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Watch Fox Channel for Free Via Antenna or With These Top Streaming Services

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Fox is one of the must-have channels for sports and entertainment. Read on to learn how to watch Fox without cable!

In a hurry? We provide a ton of information below on the best ways to get Fox without cable. But these are our top picks for streaming it:

  • Fubo: With 150+ channels, it offers something for everyone. Fubo allows you to try out its service with a free trial.
  • DIRECTV STREAM: Provides everything you expect from cable with many options. A 5-day free trial is now available for DIRECTV STREAM.
  • Sling TV: Probably the best streaming service in terms of customization with a super low price and a 50% discount on your first month!

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How to Get Fox Without Cable

As a network with local affiliate stations nationwide, most viewers can watch Fox for free by setting up an OTA antenna. If you haven’t seen what’s coming through antennas in a while, it’s worth looking!

B1G Fox Pregame Show (2021)

Another option is a commercial streaming service that provides Fox and other local affiliates and a selection of cable channels. An advantage to these services is that they normally provide access to other Fox channels like Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Weather, and Fox Sports.

Sign Up for a Free Fubo Trial

How To Stream Fox Online

All streaming services work more or less the same: for a monthly fee, you get access to a package of live TV channels. And you can stream them on pretty much whatever TV or mobile devices you own. But each service is also different — made for different kinds of TV viewers.

When it comes to Fox, you need to understand that like the other major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC), it is distributed through a number of affiliated local channels throughout the US. There is no one Fox Channel, so you need a streaming service that provides access to the local Fox channel.

9-1-1: Lone Star on Fox – pictured: Rob Lowe and Gina Torres
9-1-1: Lone Star on Fox, starring Rob Lowe, Ronen Rubinstein, Sierra Aylina McClain, and Gina Torres

There is one wrinkle, however. Not all local stations are available everywhere. There are two reasons this can be the case. The area may simply not have a local affiliate. And if it does, there may not currently be a contract between it and a streaming service. But in most cases, the top streaming services will offer the local Fox affiliate.

So read on to figure out which streaming service is best for you.

Fubo: Ideal For Fox Sports Channels

fubotv logo

Fubo is known for its live sports streaming. In fact, it was started by three friends who wanted to watch international soccer games, which are poorly covered on cable TV even today. They offer 35+ sports channels with their basic plan including ESPN and the NFL Network.

However, regardless of its beginnings, Fubo is today one of the best live TV streaming services, offering a wide range of channels, such as HGTV, FX, and Disney.

FuboTV Local Channels
Fubo offers Fox and the other network affiliates almost everywhere.

One aspect of its focus on sports is that Fubo provides access to local channels and regional sports networks (RSNs). Fox, for example, airs a lot of sports, so Fubo has Fox almost everywhere.

For $79.99/mo, you get over 180 channels, including all the main Fox cable channels: Fox News, Fox Business, FS1, and FS2. And in most areas, you will get the other major networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, and the Spanish-language channels Telemundo, Universo, UniMas, and Univision.

Fubo streams on most smart TVs and mobile devices. You can even use it with your Xbox. The base plan comes with 1,000 hours of DVR recording time and the ability to stream on up to ten screens simultaneously.

Local ChannelsABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Telemundo
Fox Cable ChannelsFox Business, Fox News, FS1, FS2
Total Channels180+
Cloud DVR1,000 hours
Simultaneous Screens10
Free Trial
FuboTV Monthly Price$79.99/mo

Find out more about Fubo:

Sign Up for a Free Fubo Trial

Sling TV: Stream Fox at the Lowest Price

Sling TV Logo (2021 100x50)

Regarding low-cost streaming, it’s hard to beat Sling TV. They offer two plans for $40.00/mo each (or $55.00/mo together). There are two ways to get Fox with Sling TV: streaming or via antenna.

Streaming Fox With Sling TV

The Sling Blue plan includes local Fox and NBC affiliates in select markets. What are these? They offer Fox in 18 markets:

  • East
  • Atlanta (WAGA)
  • Chicago (WFLD)
  • Detroit (WJBK)
  • Gainesville (WOGX)
  • Milwaukee (WITI)
  • New York (WNYW)
  • Orlando (WOFL)
  • Philadelphia (WTXF)
  • Tampa (WTVT)
  • Washington, DC (WTTG)
  • West
  • Austin (KTBC)
  • Dallas (KDFW)
  • Houston (KRIV)
  • Los Angeles (KTTV)
  • Minneapolis (KMSP)
  • Phoenix (KSAZ)
  • San Francisco (KTVU)
  • Seattle (KCPQ)
sling tv's mobile guide
Sling TV running on an Android phone.

