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Watch Seattle Mariners Games Anywhere in US Without Cable – How to Live Stream

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2024 MLB Regular Season under way! Stream it live with Fubo!

Seattle Mariners fans across the US can watch every game. And they can do it without cable. Read on to learn all your options.

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The Seattle Mariners have the northwest part of the country to themselves and, as a result, have one of the majors’ largest geographical regions. However, that fan support has not resulted in much success as the club has had one of the most challenging histories of any team. This includes being the only franchise to have never played in the World Series.

However, Seattle broke a decades-long playoff drought in 2022. So, what will the future hold?

If you want to find out, you should gain access to Root Sports Northwest, the regional sports network that broadcasts Mariners games to those located in its broadcast area. If you are there, you can subscribe to DIRECTV STREAM ($108.99/mo) or Fubo ($94.98/mo) to access it.

On the other hand, if you are outside of the Mariners’ blackout area, MLB.TV ($24.99/mo) is where you want to go to watch most of those same game broadcasts. You can get it with Fubo.

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Schedule and Start Times for Today’s Seattle Mariners Game(s)

See our Seattle Mariners Today guide for details about the next game.

DateTime (ET)Teams
Tue Jun 186:40 pmMariners vs Guardians

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Seattle Mariners vs Boston Red Sox
Cropped from Seattle Mariners vs Boston Red Sox by David Herrera under CC BY 2.0.

Mariners TV Channels

Root Sports Northwest is the regional sports network (RSN) that broadcasts a high percentage of Seattle Mariners games. It is usually more than 95%.

It is available in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. During the winters, the channel’s focus turns to the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers and NHL’s Seattle Kraken.

It is when the Mariners are shown elsewhere that things become less straightforward. If a Mariners game is being showcased on national or regional television, check out your local Fox, ABC, and NBC affiliates as well as the MLB Network, ESPN, TBS, and Fox Sports 1 (FS1).

If it is not being shown on any of those channels, Apple TV+ and Peacock Premium may have selected it for an exclusive stream. These will be on Fridays and Sundays.

Ultimate Guide: How to Watch the Seattle Mariners Without Cable

Mariners games appear on several channels although the vast majority will be on Root Sports Northwest.


Roughly speaking, there are two ways to stream the Mariners. You can stream them through live TV channels and directly.

Stream the Seattle Mariners Today With Fubo: A Step-by-Step Guide

fubotv logo

Fubo ($94.98/mo) offers access to local Fox, NBC, and ABC affiliates as well as ESPN and FS1 to those who subscribe to its base plan although note that TBS is not available. Another of the available channels is Root Sports Northwest for those situated in the Northwest. If you want to be able to watch the MLB Network as well, you need to get an add-on that has that channel, such as Fubo Extra ($7.99/mo) or Sports Plus with NFL RedZone ($10.99/mo).

The base plan comes with unlimited cloud DVR storage and streaming on up to 10 devices at home and 2 away. For more information, see our Fubo review.

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Watching the Seattle Mariners With DIRECTV STREAM: Plans and Pricing


DIRECTV STREAM (formerly AT&T TV) offers its Choice plan ($108.99/mo) subscribers with all regional sports networks that it carries and that are local to the subscriber. In Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana, this includes Root Sports Northwest. Any Mariners games on Fox, NBC, ABC, MLB Network, ESPN, FS1, and TBS may also be viewed here.

All plans come with unlimited cloud DVR storage (online sign-up required) and streaming on unlimited devices at once. See our DIRECTV STREAM review for more information.

Get DIRECTV STREAM Free for 5 Days

Mariners fans not in the Northwest should also consider Hulu + Live TV ($76.99/mo), Sling TV ($55.00/mo), Vidgo ($69.99/mo), and YouTube TV ($72.99/mo). Those streaming services carry the channels necessary for you to watch most Mariners games that are not being shown on Root Sports Northwest.

Explore More Ways to Watch the Seattle Mariners Games Today

A small number of Mariners games will be streamed exclusively.

