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HotDog.com is your source for all things related to cutting the cord. We focus on everything from streaming television to cord-cutting hardware and more. Whether you’re looking for cable alternative reviews, or news you can use, this is your destination.

We are always looking for new story ideas, tips about changing trends, rumors, and more that allow us to make sense of this fast-changing industry.

Of course, we’re also interested in your comments and suggestions. We exist by helping you make the best use of your entertainment resources. So reach out — we really do want to hear from you!

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There are lots of ways to contact us…

Facebook: HotDog.com
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Incognito Mode LLC
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New Castle, Delaware 19805 USA

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    We are all thrilled to hear from our readers as well as others in the streaming industry with questions, thoughts, rumors, story ideas, and anything else.

    About Us

    HotDog.com started over a decade ago as KillTheCableBill.com, a small passion project. This was long before live TV streaming was a thing and not long after Netflix figured out that streaming was a better business than shipping DVDs directly to your door.

    Over time, the site really took off — along with the industry itself. In early 2022, we changed our name to HotDog.com. We wanted a more general name given that we aren’t razor-focused on cable anymore. For example, we also provide lots of guidance for people who have already cut the cord and want to know how best to utilize their streaming time and money.

    Today, we provide reviews, background, how-tos, studies, and news content about all aspects of the streaming experience. That includes technologies like the internet and VPNs, content analysis on sports, movies, and shows, and news coverage about events that affect our readership.

    Find out more about us on our About page.

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