How to Watch Baseball Online: MLB Streaming Guide (2022)

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For baseball fans that have cut the cord, there are more ways than ever to watch MLB without cable TV thanks to the great access provided by the top streaming services.

Today we will be taking a look at the channels that will be bringing you MLB action all summer long as well as the various ways that you can watch baseball both at home or on the go.

In a hurry? If you just want to start watching MLB, these three services will do that and provide good overall viewing options:

  • AT&T TV: Although more expensive than most other streaming services, no one provides the kind of access to local MLB games!
  • FuboTV: A great choice for local and national games at a reasonable price, plus FuboTV has a seven-day free trial.
  • Hulu + Live TV: Provides access to more games than you’ll probably watch as well as outstanding on-demand content with a free trial.

How MLB Is Broadcast

Major League Baseball was around long before TV or even radio! This, combined with the 162 games each team plays per season, makes for a complicated system of game broadcasting.

There are almost 5,000 games played in the regular MLB season each year. The good news is that all the games are broadcast! But where?

Nationally Televised Games

Almost all days of the regular season, there is at least one MLB game being nationally broadcast. And most days it’s more — often as many as four or five. Most often, it’s two.

Lucky for cord-cutters, the games are broadcast on major channels that are supported by the top streaming services:

  • ESPN: Show a wide selection of games — sometimes back-to-back — on their main channel. ESPN+ shows even more MLB games.
  • Fox: Features night games on local Fox affiliate channels.
  • FS1: The main Fox Sports channel where all its MLB games go.
  • MLB Network: far and away the place to watch nationally televised games.

Regionally Televised Games

Even with the hundreds of nationally televised games, there are still thousands of baseball games each year that are broadcast by regional sports networks (RSNs). If you are a fan of a team across the nation, you can use a service like But if you are a fan of the home team, you need access to its RSN.

Access to RSNs is limited to nonexistent for most streaming services. FuboTV provides a pretty good selection of them — especially for the price. Others, like Hulu + Live TV, provide even less. And low-cost services like Sling TV offer none at all.

The star in this area is AT&T TV, which provides RSN access to every team except for the Toronto Blue Jays (see below — SN Now) and, strangely, the Philadelphia Phillies.

To see if your local team is included with a streaming service, see the following table. Note that RSNs are only provided in the AT&T TV Choice plan ($84.99/mo) and above. The RSNs are included with the $64.99/mo plans from FuboTV and Hulu + Live TV.

Team (RSN)AT&TFuboTVHulu
Arizona Diamondbacks (Bally Sp Arizona)
Atlanta Braves (Bally SpSouth)
Baltimore Orioles (MASN)
Boston Red Sox (NESN)
Chicago Cubs (Marquee Sp Network)
Chicago White Sox (NBC Sports Chicago)
Cincinnati Reds (Bally Sports Ohio Plus)
Cleveland Indians (Bally Sp Great Lakes)
Colorado Rockies (AT&T SN Rocky Mountain)
Detroit Tigers (Bally Sp Detroit)
Houston Astros (AT&T SN Southwest)
Houston Astros (Bally Sp Southwest)
Kansas City Royals (Bally Sp Kansas City)
Los Angeles Angels (Bally Sp West)
Los Angeles Dodgers (Spectrum SN LA)
Miami Marlins (Bally Sp Florida)
Miami Marlins (Bally Sp Sun)
Milwaukee Brewers (Bally Sp Wisconsin)
Minnesota Twins (Bally Sp North)
New York Mets (SportsNet New York)
New York Yankees (YES Network)
Oakland Athletics (NBC Sports California)
Philadelphia Phillies (NBC Sports Philadelphia)
Pittsburgh Pirates (AT&T SN Pittsburgh)
San Diego Padres (Bally Sp San Diego)
San Francisco Giants (NBC Sports Bay Area)
Seattle Mariners (ROOT SP Northwest)
St Louis Cardinals (Bally Sp Midwest)
Tampa Bay Rays (Bally Sp Florida)
Tampa Bay Rays (Bally Sp Sun)
Texas Rangers (Bally Sp Southwest)
Toronto Blue Jays (Sportsnet)
Washington Nationals (MASN)

As you can see, if you’re a Giants fan in San Francisco, you can go with any of these three streaming services. The same goes for Mets fans in New York. But Yankees fans in New York? You need to go with AT&T TV.

Streaming MLB Without Cable

There are various ways to live stream MLB. Which way you choose will depend upon exactly what you are looking for. Since most fans will want to watch their hometown teams locally, we’ll highlight those services that allow that.

AT&T TV: King of MLB Streaming

at&t tv

With its basic (Entertainment — $69.99/mo) plan, AT&T TV doesn’t offer that much for an MLB fan. You get ESPN, Fox, FS1, and TBS — along with 65+ other channels. Frankly, you’d be better off with something like the Sling TV Orange/Blue plan for $20 less.