  • Apple TV+ ($4.99/mo): Streams some Friday Mariners games every year. Note that these are exclusive streams, meaning that those games will not be shown on any television channel.
  • Peacock Premium ($4.99/mo): Has partnered with MLB to exclusively stream some games every season, which will most likely include several Mariners contests. These will generally be played on Sundays. (Peacock review)
  • ESPN+ ($10.99/mo): Offers numerous streams of MLB games throughout the season. With that said, keep in mind that blackout restrictions still apply to those in the Northwest. (ESPN+ review)

Out-of-Market Viewing With MLB.TV

MLB.TV provides access to all out-of-market games for $24.99/mo or $139.99/yr. Or you can get a single-team plan for $119.99/yr. Get it with Fubo as an add-on.

This is a great option for watching Mariners games if you live outside the team’s blackout area. Note, however, that the blackout region of your local team still applies for if the Mariners ever play it, you won’t get access.

Sign up for MLB.TV on Fubo for FREE today!

Free Viewing With Antenna


When the Mariners are being broadcast on network television for a national or regional audience, an antenna is all that you need to watch the game. Also keep in mind that should Seattle play in the World Series for the first time, all of those historic games will be on Fox.

See our HD antenna guide for more information.

Devices and Apps for Streaming Seattle Mariners Games

DIRECTV STREAM, Fubo, and MLB.TV supports these devices:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android mobile devices
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Android TV devices
  • iOS (iPhone,iPad)
  • Roku
  • Samsung smart TVs
  • Web browsers.

MLB.TV and Fubo also support Xbox gaming systems. There are other supported devices. See our streaming reviews for details.

Superpower Your Sports Streaming With a VPN

For the sake of privacy, security, and access, you should be using a VPN. They are low-cost and easy to use. We’ve been using them for years and our top pick is ExpressVPN. Other brands worth checking out include Hotspot Shield and CyberGhost.

i Our VPN Buyer’s Guide provides a complete introduction and all you need to know to choose the best VPN for your needs.

Everything You Need to Know About the Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Pilots had just a one-year stint in Major League Baseball, in 1969, before moving to Milwaukee and becoming the Brewers. But the Emerald City was determined to return to the majors. Eight years later, the expansion Mariners started playing American League games. They were placed in the West Division, where they have remained.

However, when you take away a short successful period from 1995-2001, the Mariners have had, to be blunt, a depressing history. It took until 1991 for the team to break the .500 mark for the first time. That year’s squad went 83-79.

Crazily, that stretch started on the heels of the Mariners tying the major league record for wins in a season with 116 victories in 2001. However, that campaign ended in heartbreaking fashion at the hands of the New York Yankees in the AL Championship Series. The Bronx Bombers also defeated Seattle in the ALCS in 2000.

Seattle’s other ALCS appearance came in 1995. The Mariners beat the Yankees, 3-2, in the AL Division Series that year before falling to Cleveland, 4-2, in the ALCS.

However, the Mariners have had some good teams during its past playoff-less drought, winning 90+ games on three occasions, 93 in 2002 and 2003 and 90 in 2021, and posting winning marks in eight of those 20 years.

As for that 2021 campaign, the Mariners took the playoff race down to the final day of the season before finally being eliminated. Seattle’s 90-72 record was better than eventual world champion Atlanta’s 88-73 mark.

The 2022 season was impressive for the Mariners as they made it to their first postseason since 2001. They managed a 90-72 winning record. The Mariners beat the Toronto Blue Jays in the Wild Card Series. However, they lost to the eventual champion, the Houston Astros, in the American League Division Series.

In 2023, the Mariners posted a record of 88-74 which was only good for a third-place finish in their AL West division standings. They failed to make the postseason for the 22nd time in 23 seasons.

Seattle has only had two home stadiums, the Kingdome (1977-99) and T-Mobile Park (1999-present).

