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HotDog.com is your source for all things related to cutting the cord. We focus on everything from streaming television to cord-cutting hardware and more. Whether you’re looking for cable alternative reviews, or news you can use, this is your destination.

We are always looking for new story ideas, tips about changing trends, rumors, and more that allow us to make sense of this fast-changing industry.

Of course, we’re also interested in your comments and suggestions. We exist by helping you make the best use of your entertainment resources. So reach out — we really do want to hear from you!

About Us

HotDog.com has been in business since 2011 but until recently we were called KillTheCableBill.com. Like many websites, it started as a single guy just trying to make sense of the world.

At the time, there was a lot of information about cutting the cord — too much information — with most of it wrong or incomplete. The website was meant to make sense of all of this. And it seemed to work because it not only became very popular, it also spawned its own community.

Over the years, the industry changed. In 2011, Netflix was still two years away from producing its first original show. It was just months after Hulu started charging for its service. Most important, it wasn’t until 2015 that the era of live TV streaming started with Sling TV. We were here through it all.

With all that change in the industry has come change to HotDog. It’s not a question of how to watch major TV events without cable. No one wonders if you need cable to watch The Bachelor (although if you want to know how, we explain it). Now people want to know how to navigate a diverse and expanding selection of content that is poorly served by cable and satellite when it is served at all.

HotDog.com explains how to stream everything from speech tournaments at your local high school to cricket matches in rural India. It is an amazing time for streaming entertainment. But as a result, viewers need more guidance than ever to find out what they want to watch and how they can watch it.

We are constantly producing new reviews, background content, tutorials, data studies, analysis, and news content about all aspects of the streaming experience. And we have been expanding into other fields beyond stream that are related. This includes hardware as well as technologies like VPNs that help cord-cutters make the best use of their resources.

Find out more about us in our About page.

Contact Our Editors and Writers

We are all thrilled to hear from our readers as well as others in the streaming industry with questions, thoughts, rumors, story ideas, and anything else.

Frank Moraes

Frank is our Content Editor. He oversees the creation and maintenance of the material on HotDog.com as well as related products like our newsletter. His primary interest is in the explosion of previously difficult-to-obtain content that is available online if you know where to look. It doesn’t matter if that’s all but forgotten TV shows from childhood, under-covered sporting events, or his own obsession, low-budget gems from the past that never got the attention they deserve.

You can find Frank all over the internet:

Alanna Baker

Alanna Baker is an Assistant Editor at HotDog.com. She is a self-described “English nerd for hire.” A writer/editor and closet hippie, she enjoys knitting, building LEGOs, armchair psychology, traveling the world with her family, and all things Disney.

Find out more about her here:

Sharon Amondi

Sharon is an Editorial Assistant at HotDog.com. She is a writer and a storyteller who loves connecting with people through telling stories. She appreciates insights and lessons that are packaged in amusing or moving anecdotes. When she is not working, she watches crime documentaries and cycles.

Other HotDog Staff

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