But AT&T TV’s Choice plan for $89.99/mo is, quite simply, the best deal around for the MLB fan. It includes all the channels you need to watch nationally televised games: ESPN, Fox, FS1, MLB Network, and TBS. But there’s much more.

AT&T TV offers the RSN for every team except the Philadelphia Phillies and the Toronto Blue Jays. So you will get to see all the games for your local team. No blackouts!

MLB ChannelsESPN, Fox, FS1, MLBN, TBS
Add-on ChannelsESPN Deportes
Local Teams28
Cloud DVR20 hours
Simultaneous Screens20
Free Trial
AT&T TV Price$89.99/mo
AT&T TV has no free trial but they do have a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out as long as you pay upfront.

In addition to its exceptional MLB support, AT&T TV offers 90+ other channels including local channels. Plus, the included RSNs give you access to local coverage of NBA, NHL, and MLS.

Sign-up With AT&T TV with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Or, if you want more information, see the following:

Fubo TV: Great Sports With Good RSN Coverage


FuboTV is an outstanding streaming service for sports. Its basic plan ($64.99/mo) of 110+ channels includes 38 sports channels. Included in those channels are ESPN, Fox, and FS1.

If you want MLB Network, you will need to get the Fubo Extra ($7.99/mo) or Sports Plus ($10.99/mo) add-ons. At this time, FuboTV doesn’t carry any Turner channels, so TBS is not available.

FuboTV makes up for this by providing RSNs for 9 teams: Red Sox, Cubs, White Sox, Astros, Mets, Athletics, Phillies, Pirates, and Giants.

MLB ChannelsESPN, Fox, FS1
Add-on ChannelsMLB Network
Local Teams9
Cloud DVR250 hours
Simultaneous Screens3
Free Trial
FuboTV Price$64.99/mo

FuboTV is probably the best sports streaming service with unmatched coverage of international sports as well as big American sports channels like NFL Network. If you are an MLB and a general sports fan, it’s a great choice. And, of course, it’s a great choice if your team is one of the 9 they provide an RSN for.

Check out FuboTV with a 7-day free trial. Or see the following for more information:

Hulu + Live TV: Solid Service in Select Market

hulu tv

Hulu Live offers a good overall streaming service with ESPN, Fox, FS1, and TBS. Unfortunately, it does not provide access to MLB Network and there is currently no way to get it. So you will get to see a lot of nationally televised MLB games but miss a lot of them.

You will, however, get access to RSN for 6 teams: Red Sox, White Sox, Mets, Athletics, Phillies, and Giants. So if one of those is your team, $64.99/mo is a pretty good deal for Hulu + Live TV.

MLB ChannelsESPN, Fox, FS1, TBS
Add-on Channels
Local Teams6
Cloud DVR50 hours
Simultaneous Screens2
Free Trial
Hulu Price$64.99/mo

In addition to its MLB coverage, Hulu + Live TV offers access to 75+ other channels and its industry-leading on-demand library.

You can investigate Hulu Live TV with a free 7-day trial. But if you still have questions, check out these resources:

Sling TV: Great Price for Nationally Televised Games

Sling TV Logo

Sling TV is a great low-cost streaming service with solid plans for just $35 per month. But one of the consequences of this is that they offer no RSNs.

But for the $50/mo Blue/Orange plan, you get ESPN, Fox, FS1, and TBS. And with the Sports Extra add-on ($11/mo), you also get MLB Network. That’s a total of $61/mo for all the channels you need to see every nationally televised MLB game.

MLB ChannelsESPN, Fox, FS1, TBS
Add-on ChannelsMLB Network
Local Teams0
Cloud DVR50 hours
Simultaneous Screens3
Free Trial
Sling TV Price$50.00/mo
Although Sling TV has no free trial, they offer the first month for only $10.

With the complete package at $61/mo, you could get a total of 64 channels including local channels Fox and NBC as well as sports channels MLB StrikeZone, NBA TV, NHL Network, Tennis Channel, and a lot more.

You can try out Sling TV for $10 for the first month. If you want more information first, you can find it in the following:

Sling TV Sports
Sling TV subdivides all its sports content.

Others MLB Streaming Options

There are other options for streaming MLB:

  • YouTube TV: A solid general streaming service with all the channels for nationally televised games as well as access to 6 RSNs.
  • MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube: Roughly once a week, MLB streams a live game that anyone can watch for free!
  • MLB App: Mostly an interface for, you can watch the Free Game of the Day with it.
  • For some fans, is a great service. It allows you to watch most MLB games live for $24.99 per month or $149.99 for the whole season (the price goes down as the season progresses).

    The problem is that there is a blackout delay for all in-market games — those (home and away) that involve your home team. So you have to wait an hour and a half after the game has ended to watch it.