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Complete 2024 Seattle Mariners Game Schedule: Dates, Times, and Venues

DateTime (ET)TeamsTV
Thu Mar 2810:10 pmRed Sox vs MarinersMLBN
Fri Mar 299:40 pmRed Sox vs Mariners
Sat Mar 309:40 pmRed Sox vs Mariners
Sun Mar 314:10 pmRed Sox vs Mariners
Mon Apr 19:40 pmGuardians vs Mariners
Tue Apr 29:40 pmGuardians vs Mariners
Wed Apr 34:10 pmGuardians vs Mariners
Fri Apr 58:10 pmMariners vs Brewers
Sat Apr 67:10 pmMariners vs Brewers
Sun Apr 72:10 pmMariners vs Brewers
Mon Apr 87:07 pmMariners vs Blue Jays
Tue Apr 97:07 pmMariners vs Blue Jays
Wed Apr 103:07 pmMariners vs Blue Jays
Fri Apr 129:40 pmCubs vs MarinersApple TV+
Sat Apr 139:40 pmCubs vs Mariners
Sun Apr 144:10 pmCubs vs Mariners
Mon Apr 159:42 pmReds vs Mariners
Tue Apr 169:40 pmReds vs Mariners
Wed Apr 174:10 pmReds vs Mariners
Fri Apr 198:40 pmMariners vs Rockies
Sat Apr 208:10 pmMariners vs Rockies
Sun Apr 213:10 pmMariners vs Rockies
Tue Apr 238:05 pmMariners vs Rangers
Wed Apr 248:05 pmMariners vs Rangers
Thu Apr 252:35 pmMariners vs Rangers
Fri Apr 269:40 pmDiamondbacks vs Mariners
Sat Apr 279:40 pmDiamondbacks vs MarinersFS1
Sun Apr 284:10 pmDiamondbacks vs Mariners
Mon Apr 299:40 pmBraves vs Mariners
Tue Apr 309:40 pmBraves vs Mariners
Wed May 13:40 pmBraves vs Mariners
Fri May 38:10 pmMariners vs Astros
Sat May 47:15 pmMariners vs AstrosFox
Sun May 52:10 pmMariners vs Astros
Mon May 67:40 pmMariners vs Twins
Tue May 77:40 pmMariners vs Twins
Wed May 87:40 pmMariners vs Twins
Thu May 91:10 pmMariners vs Twins
Fri May 109:40 pmAthletics vs Mariners
Sat May 119:40 pmAthletics vs Mariners
Sun May 124:10 pmAthletics vs Mariners
Mon May 139:40 pmRoyals vs Mariners
Tue May 149:40 pmRoyals vs Mariners
Wed May 154:10 pmRoyals vs Mariners
Fri May 177:05 pmMariners vs Orioles
Sat May 184:05 pmMariners vs OriolesFS1
Sun May 191:35 pmMariners vs Orioles
Mon May 207:05 pmMariners vs Yankees
Tue May 217:05 pmMariners vs Yankees
Wed May 227:05 pmMariners vs Yankees
Thu May 2312:35 pmMariners vs Yankees
Fri May 246:45 pmMariners vs Nationals
Sat May 254:05 pmMariners vs Nationals
Sun May 261:35 pmMariners vs Nationals
Mon May 279:40 pmAstros vs Mariners
Tue May 289:40 pmAstros vs Mariners
Wed May 299:40 pmAstros vs Mariners
Thu May 304:10 pmAstros vs Mariners
Fri May 3110:10 pmAngels vs MarinersApple TV+
Sat Jun 17:15 pmAngels vs MarinersFox
Sun Jun 24:10 pmAngels vs Mariners
Tue Jun 49:40 pmMariners vs Athletics
Wed Jun 59:40 pmMariners vs Athletics
Thu Jun 63:37 pmMariners vs Athletics
Fri Jun 78:10 pmMariners vs Royals
Sat Jun 84:10 pmMariners vs Royals
Sun Jun 92:10 pmMariners vs Royals
Mon Jun 109:40 pmWhite Sox vs Mariners
Tue Jun 119:40 pmWhite Sox vs Mariners
Wed Jun 129:40 pmWhite Sox vs Mariners
Thu Jun 139:40 pmWhite Sox vs Mariners
Fri Jun 1410:10 pmRangers vs MarinersApple TV+
Sat Jun 157:15 pmRangers vs MarinersFox
Sun Jun 164:10 pmRangers vs Mariners
Tue Jun 186:40 pmMariners vs Guardians
Wed Jun 196:40 pmMariners vs Guardians
Thu Jun 201:10 pmMariners vs Guardians
Fri Jun 217:10 pmMariners vs Marlins
