homemade houseboat; Jarrett's load comes with a crazy traveling companion.

Shipping WarsMini Golf & Massive Headaches

Jenn wins a black light putt-putt golf course; Todd and Tamera need rappelling skills for their modern art pickup.

Shipping WarsPower Rangers & Vampire Dangers

Jenn races to deliver a 16-foot-tall Power Ranger in time for a child's birthday party; Todd and Tamera haul vampiric items to New Orleans.

Shipping WarsBig Pigs Fly, Little Pirates Cry

Jarrett's shipment involves a very large hog; Samko clashes with a father over the hauling of a handcrafted, pirate-themed playground.

Shipping WarsIt's a Rock-A-Fire Implosion!

Jenn is tasked with moving an animatronic robot band known as the Rock-afire Explosion; newcomer Chris Kikelhan hauls tornado storm shelters on his first assignment.

Shipping WarsUp in Smoke & Going Broke

A blown tire en route to Denver threatens Marc's delicate delivery of an 11-foot-tall glass water pipe; Samko is tasked to move an entire barn.

Shipping WarsFire and Rescue

Jarrett takes over an odd shipment for Jenn after she receives sad family news; Dusty gets involved in the transport of two antique fire engines.

Shipping WarsCan't See the Sherwood Forest for the Trees

Tamera and Todd learn their giant Robin Hood statue load is damaged; Samko discovers she will be hauling more trees than expected.

Shipping WarsCrying for Your Art

Jarrett is all thumbs when it comes to handling a one-of-a-kind art piece; Marc raises and transports a massive sculpture garden.

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