Sling Blue comes with 40+ other channels besides Fox. These include Fox News and Fox Sports 1 (FS1). If you want Fox Business, you can get it as part of the News Extra add-on for $6/mo — because you just can’t have too many newscasts, right? And you can get FS2 with the Sports Extra add-on for $11/mo. That would total $57/mo for 60+ channels, including NFL RedZone.

Fox with OTA Antenna and Sling TV

If you don’t live in one of the areas listed above, you can still get Fox with Sling TV. They have created their app so that the local channels you get from your antenna are included in your Sling TV guide. No other services offer this kind of integration!

Better still, if you sign up for two or three months, Sling TV will give you a compatible antenna for reduced cost — or even free!

Here are the details of Sling TV’s offerings:

Local ChannelsNBC, Fox
Fox Cable ChannelsFox News, FS1
Total Channels40+
Cloud DVR50 hours
Simultaneous Screens3
Free Trial
Sling TV Monthly Price$40.00/mo

Here is more information on Sling TV:

Save 50% on Sling TV Now

DIRECTV STREAM: Great Local Channels Including Fox


If you are skeptical of cord-cutting, DIRECTV STREAM (deal) has the kind of reputation that may allay your fears. It’s a bit more expensive than other streaming services but provides a solid selection of channels and technology.

For $79.99/mo, DIRECTV STREAM offers 75+ channels. In almost all areas, this includes the local affiliates of all the networks, including Fox. They also offer several less common affiliates like Univision and The CW.

DIRECTV STREAM features good support for smart TVs and mobile devices. It also provides unlimited cloud DVR storage and simultaneous streams, which makes it particularly good for large households.

Local ChannelsABC, CBS, NBC, Fox
Fox Cable ChannelsFox Business, Fox News, FS1
Total Channels75+
Cloud DVRUnlimited*
Simultaneous ScreensUnlimited
Free Trial
DIRECTV STREAM Monthly Price$79.99/mo
* online signup only

Find out more about DIRECTV STREAM:

Get DIRECTV STREAM Free for 5 Days

Hulu + Live TV: Stream Fox Live Along With Great On-Demand Channels

hulu logo

Hulu + Live TV is best known for its industry-leading on-demand library of current-run TV shows. However, it also provides an excellent live TV streaming service with ESPN+ and Disney+.

Hulu Live offers 100+ channels for $76.99/mo. You will get local network affiliates ABC, CBS, NBC, and especially Fox in almost all locations. If Fox isn’t available with the other streaming services in your area, there’s a good chance it is with Hulu.

Hulu + Live TV offers unlimited cloud DVR (9-month storage) and simultaneous streaming on two devices. It supports pretty much any smart TV, mobile device, or game console.

Local ChannelsABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, Telemundo
Fox Cable ChannelsFox Business, Fox News, FS1, FS2
Total Channels100+
Cloud DVRUnlimited (9 months storage)
Simultaneous Screens2
Free Trial
Hulu + Live TV Monthly Price$76.99/mo

There is a lot more to Hulu + Live TV. See the following for more information:

Try Hulu + Live TV for 3 Days Free!

Other Ways to Stream Fox

There are other options for streaming Fox without cable:

  • YouTube TV: a full-service live TV streaming service with 100+ channels, including local ones for $72.99/mo.
  • FoxNow: This app allows you to watch Fox live and on-demand. However, you must subscribe to a service that provides TV Everywhere access.
Family Guy on Fox -- the Griffin family members are shown surrounded by random artifacts from the show
Family Guy has been going strong for over 25 years!

How to Get Fox Via TV Antenna

As we discussed above, you can get Fox in most areas over-the-air (OTA) via an antenna with Sling TV.

You can find out if Fox is available where you live using the FCC’s app DTV Reception Maps. Just enter your address, and the app will list all the local stations and their signals’ strength.

Setting up an antenna is easy if you can get Fox OTA where you live. See our guides:

Alert: Missing Persons Unit on Fox -- pictured: Dania Ramirez and Scott Caan
Alert: Missing Persons Unit, a new police procedural drama, on Mondays at 9 pm Eastern

These articles discuss the use of a wireless tuner. With these, you plug in the antenna, which broadcasts the signal locally. This way, you can use a single antenna on multiple TVs and mobile devices.

