Bally Sports Southeast Without Cable: The Top Streaming Service That Lets You Watch It

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Bally Sports Southeast is a must-have channel for sports fans in and around Georgia. Thankfully, you don’t need cable to get it and keep up with all the games of your local baseball, basketball, and hockey teams. Learn all the details below!

In a hurry? There’s a lot to know about Bally Sports Southeast but if you just want to start watching, you only have one option: DIRECTV STREAM. Sign up for its Choice plan (or above) and get Bally Sports Southeast along with roughly 100 other channels. A 5-day free trial is now available for DIRECTV STREAM.

MLB, NBA, NHL fans in Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee really need Bally Sports Southeast. This is because it is the only place where you can watch most Atlanta Braves, Hawks, and United games.

Furthermore, it is the only network where Mississippi residents can watch Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Pelicans, and Nashville Predators games.

If you live in North Carolina, you can watch Charlotte Hornets and Carolina Hurricanes games through Bally Sports Southeast. Let’s take a closer look at how you can get this network and the additional benefits of doing so.

What Is Bally Sports Southeast?

A regional sports network (RSN) such as Bally Sports Southeast is a TV channel that covers sporting events for viewers in a specific part of the country. Bally Sports Southeast is available to viewers in the states of Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

You may also be able to get access if you live in Mississippi, as well as specific areas of North Carolina and Kentucky.

Bally Sports Southeast provides primarily coverage of Atlanta Braves (MLB), Atlanta United (MLS), and Atlanta Dream (WNBA). But depending on where exactly you are located in their coverage area, you will get coverage of other teams.

This includes MLB teams Cincinnati Reds and St Louis Cardinals; NHL teams Carolina Hurricanes and Nashville Predators; and NBA teams Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, and Memphis Grizzlies. But these may be available through sister channels like Bally Sports South.

Bally Sports Southeast provides coverage of other sporting events as well as locally produced shows.

Get Bally Sports Southeast With DIRECTV STREAM!

Bally Sports Southeast Commentators

The Atlanta Braves‘ play-by-play voice is Chip Carey while Jeff Francoeur serves as the primary analyst. At times, Peter Moylan, Brian Jordan, and Paul Byrd join the booth as analysts while Byrd and Kelly Crull are often seen on screens as reporters.

Over on the hardwood are Bob Rathbun (play-by-play) and Dominique Wilkins (analyst), who have called Atlanta Hawks games for more than a decade, more than a quarter-century in Rathbun’s case. Vince Carter periodically joins the broadcast as an analyst.

In Charlotte, exuberant Eric Collins describes the play on the court at Hornets games while Dell Curry performs as color commentator.

Meanwhile, Memphis Grizzlies fans get to listen to Pete Pranica (play-by-play), Brevin Knight (analyst), and Rob Fischer (sideline reporter) bring the action on the court to life.

Streaming Bally Sports Southeast

Like all RSNs, you can only get Bally Sports Southeast in its coverage area. Otherwise, you will most likely be covered by a different RSN. Assuming you are in a supported market area, you have only one option to get Bally Sports Southeast without cable.



DIRECTV STREAM offers three service packages that include RSNs such as Bally Sports Southeast. The least expensive is the Choice Plan for $89.99 per month. In most areas, it includes Bally Sports Southeast and South as well as roughly 100 other channels including all the local network affiliates.

Included in its channel lineup are a bunch of sports including the major ESPN channels, MLB Network, and NBA TV. If you move up to the Ultimate Plan ($104.99/mo), you will get 30 more channels including NHL Center Ice.

For more information about DIRECTV STREAM, see our thorough review.

Other Options

If signing up for DIRECTV STREAM isn’t a practical option for you, there are other ways to watch your favorite teams play. One is simply to stick with cable for now.

It is likely that in the coming years, other services may include Bally Sports Southeast. But we think you can do better than that.

