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TV Land TV Schedule & Listings Guide

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What’s on TV Land Today?

Here’s today’s schedule for TV Land.

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2024 EDT

Everybody Loves RaymondSweet Charity

Ray enjoys his volunteer work at the hospital because the patients treat him like a celebrity; Debra comes to regret her decision to force her husband to volunteer at the hospital.

Everybody Loves RaymondMeeting the Parents

Amy's ultraconservative parents (Fred Willard, Georgia Engel) catch Robert in a compromising position.

Everybody Loves RaymondThe Plan

Ray persuades Robert to botch an invitation assignment so Amy will let him off the hook with their wedding plans, but the scheme backfires. Fred Willard and Georgia Engel guest star.

Everybody Loves RaymondSleepover at Peggy's

When Ray drops off Ally for a sleepover, he gets the idea that his nemesis in the cookie drive is making a pass at him.

The King of QueensDoug Out

Doug feels so guilty about putting down Arthur that he gives him one of his Mets tickets; Doug gets arrested trying to catch a foul ball.

The King of QueensGet Away

Doug and Carrie feel inadequate when they discover that their best friends have a very active love life.

The King of QueensDire Strayts

Doug and Carrie invite Ray and Debra Barone to dinner; Doug gets stuck in an opening leading up to the attic.

The King of QueensI, Candy

Doug gets an ego boost when an attractive waitress wants to know if he's single.

The King of QueensRoamin' Holiday

Doug invites Spence to move in as part of a plan to keep Carrie's annoying friends from spending a weekend.

The King of QueensSparing Carrie

Doug's bowling-team sponsor demands victory, meaning Doug may have to fire his team's weak link: his wife, Carrie.

SeinfeldThe Shower Head

Jerry pays a price for mocking his uncle (Len Lesser) on "The Tonight Show"; tenants hate new shower heads.

SeinfeldThe Doll

George is dismayed because one of the dolls in Susan's collection bears an uncanny resemblance to his mother.

SeinfeldThe Friars Club

Jerry's new membership in the Friars Club is jeopardized when a jacket he borrowed from the club gets lost.

SeinfeldThe Wig Master

George introduces Kramer to the person in charge of the wigs for "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.".

The New Adventures of Old ChristinePopular

Christine is shocked when a new dad at Ritchie's school calls her a `meanie mom' for being judgmental and standoffish, and dumps her for Marly and Lindsay.

The New Adventures of Old ChristineTraffic

Christine promises Mr. Harris that she will go to an important event with him, but things don't go as planned when Ritchie's soccer game runs long.

The New Adventures of Old ChristineBetween a Rock and a Hard Place

Christine tries to get over her breakup with Mr. Harris; Matthew realizes his intimacy issues stem from his co-dependency on his sister.

The New Adventures of Old ChristineThe New Adventures of Old Christine

Christine lets New Christine set her up on a blind date, but is a little worried when she learns more about him.

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The Andy Griffith ShowAndy's Old Girlfriend

Andy's perennial romance with Helen is jolted when his high-school sweetheart moves back to town.

The Andy Griffith ShowAunt Bee's Restaurant

Aunt Bee has a brief fling as co-owner of a Chinese restaurant.

The Andy Griffith ShowFloyd's Barbershop

Floyd decides to give up his Mayberry barbershop when Howard buys the building and raises the rent.

The Andy Griffith ShowThe Statue

The Taylors find out that their heroic ancestor, immortalized in a statue, was actually a crook.

M*A*S*HBaby, It's Cold Outside

Charles becomes the most unpopular man in camp when he receives a winterized polar suit from his parents.

M*A*S*HPoint of View

The experiences of being wounded, flown to the 4077th, operated on and treated are seen through a soldier's eyes.

M*A*S*HDear Comrade

Hawkeye and B.J. discover Charles living the life of Riley due to the attentions of his menially paid Korean servant.


An outlaw band's wounded cook (Henry Darrow) must decide between loyalty to the gang and gratitude to the Cartwrights who saved his life.

GunsmokeThe Colonel

A once-proud military officer (Lee J. Cobb) faces a painful and unplanned reunion with his daughter (Julie Cobb).

GunsmokeThe Sharecroppers

A young woman tries to force her lazy relatives to plant a crop before their landlord evicts them.

GunsmokeThe Squaw

A fleeing outlaw's (John Saxon) survival in the harsh badlands depends on an Indian woman (Arlene Martel).

GunsmokeThe Hiders

Hide-cutters go beyond their legal rights and run into the law when they start doing as they please.

The Andy Griffith ShowMayberry Goes Hollywood

A Hollywood producer wants to make Mayberry the backdrop for his latest movie, causing the entire town to go into a frenzy as they alter themselves to live up to Hollywood's expectations.

The Andy Griffith ShowThe Horse Trader

Andy does some fast-talking with an antiques dealer to get rid of the town's old, worthless cannon. But when Opie mimics his father's antics, Andy begins to have second thoughts about his dealing.

The Andy Griffith ShowThose Gossipin' Men

Aunt Bee, accused by Andy of being a gossip, proves that men are bigger gossips than women.

The Andy Griffith ShowThe Beauty Contest

Andy becomes the judge of a beauty contest in Mayberry and must figure out how to pick a winner without hurting everyone's feelings and damaging his own love life.

The Andy Griffith ShowAlcohol and Old Lace

Andy and Barney discover that the old Morrison sisters, Mayberry's local florists who have been helping them arrest moonshiners, are actually in the moonshining business.

The Andy Griffith ShowAndy, the Marriage Counselor

Andy tries to help Mayberry newcomers Fred and Jennie Boone whose constant yelling and fighting is disrupting the town's peace.

Everybody Loves RaymondWho's Next

Debra chooses a friend to replace her if she dies but gets annoyed when Ray seems pleased by the idea.

Everybody Loves RaymondThe Shower

Marie attempts to take over when Debra throws a bridal shower for Amy; Debra runs into trouble with the law and must rely on Marie for help.

Everybody Loves RaymondBaggage

Ray and Debra engage in a battle of wills over who is responsible for putting a suitcase away.

Everybody Loves RaymondThe Bachelor Party

Feeling guilty, Raymond lays plans for a surprise do-over after his first bachelor bash for Robert is a flop. Chris Elliott and Fred Willard guest star.

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