Sat Jun 224:10 pmMariners vs Marlins
Sun Jun 231:40 pmMariners vs Marlins
Mon Jun 246:50 pmMariners vs Rays
Tue Jun 256:50 pmMariners vs Rays
Wed Jun 2612:10 pmMariners vs Rays
Fri Jun 289:40 pmTwins vs Mariners
Sat Jun 2910:10 pmTwins vs Mariners
Sun Jun 304:10 pmTwins vs Mariners
Tue Jul 29:40 pmOrioles vs Mariners
Wed Jul 310:10 pmOrioles vs Mariners
Thu Jul 44:10 pmOrioles vs Mariners
Fri Jul 59:40 pmBlue Jays vs Mariners
Sat Jul 64:10 pmBlue Jays vs Mariners
Sun Jul 74:10 pmBlue Jays vs Mariners
Tue Jul 99:40 pmMariners vs Padres
Wed Jul 106:40 pmMariners vs Padres
Thu Jul 119:38 pmMariners vs Angels
Fri Jul 129:38 pmMariners vs Angels
Sat Jul 139:38 pmMariners vs Angels
Sun Jul 144:07 pmMariners vs Angels
Fri Jul 1910:10 pmAstros vs Mariners
Sat Jul 209:40 pmAstros vs Mariners
Sun Jul 214:10 pmAstros vs Mariners
Mon Jul 229:40 pmAngels vs Mariners
Tue Jul 239:40 pmAngels vs Mariners
Wed Jul 243:40 pmAngels vs Mariners
Fri Jul 268:10 pmMariners vs White Sox
Sat Jul 277:15 pmMariners vs White SoxFox
Sun Jul 282:10 pmMariners vs White Sox
Mon Jul 297:10 pmMariners vs Red Sox
Tue Jul 307:10 pmMariners vs Red Sox
Wed Jul 314:10 pmMariners vs Red Sox
Fri Aug 29:40 pmPhillies vs Mariners
Sat Aug 39:40 pmPhillies vs Mariners
Sun Aug 44:10 pmPhillies vs Mariners
Tue Aug 69:40 pmTigers vs Mariners
Wed Aug 79:40 pmTigers vs Mariners
Thu Aug 89:40 pmTigers vs Mariners
Fri Aug 910:10 pmMets vs Mariners
Sat Aug 109:40 pmMets vs Mariners
Sun Aug 114:10 pmMets vs Mariners
Tue Aug 136:40 pmMariners vs Tigers
Wed Aug 146:40 pmMariners vs Tigers
Thu Aug 151:10 pmMariners vs Tigers
Fri Aug 166:40 pmMariners vs Pirates
Sat Aug 171:05 pmMariners vs Pirates
Sun Aug 181:35 pmMariners vs Pirates
Mon Aug 1910:10 pmMariners vs Dodgers
Tue Aug 2010:10 pmMariners vs Dodgers
Wed Aug 2110:10 pmMariners vs Dodgers
Fri Aug 2310:10 pmGiants vs Mariners
Sat Aug 244:10 pmGiants vs Mariners
Sun Aug 254:10 pmGiants vs Mariners
Mon Aug 269:40 pmRays vs MarinersFS1
Tue Aug 279:40 pmRays vs Mariners
Wed Aug 284:10 pmRays vs Mariners
Fri Aug 309:38 pmMariners vs Angels
Sat Aug 319:38 pmMariners vs Angels
Sun Sep 14:07 pmMariners vs Angels
Mon Sep 27:07 pmMariners vs Athletics
Tue Sep 39:40 pmMariners vs Athletics
Wed Sep 49:40 pmMariners vs Athletics
Thu Sep 53:37 pmMariners vs Athletics
Fri Sep 68:15 pmMariners vs Cardinals
Sat Sep 77:15 pmMariners vs Cardinals
Sun Sep 82:15 pmMariners vs Cardinals
Tue Sep 109:40 pmPadres vs Mariners
Wed Sep 119:40 pmPadres vs Mariners
Thu Sep 129:40 pmRangers vs Mariners
Fri Sep 1310:10 pmRangers vs Mariners
Sat Sep 149:40 pmRangers vs Mariners
Sun Sep 154:10 pmRangers vs Mariners
Tue Sep 179:40 pmYankees vs Mariners
Wed Sep 189:40 pmYankees vs Mariners
Thu Sep 194:10 pmYankees vs Mariners
Fri Sep 208:05 pmMariners vs Rangers
Sat Sep 217:05 pmMariners vs Rangers
Sun Sep 222:35 pmMariners vs Rangers
Mon Sep 238:10 pmMariners vs Astros
Tue Sep 248:10 pmMariners vs Astros
Wed Sep 252:10 pmMariners vs Astros
Fri Sep 2710:10 pmAthletics vs Mariners
Sat Sep 289:40 pmAthletics vs Mariners
Sun Sep 293:10 pmAthletics vs Mariners