    Additionally, all nationally televised games are blacked out. This also means the service is limited to regular-season games. So you will also need access to a streaming service for those games. Finally, doesn’t offer any playoff games.

    Still, can be a good deal if you don’t mind the restrictions. And subscribers can get a cheaper price if they are only interested in the games of a single team.

Supported TVs and Streaming Devices to Watch MLB

FuboTV Baseball
FuboTV Baseball running on an Android phone.

The streaming services offer great support for modern TVs and other devices.

AT&T TV, FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, and Sling TV all support smart TVs including those with Android TV built-in.

In addition to these, you can turn your regular TV into a smart TV via a device that plugs into the HDMI input. These include Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku. All the streaming services support these devices.

You can also watch MLB games on mobile devices. All the streaming services highlighted here support Android smartphones and iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

Google also offers Chromecast. It allows you to stream video from your phone to your TV. It’s super easy and is supported by all the streaming services.

Also supported are web browsers. This may not seem very sexy, but it works well. You can stream on a laptop computer and connect it (via HDMI cable) to your TV and watch films, shows, and sporting events in all their glory!

AT&T TV also supports its own device that makes moving from cable to streaming less intimidating. But if you want to watch on the Xbox, you will have to go with FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, or Sling TV. And only Hulu supports the PlayStation.

How to Watch Your Favorite MLB Teams

For information on streaming a specific team, see the following articles:

American League



  • Chicago White Sox
  • Cleveland Indians
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Minnesota Twins


National League




Wrapping Up

For true MLB fanatics, AT&T TV really is the way to go. It’s a bit pricey at $89.99/mo. But it gives you access to all your home team’s games as well as the nationally televised games.

But if FuboTV or Hulu + Live TV offer the RSN for your favorite team, they offer great deals with everything you need to “fan-out” during the season and post-season.

It is easier than ever to dump your cable TV subscription for a cheaper, better, and contract-free streaming service.

If you still have questions, check out these articles:


What is the cheapest way to watch MLB?

The cheapest way to watch MLB is to set up an antenna and get it free when games stream on local Fox affiliates. Sling TV allows you to do this easily by including a free antenna (if you pay for two months in advance). And your antenna channels are integrated with its streaming channels, which, with Sling Orange, include ESPN and TBS.

Is MLB TV free with Amazon Prime?

In general, Amazon Prime does on-demand streaming. But now that they are part owners of the YES Network (15%), they are live streaming a number of Yankees games. The catch? You must be in the YES Network coverage area: New York, Connecticut, and parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Other viewers will have to wait until 90 minutes after the game ends.

Does ESPN+ have all MLB games?

ESPN+ is a great deal for sports fans at $5.99/mo. But it doesn’t offer all the MLB games. It does however offer roughly one MLB game every day of the regular season. This is somewhat more than the number of games ESPN itself broadcasts so it’s worth considering.

How can I watch the World Series?

The 2021 World Series will air exclusively on Fox. This is great news for fans because Fox is included in the base plans of all the major streaming services. It also means that you should be able to watch it in HD with a TV antenna. You won’t, however, be able to watch the World Series with since it doesn’t stream any post-season games.

How can I watch MLB live on YouTube?

The MLB YouTube channel is offering the MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube. Despite the name, however, it isn’t exactly a game each week. For the season, it is offering 21 games. This certainly won’t satisfy an MLB fan but it’s a nice service to have.

Can I watch MLB 2021 on FuboTV?

Yes, FuboTV subscribers can watch MLB 2021 games on ESPN, Fox, FS1, and MLB Network. They also provide regional sports networks for 9 MLB teams:

What sports add-on channels can I watch with FuboTV?

FuboTV’s base 110+ channel plan includes 38 sports channels, so you may not need any add-ons. But Fubo has them if you decide you do. Their primary Sports Plus add-on costs $10.99/mo and includes 26 extra sports channels:

  • ACC Network
  • ESPNews
  • Fight Network
  • GAME+
  • MLB Network
  • MLB StrikeZone
  • NBA TV
  • NFL RedZone
  • NHL Network
  • Pac-12 Network
  • Pac-12 Arizon
  • Pac-12 Bay Area
  • Pac-12 Los Angeles
  • Pac-12 Mountain
  • Pac-12 Oregon
  • Pac-12 Washington
  • SEC Netowrk
  • Stadium
  • Stadium 1
  • Stadium 2
  • Stadium 3
  • Tennis Channel
  • TVG2
  • VSiN
  • Zona Futbol.

The International Sports Plus add-on costs $6.99/mo and offers 8 channels:

  • ESPN Deportes
  • Fox Deportes
  • Fox Soccer Plus
  • GoITV (English)
  • GoITV (Spanish)
  • Next Level Sports
  • TyC Sports
  • Zona Futbol.

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