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INSP TV Schedule & Listings Guide

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What’s on INSP Today?

Here’s today’s schedule for INSP.

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2024 EDT

GunsmokeBrother Whelp

Matt tries to prevent a man from killing after his brother marries his beloved.

GunsmokeThe Boots

A gambler threatens to expose a onetime gunman's questionable past.

GunsmokeOdd Man Out

Matt suspects foul play after a woman disappears, but her husband claims innocence.

GunsmokeMiguel's Daughter

Matt races to find an injured girl's attackers when the girl's father threatens to kill them.

Tales of Wells FargoFaster Gun

Jim gets a promotion but is disinclined toward office work, so he decides to hunt down the outlaw Johnny Reno instead.

Tales of Wells FargoButch Cassidy

Hardie pursues Butch Cassidy again, but instead of arresting the former outlaw, Hardie tries to recruit him.

GunsmokeThe Newcomers

A Scandinavian emigrant and his teenage son encounter the Wild West when they arrive to settle in Dodge City.

Wagon TrainThe Elizabeth McQueeny Story

Elizabeth McQueeny joins the wagon train under the pretense of opening a finishing school out West, but Major Adams discovers her true intentions.

Wagon TrainThe Martha Barnham Story

A major's daughter once involved with McCullough now detests him.

LaramieNight of the Quiet Man

While Jess is away, Slim leases a rough section of land to a former lawman who, unbeknownst to Slim, has hired a bunch of outlaws as his ranch hands.

CampmeetingJason Avanzini

Trust God for your breakthrough. Enter into powerful worship! Join us for Campmeeting.

CampmeetingMike Murdock

With Dr. Mike Murdock.

CampmeetingMike Murdock

With Dr. Mike Murdock.

GunsmokeThe Hunger

A young girl falls in love with Doc Adams after he rescues her from her brutal family.

BonanzaThe Fighters

Hoss accepts a promoter's challenge to box an aging fighter (Michael Conrad) for $200.

LaramieEdge of Evil

While on the trail with a couple facing financial issues, Jess and the couple find a mule loaded with sacks of gold.

CheyenneDuel at Judas Basin

Cheyenne and Tom set a trap to save Bronco from a dangerous traitor.

GunsmokePrime of Life

An ex-lawman targets Matt and Festus for revenge on behalf of his son.

RawhideIncident of Fear in the Streets

Arriving to seek medical help, the drovers discover a vengeful man and his sons have taken a town prisoner.

The High ChaparralThe Lion Sleeps

Don Sebastian, wounded by an assassin, pretends to be dying to force Manolito to marry and take over the Cannon ranch.

Wagon TrainThe Isaiah Quickfox Story

Charlie and Coop ride into a deserted town where it appears that everyone left in a big hurry.

Wagon TrainHerman

Because the Indians are in awe of an old-timers' giant horse, a Clydesdale who is nineteen hands high and weighs three thousand pounds, the elderly man is able to pass safely through their hostile territory.

GunsmokeApprentice Doc

Doc Adams, kidnapped to care for a wounded outlaw, is asked to teach one of his abductors medicine.

Tales of Wells FargoSomething Pretty

Moose Gilliam's dog helps Hardie catch a jewel thief.

Tales of Wells FargoLady Trouble

A woman mine owner won't give Wells Fargo a contract until they are investigated.

CheyenneDead to Rights

In search of his partner's slayer, Cheyenne learns a dead man held the secret to another murder and a large inheritance.

GunsmokeBox O' Rocks

When an empty coffin is uncovered, Matt searches for a man who faked his own death.

GunsmokeFalse Witness

A murderer is convicted on false testimony, and Matt sets out to prove it.

GunsmokeTag, You're It

Matt must rush to save the life of a woman who is targeted by a hired killer who comes to town.

GunsmokeThick 'n' Thin

Matt tries to reconcile two ranchers whose partnership is threatened by a quarrel.

GunsmokeGroat's Grudge

A Southern man vows to avenge his wife's death at the hands of a Union man.

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