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Paramount Cyber Monday 2022: What Deal Will Paramount+ Offer & For How Long?

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Update: November 27th, 8pm EST Paramount+’s Cyber Monday deal is live and it is a great one — even including Showtime!

Paramount+ is one of the best streaming deals around. For just $4.99/mo, you get access to its awesome library of ViacomCBS properties plus three live channels and a ton of live sports.

But this Cyber Monday, Paramount Plus is offering more. They are giving a 50% discount on their annual plans of the Paramount+ standalone service as well as their Paramount+/Showtime bundle.

This year’s Cyber Monday deal runs right through Cyber Monday and Christmas and New Year’s and ends January 2nd. Read on to get all the details.

Get Paramount+ for 7 Days Free

Why Get Paramount+

You may think of Paramount+ as just a channel streaming service. That may have been true back in the CBS All Access days. But Paramount+ has become so much more than that. To start, it offers shows from various channels:

It also comes with a vast film library including all 6 Mission: Impossible and all 13 Star Trek films and blockbusters like the coming Top Gun: Maverick. And it includes lots of exclusive content like The Twilight Zone (with Jordan Peele — but Paramount+ also includes the original) the new Sylvester Stallone series Tulsa King.

Find out all about the free trials for top streaming services!

And then there’s the live content:

  • Live NFL on CBS
  • Live UEFA Europa and Champions League soccer
  • Exclusive live channels: CBSN, CBS Sports HQ, and ET Live.

And if you go up to the Premium plan for $9.99/mo, you get ad-free streaming of on-demand shows and movies as well as the live stream of your local CBS affiliate.


If you choose, you can combine Paramount+ with Showtime for a special low price. It includes both the East Coast and West Coast feeds of Showtime. But mostly, it’s an on-demand streaming service with all the content that plays on all of Showtime’s 13 channels.

It offers a number of original shows like Billions, City on a Hill, Couples Therapy, and Shameless. And, of course, it offers a ton of movies that are constantly changing so you never get bored. Finally, Showtime is a great place for live sports — especially known for Bellator MMA and boxing matches.

Get Paramount+ for 7 Days Free

Streaming Device Support from Paramount+

Both Paramount+ and Showtime support the vast majority of streaming devices currently in use.

These include Amazon Fire TV, Android mobile, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS (iPhone, iPad), PlayStation 4, Roku, and Xbox. They also supports smart TVs with Apple TV and from LG, Samsung, and VIZIO.

Paramount+ Cyber Monday Deal

Let’s start with the standard Paramount+ plans:

  • Paramount+ Essential: Complete ad-supported content for $4.99/mo
  • Paramount+ Premium: Commercial-free for on-demand content and adds your local CBS affiliate for $9.99/mo.
  • Essential plan + Showtime: Same as Paramount+ Essential along with Showtime for $11.99/mo
  • Premium plan + Showtime: Same as Paramount+ Premium along with Showtime for $14.99/mo.

As you can see, Paramount is already giving you a great deal when you add Showtime. And the prices are even lower when you sign up for the annual plan.

Paramount+ Cyber Monday Sale

The Paramount+ Cyber Monday deal saves your 50% on your first year. And unlike some streaming services we will name, Hulu, this applies to all its plans, not just its basic one.

Get a load of these amazing yearly prices:

  • Paramount+ Essential: $24.99
  • Paramount+ Premium: $49.99
  • Essential plan + Showtime: $59.99
  • Premium plan + Showtime: $79.99

Want more?

Paramount+ is still keeping its 7-day free trial in place. So you can still check it out risk-free and get one of these awesome deals!

What’s the downside? It is only available to new subscribers. That may not bother you but it has a couple of us at HotDog grumbling. You sign up because you’ve got to see Strange New Worlds, and a couple of months later, they’re almost giving the service away!

It’s okay. We won’t hold it against you. This may well be the best Cyber Monday deal this year. We know we won’t pass up this deal if we weren’t already subscribed!

Important Dates

This deal is live right now. According to the Paramount Plus website, it only runs through Sunday, November 27th. But in their promotional material, they say they this pricing will be in place through January 2nd.

To be safe, we recommend signing up now. Anyway, this is a service you will want to have through the holidays. Plus there’s Sunday afternoon football and everything else.

One thing is for sure, when the deal is gone, it’s gone. We’ve seen more modest deals from Paramount+ in the past. And they end suddenly. So don’t miss out!

Wrapping Up

Paramount+ is a great service. With the addition of Showtime, it’s an unmatched streaming service — at least anywhere near its normal cost. And with this Cyber Monday offer, it’s hard to resist. Think about it: $5/mo for Paramount+ and Showtime!

This deal is active now! Don’t let it slip away. Sign up now!

Get Paramount+ for 7 Days Free


What’s the difference between Paramount Plus and Paramount Network?

Paramount Network is a cable TV channel provided via the usual sources including live TV streaming services. It offers a few things of interest. In contrast, Paramount+ is a streaming service offering 4-5 live TV channels along with content from Paramount’s other major cable channels BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, and Smithsonian Channel.

Does Paramount+ include Paramount Network?

Paramount+ does offer some content from Paramount Network, although the channel creates much less than it used to. A notable exception is Yellowstone, which Paramount Network has but Paramount+ does not. However, Paramount+ does feature spin-offs of Yellowstone. It’s an issue of streaming rights, which we figure will soon be resolved.

Does Paramount+ come with a cloud DVR?

Paramount+ does not come with a cloud DVR. However, since most of its content is on-demand, this isn’t necessary. But you can avoid restreaming the content by getting a Premium plan. It allows you to download shows and events. In this way, it’s better than having a DVR.

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