A lot of games are televised nationally on channels like ESPN and FS1 as well as other network channels. For these, any of the top streaming services will serve you well, namely, FuboTV, Sling TV, and Hulu + Live TV.

If your problem is not with the cost or availability of DIRECTV STREAM, but that you aren’t in the Bally Sports Southeast broadcast region, you are in luck! You can get live access to your favorite team through MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, and ESPN+.

Get Bally Sports Southeast Now!

Devices to Stream Bally Sports Southeast

You can use most streaming devices currently in use with DIRECTV STREAM. They provide apps that run on all the main “TV sticks” like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku.

They support all iOS and Android mobile devices. And they support Chromecast devices that allow you to cast Bally Sports Southwest from your smartphone to your TV.

If you have a recent model Samsung smart TV, you are all set. And they support web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari). If you have a laptop, you can use a web browser and send it to your TV via an HDMI cable.

Conveniently, DIRECTV STREAM has its own device, which can make the switch from cable particularly easy.

Alternatively, you can use the Bally Sports App. Just log in with your DIRECTV STREAM account. This allows you to stream on even more devices like Android TVs and Xbox One consoles.

Atlanta Braves
Atlanta Braves vs St Louis Cardinals by Kyle T under CC BY 2.0.

Putting It All Together

Bally Sports Southeast is the only way to watch regional coverage of games involving most Atlanta franchises. It may also be the only way to watch regional coverage of other teams that may be of interest to viewers in Mississippi, South Carolina, and throughout this network’s broadcast area.

Your best bet at this time is with DIRECTV STREAM, which offers Bally Sports Southeast and an overall great live TV package. A 5-day free trial is now available for DIRECTV STREAM.


What is the cheapest way to stream Bally Sports Southeast?

In many cases, the least expensive way to stream content from this network is to do so through your cable provider — at least until the long contract and special deal is over and you get the regular (high) price. The DirecTV Choice package is the cheapest available streaming option at $89.99 per month with no contract and no hidden fees.

Why can’t I get Bally Sports Southeast outside of the coverage area?

Regional Sports Networks such as Bally Sports Southeast are contractually barred from showing content to customers outside of their broadcast area. Generally speaking, each team has exclusive rights to its home market. This means that it gets to choose which networks it will partner with to broadcast games in its geographic bubble.

Why are some games blacked out?

As a general rule, most national games are blacked out locally in an effort to help regional networks maximize their audience. In some cases, a regional network will broadcast a game to fans in a team’s home market even if it is being shown to the rest of the country on another channel. However, this is not the case if a cable channel has exclusive rights to show a contest to a national audience.

Can I subscribe to Bally Sports Southeast directly?

You cannot purchase a subscription to Bally Sports Southeast directly. The company has made some noise about allowing this but it seems unlikely to happen any time soon. Instead, you need to get Bally Sports Southeast from a third-party provider like DIRECTV STREAM. But it has the advantage of providing other RSNs, general national channels, and local channels.

What can I do if I’m not within Bally Sports Southeast’s coverage area?

If you are outside the Bally Sports Southeast coverage area, you cannot subscribe to it. However, you can stream all the Atlanta Braves games live by signing up for MLB.TV for $149.99 per season. There is a similar deal for NBA games with NBA League Pass for $199.99 per season.

What happened to Fox Sports Southeast?

In 2019, Fox was forced to sell its sports networks to comply with antitrust laws. All properties belonging to Fox Sports Networks (FSN) were acquired by a joint venture between Sinclair Broadcast Group and Entertainment Media. On the first day of April 2021, the FSN properties were rebranded as Bally Sports.

Are Fox Sports Tennessee and Fox Sports Carolinas still available?

Both Fox Sports Tennessee and Fox Sports Carolinas were shut down during the transition from Fox Sports to Bally Sports. With this change, the Charlotte Hornets and the Nashville Predators games were moved to Bally Sports Southeast and the Carolina Hurricanes and Memphis Grizzlies moved to Bally Sports South.

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