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Nat Geo Wild TV Schedule & Listings Guide

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What’s on Nat Geo Wild Today?

Here’s today’s schedule for Nat Geo Wild.

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2024 EDT

Wild VietnamMysterious North: Land of Mountain Forests

Exploring Vietnam's mountain wildlife, from pangolins to rare primates.

Wild VietnamTropical South: Land of Water

Exploring Vietnams Mekong Delta, home to macaques, turtles, and crocodiles.

Dr. Oakley, Yukon VetDon't Poke a Sleeping Porcupine

A young reindeer with many ailments needs Dr. Oakley's help to get into fighting shape.

Dr. Oakley, Yukon VetThe Stricken Chicken

Dr. Oakley sees two stubborn muskoxen, a particularly wily coyote and a badly burned dog.

Dr. Oakley, Yukon VetOne Clever Bison

While Dr. Oakley awaits a litter of puppies, she hits the road to treat a stubborn bison.

Dr. Oakley, Yukon VetRunning With Reindeer

Dr. Oakley participates in a race that pits people against reindeer.

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The Incredible Dr. PolRaging Bulls

Charles is determined to upgrade the computer system at the clinic; Dr. Pol deals with escaping cattle, a dog walking in circles and an alligator.

The Incredible Dr. PolGoats Gone Wild

Dr. Pol is a busy man as the unofficial vet for the entire county fair.

The Incredible Dr. PolPiggin' Out

Dr. Pol is asked to judge at the Hearty Harvest Chili Cook Off.

The Incredible Dr. PolThe Amazing Dr. Brenda

Dr. Brenda and the ladies of the clinic head out for a night of fun after a long week of treating horses, bunnies and dogs.

The Incredible Dr. PolPuppy Love

A bellowing bloated calf; an abandoned pit bull; sore husky pups; even a beloved mother cat suffering a serious blow.

Lost Cities With Albert LinFortress of the Knights Templar

National Geographic explorer and scientist Albert Lin travels to Acre, Israel, in search of the lost fortunes of the mysterious Knights Templar.

Lost Cities With Albert LinEl Dorado: City of Gold

Albert Lin travels to Colombia to find out the truth about the legendary city of El Dorado.

Lost Cities With Albert LinGhost City of the Pacific

Albert Lin travels to Micronesia, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, to uncover the ancient island city of Nan Madol.

Lost Cities With Albert LinPetra's Hidden Origins

Albert Lin travels to Petra, Jordan, to discover the origins of the famous city; he learns that it was built by the Nabataeans and reveals that the ancient city of Petra was part of a much larger network than he had ever imagined.

Lost Treasures of EgyptRamses: Egypt's Greatest Dynasty

Archaeologists unearth new evidence about Ramses the Great.

Lost Treasures of EgyptMummy Hunters

Archaeologists hunt for mummies to reveal new evidence about Ancient Egypt.

Lost Treasures of EgyptRise of Cleopatra

Archaeologists investigate Egypt s most famous female pharaoh, Cleopatra.

Lost Treasures of EgyptRise of the Pyramids

Archaeologists unearth new evidence of how the iconic pyramids evolved.

Lost Treasures of EgyptTutankhamun's Death

Archaeologists investigate the suspicious death of Tutankhamun.

Lost Treasures of EgyptSecrets of the Nile

Archaeologists investigate how the river Nile transformed ancient Egypt.

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