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Sundance TV TV Schedule & Listings Guide

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What’s on Sundance TV Today?

Here’s today’s schedule for Sundance TV.

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2024 EDT

Law & OrderPromises to Keep

Briscoe and Logan investigate the murder of a woman whose troubled fiance confesses to the crime, but insists his therapist forced him to do it.

Law & OrderMother Love

Stone is forced to bring a mother to court after she is charged with murdering her drug-addicted daughter.

Law & OrderConduct Unbecoming

Stone and Schiff fight with a vice admiral over jurisdiction in the death of a woman officer during a drunken party.

Law & OrderAnimal Instinct

A radical animal-rights group is framed for a research scientist's murder, but evidence points to the victim's administrator.

Law & OrderJurisdiction

A Manhattan nursing student's murder is linked to an earlier one in Brooklyn; a Brooklyn prosecutor claims jurisdiction.

Law & OrderVirus

Briscoe and Logan's investigation of insulin overdose deaths at a diabetes treatment center reveals a bizarre suspect: the hospital's computer system.

Law & OrderSecuritate

A man killed in an apparent carjacking had recently uncovered a major credit-card scam masterminded by his brother.

Law & OrderManhood

An entire precinct comes under fire when Briscoe and Logan investigate the death of a homosexual police officer in a drug bust.

Law & OrderBenevolence

When a deaf woman is found strangled, all the clues lead Briscoe and Logan to the director of the deaf institute.

Law & OrderSecond Opinion

A doctor is charged with murder for prescribing a treatment that caused toxic fumes to emit from a breast-cancer patient's body.

The Andy Griffith ShowThe Sermon for Today

A preacher urges the residents of Mayberry to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

The Andy Griffith ShowBriscoe Declares for Aunt Bee

Briscoe Darling decides to court and marry Aunt Bee after he is treated to her hospitality and home cooking. When he resorts to kidnapping, Andy rescues Aunt Bee and convinces her to make Briscoe work hard to clean up their home.

The Andy Griffith ShowGomer the House Guest

Gomer moves in with Andy after he loses his job at the filling station. Before long, the Taylor house turns into another filling station as Gomer's customers line up to get their cars looked at in Andy's driveway.

The Andy Griffith ShowA Black Day for Mayberry

Barney lets it slip that a top-secret shipment of gold will make its way through Mayberry on the way to Fort Knox. Everyone in town soon knows about the gold and welcomes it with a carnival-like reception.

The Andy Griffith ShowOpie's Ill-Gotten Gain

Opie gets straight A's on his report card, much to Andy's delight. But when Opie finds out that his teacher made an error, he cannot figure out how to tell the truth without disappointing his father.

The Andy Griffith ShowA Date for Gomer

Thelma Lou refuses to go with Barney to the town's upcoming dance unless he gets her visiting cousin Mary Grace a date. Just when he and Barney are about to give up, Gomer appears.

The Andy Griffith ShowUp in Barney's Room

Barney moves into the courthouse jail after his landlady evicts him. When he learns that she is planning to sell her home and marry someone she just met, Barney suspects that she is the victim of a con man.

The Andy Griffith ShowCitizen's Arrest

Gomer makes a citizen's arrest of Barney for an illegal U-turn, the same violation Barney has ticketed him for, causing him to overreact and resign as deputy.

The Andy Griffith ShowOpie and His Merry Men

Opie and his friends take their roles as Robin Hood's men seriously when they befriend a hobo.

The Andy Griffith ShowBarney and the Cave Rescue

Barney organizes a rescue party when Andy and Helen become trapped in a cave after it collapses. Unbeknownst to Barney, the two have already escaped, but decide to go back into the cave to save him from becoming a laughingstock.

The Andy Griffith ShowAndy and Opie's Pal

Opie becomes jealous when he thinks Andy likes Trey, his new best friend, more than him. Andy then decides to teach Opie a lesson in friendship.

The Andy Griffith ShowAunt Bee the Crusader

Aunt Bee organizes a protest to keep Mr Frisby, the local egg farmer, from getting evicted because of a highway project. However, unbeknownst to her, Mr Frisby is hiding a big secret.

The Andy Griffith ShowBarney's Sidecar

Barney adds a vintage motorcycle to the rolling stock of the Mayberry Sheriff's Department.

The Andy Griffith ShowMy Fair Ernest T. Bass

A mountain-bred would-be Romeo is brought into Andy's home to be taught some manners.

Law & OrderComa

Kincaid and McCoy have to decide whether to risk killing a comatose woman to recover the bullet they need as evidence.

Law & OrderBlue Bamboo

A young actress claiming to have been the victim of a white slavery ring becomes the prime suspect when a wealthy Japanese businessman is murdered.

Law & OrderFamily Values

After the body of a wealthy woman is found in the East River, her daughter and her husband become murder suspects.

Law & OrderWhite Rabbit

A safe-deposit-box company eventually exposes a political activist who went underground 20 years earlier to avoid a murder charge.

Law & OrderCompetence

Briscoe, Logan, McCoy and Kincaid try to clear Van Buren's name after she shoots a pair of young men who accost her at an automated teller machine.

Law & OrderPrecious

A girl found dead in a cooler may have been the victim of parents suffering from an unusual psychological illness.

Law & OrderVirtue

McCoy and Kincaid find themselves in a unique situation when a high-powered city attorney accuses a city councilman of sexual harassment.

Law & OrderScoundrels

A corporate raider is linked to the murder of a sleazy lawyer who planned a class action suit against him.

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