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Wrapping Up

The Seattle Mariners are the team of the Northwest, and its fan base stretches across that region. If you are there and a Mariners fan, consider getting FuboTV ($94.98/mo) or DIRECTV STREAM ($108.99/mo) to garner access to Root Sports Northwest.

If you are instead a transplanted Mariners fan or one who never lived in the Northwest, you may want to secure access to MLB.TV ($24.99/mo).

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Where on TV is the next Mariners game?

The next Mariners game will most likely be shown on Root Sports Northwest as, generally, more than 95% of Mariners contests are broadcast on that RSN. If that is not the answer to this question, check TBS, FS1, MLB Network, ESPN, ABC, NBC, and Fox. If none of those channels answers this question either, see if it is being exclusively streamed by Peacock Premium or Apple TV+.

Where can I listen to the Mariners on the radio?

Which radio station to tune into to catch the Mariners game depends on where in the Northwest you are as there are affiliates spread throughout this region. These include Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and British Columbia. However, the vast majority of them are in the Evergreen State. If you are in or near Seattle, tune into Seattle Sports 710 AM. Note that some games, usually Sunday contests during NFL season, are on 770 KTTH. You can also listen to the game on SiriusXM.

Is it possible to watch Mariners games for free?

If you are located outside of the Northwest, you can watch Mariners games for free whenever they are featured on the MLB.TV Free Game of the Day. Otherwise, you can watch nationally or regionally broadcast Mariners games on Fox, ABC, and NBC with an antenna at no cost.

What is the current Seattle Mariners roster for the 2024 season?

This offseason, the Mariners have added some players including Jorge Polanco who was traded from Minnesota for  Anthony DeSclafani in a five-player deal. Mitch Garver and Austin Voth were signed as free agents.

This adds to a roster that includes outfielders Mitch Haniger, Julio Rodriguez, Samad Taylor, and Luke Raley, pitchers Emerson Hancock, Bryce Miller, and Logan Gilbert, infielders Ty France and J.P. Crawford, and catcher Cal Raleigh.

How can I watch Mariners games on my Android phone?

Cord cutters who subscribe to a service that provides them with access to Root Sports Northwest can watch Mariners games on their Android phone by using the Root Sports, DIRECTV STREAM, or Fubo app. Meanwhile, out-of-market Mariners fans who subscribe to MLB.TV can utilize the MLB app to view many of those same Root Sports Northwest game broadcasts.

What channels do other MLB teams play on?

We have viewing guides for every MLB team that includes all the channels.

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  2. Get the content you deserve with the best VPN.
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