TVs and Mobile Devices to Live Stream Fox On

Just like you need a TV to see the channels you get from your cable provider, you need a TV or other streaming devices to see the channels you get from a live TV streaming service. The difference is that there are a lot more devices that are supported by the top streaming services. And this is good news because Fox streams in HD.

All the streaming services support the major smart TVs and TV devices:

  • Amazon Fire TV: a device that plugs into a TV’s HDMI input allowing you to run apps for the various streaming services like a Smart TV.
  • Android TV: Google’s operating system (OS) for Smart TVs.
  • Apple TV: Apple’s device plugs into your TV’s HDMI input, making it work like a Smart TV.
  • Roku: A device that connects to a TV’s HDMI input to make it function like a smart TV.

All the services also support Samsung Smart TVs. Chromecast, which allows you to send video streams from your smartphone to your TV, is universally supported.

The Masked Singer on Fox -- pictured: four heavily costumed singers with microphones lean out from neon-light edged wings
Try to guess who it is behind the mask!

The services also stream to smartphones and tablets:

  • Android: Google’s mobile OS powering phones and tablets.
  • iOS: Apple’s mobile OS that powers iPhones, iPads, and even some iPods.

Many people stream using gaming systems. All the services except DIRECTV STREAM provide support for the Xbox. If you use the PlayStation, Hulu + Live TV has you covered. It even supports Echo Show. And for VR fans, Sling TV supports Oculus.

Finally, all the services allow you to stream using a web browser. That means you can watch live TV using your laptop. You can connect this computer to your TV if you want to use its larger screen.

You’ll need to check around if you are using an older or unusual device. But the devices listed above should cover virtually all users and allow them to stream Fox in all its glory.

Today’s Fox Schedule

See our Fox Schedule page for all the details of what’s playing today.

Wrapping Up

For most TV subscribers, the Fox network is essential. But there are lots of ways to get it without cable. Because it is so important, the major streaming services provide it. But even without that, you can get Fox in HD with an antenna in most locations.

We recommend Fubo for Fox. But if you are on a budget, check out Sling TV. What are you waiting for? Fubo allows you to try out its service with a free trial.

Sign Up for a Free Fubo Trial

The Simpsons on Fox -- the Simpson family members are shown surrounded by random artifacts from the show
Because you don’t want to miss the 741st episode of The Simpsons!

See also: How to Watch Local Channels Without Cable.


Can I watch Fox for free?

Since Fox is not a cable channel, you can watch it for free. All you have to do is buy an antenna and connect it to your TV. You can get an antenna for less than $30, which should last for years. See our OTA Antenna and DVR guide for how to get started. It’s very easy, and you’ll be impressed with all the channels and subchannels you get!

What are the Fox channels?

There is only one Fox channel, but there are many channels under the Fox Broadcasting Company umbrella:

There are also a lot of on-demand platforms from Fox, like Tubi and Fox Now.

How can I watch Fox Sports without cable?

Fox offers two great sports channels: FS1 and FS2. They are cable channels, so you can’t get them over-the-air with an antenna. But a lot of streaming services offer them. The low-cost Sling TV offers FS1 for just $40.00/mo. Most of the other services offer it as well.

How do I get local Fox without cable?

Fox is a network, so it is broadcast via local affiliates nationwide. There are two ways to get your local Fox affiliate. You can set up an antenna and get the signal over the air. This works well if you are relatively close to a broadcast tower. Or, you can sign up with a streaming service like Hulu + Live TV to get your local channel streamed to you. That way, you won’t miss any of the local news.

What NFL games will air on Fox this week?

Fox airs Sunday afternoon NFL games and some NFL playoff games. Here are the upcoming (regionally broadcast) games:


Can I watch Fox on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a great service for on-demand streaming, but it currently offers no live TV streaming. You can, however, stream various Fox shows, like the 32 seasons of The Simpsons or the 10 combined seasons of 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star. However, these cost extra and aren’t included with the basic Prime subscription.

How do I watch Fox Business without cable?

Fox Business Network is a cable channel, so it isn’t available through an antenna. However, it is a standard channel with most streaming services—either with the basic plan or with an inexpensive add-on. Generally, if you find a service with the local Fox affiliate, they will also provide Fox Business.

How can I watch Fox News without cable?

Fox does provide some news, like Fox News Sunday. But if you want the Fox News Channel, you must get it through a paid live TV provider. This doesn’t need to be a cable company; however, a streaming service works fine. All the services, like Hulu + Live TV and DIRECTV STREAM, include Fox News in their base plans. They normally also provide other sources for breaking news, such as CNN and MSNBC.

How can I get Fox in my area with an antenna?

Fox is available throughout the United States, so you can buy an antenna and plug it into your TV. The only issue is whether there is a good enough signal where you live. For most people, a small indoor antenna will be just fine. But if you are in a remote area, you may need a larger outdoor antenna. See our antenna buyer’s guide and step-by-step instructions for connecting multiple TVs.

What shows does Fox offer?

Fox offers a huge amount of quality content, from scripted shows to reality TV to sports, including NASCAR (Mostly Cup Series but also some Xfinity), MLB, and NBA. Their most popular shows include:

  • Alert: Missing Persons Unit
  • Accused
  • 9-1-1: Lone Star
  • Beat Shazam
  • Duncanville
  • Family Guy
  • Fox NFL Sunday
  • Lego Masters
  • The Masked Singer
  • MasterChef
  • The Resident
  • The Simpsons
  • Thursday Night Football
  • WWE SmackDown.
Accused on Fox -- pictured: Whitney Cummings, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Michael Chiklis, and Abigail Breslin
Accused, the brand-new anthology series that explores guilt and innocence, crime and punishment, on Tuesdays at 9 pm Eastern.

How do I watch other news channels without cable?

Here are our guides for streaming news channels:

What MLB games will appear on Fox?

In addition to many playoff games, Fox will air 46 regular-season MLB games.

DateTime (ET)TeamsTV
Sat Mar 307:15 pmGiants vs PadresFox
Sat Mar 307:15 pmYankees vs AstrosFox
Sat Apr 274:05 pmCardinals vs MetsFox
Sat Apr 274:05 pmReds vs RangersFox
Sat May 47:15 pmMets vs RaysFox
Sat May 47:15 pmMariners vs AstrosFox
Sat May 117:15 pmCardinals vs BrewersFox
Sat May 117:15 pmReds vs GiantsFox
Sat May 187:15 pmPadres vs BravesFox
Sat May 187:15 pmAngels vs RangersFox
Sat May 257:15 pmCubs vs CardinalsFox
Sat May 257:15 pmDodgers vs RedsFox
Sat Jun 17:15 pmAngels vs MarinersFox
Sat Jun 17:15 pmCardinals vs PhilliesFox
Sat Jun 17:15 pmReds vs CubsFox
Sat Jun 81:10 pmPhillies vs MetsFox
Sat Jun 87:35 pmDodgers vs YankeesFox
Sat Jun 87:35 pmGuardians vs MarlinsFox
Sat Jun 157:15 pmRangers vs MarinersFox
Sat Jun 157:15 pmYankees vs Red SoxFox
Thu Jun 207:15 pmGiants vs CardinalsFox
Sat Jun 227:15 pmBraves vs YankeesFox
Sat Jun 227:15 pmBrewers vs PadresFox
Sat Jun 297:15 pmDodgers vs GiantsFox
Sat Jun 297:15 pmRangers vs OriolesFox
Sat Jul 67:15 pmBrewers vs DodgersFox
Sat Jul 67:15 pmPhillies vs BravesFox
Sat Jul 137:15 pmBraves vs PadresFox
Sat Jul 137:15 pmTwins vs GiantsFox
Sat Jul 207:15 pmDiamondbacks vs CubsFox
Sat Jul 207:15 pmRed Sox vs DodgersFox
Sat Jul 277:15 pmYankees vs Red SoxFox
Sat Jul 277:15 pmMariners vs White SoxFox
Sat Aug 37:15 pmRays vs AstrosFox
Sat Aug 37:15 pmGiants vs RedsFox
Sat Aug 37:15 pmOrioles vs GuardiansFox
Sat Aug 107:15 pmCubs vs White SoxFox
Sat Aug 107:15 pmOrioles vs RaysFox
Sat Aug 177:15 pmDodgers vs CardinalsFox
Sat Aug 177:15 pmGuardians vs BrewersFox
Thu Aug 227:15 pmAstros vs OriolesFox
Thu Aug 227:15 pmPhillies vs BravesFox
Sat Aug 317:15 pmBraves vs PhilliesFox
Sat Aug 317:15 pmBrewers vs RedsFox
Sat Sep 77:15 pmAngels vs RangersFox
Sat Sep 77:15 pmWhite Sox vs Red SoxFox

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