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How to Watch the Texas Rangers Without Cable

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Rangers fans can watch every game of the regular season. But they have to stream. Cable TV no longer allows you to watch every game. Read on to learn everything!

In a hurry? If you live outside of the southwestern US, you can watch every Texas Rangers game with MLB.TV for $24.99/mo. But if you do live in the area, you need Bally Sports Southwest. Currently, the only way to get it is with the DIRECTV STREAM Choice plan for $89.99/mo. A 5-day free trial is now available for DIRECTV STREAM.

The Texas Rangers, who represent the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, have had a storied history that has included World Series appearances and Nolan Ryan no-hitters. Although time has been tough for Rangers fans as of late, it was not that long ago that the club was a perennial playoff team.

If you are a diehard Rangers fan or simply want to see if this is the season that the team turns it around, you should consider subscribing to DIRECTV STREAM ($89.99/mo) or MLB.TV ($24.99/mo).

The former is your best option if you are in Bally Sports Southwest’s broadcast area while those who do not find themselves in the team’s blackout area should consider taking advantage of the latter choice.

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About the Rangers

The Rangers became the Lone Star State’s second major league team, having moved to Arlington from Washington in 1972. This was a decade after the Astros had played their first season in Houston.

However, Texas struggled through the next few decades, only making the playoffs three times between its founding and 2009, in 1996, 1998, and 1999. They lost to the New York Yankees at the first hurdle in each of those postseasons.

The 2010s were much better for the Rangers. That decade started with back-to-back American League pennants and resulted in five playoff appearances, those two years and in 2012, 2015, and 2016.

With that said, falling at the final stage, in the World Series, in 2010 and 2011 put a sour taste in the mouths of Rangers fans. This wasn’t helped by the other three playoff runs only lasted one round apiece.

In 2021, Texas finished with a 60-102 record, placing it in fifth place in the West Division. This was the third-worst record in the majors. It was also the club’s worst since its second season in Arlington. The 1973 Rangers recorded a 57-105 mark.

The Rangers have played in just three stadiums since moving to Texas: Arlington Stadium (1972-93), Globe Life Park (1994-2019), and Globe Life Field (2020-present). During its time in the nation’s capital, it played in Griffith Stadium (1961) and RFK Stadium (1962-71).

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Rangers TV Channels

A considerable majority of Rangers games, most likely greater than 95%, are broadcast on Bally Sports Southwest. It is a regional sports network (RSN) that is available throughout much of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma as well as in portions of eastern New Mexico.

Bally Sports Southwest is also the home of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs as well as the NHL’s Dallas Stars. Availability depends on exactly where you are in the coverage area.

The vast majority of games are broadcasted by Bally Sports Southwest. Those that aren’t are distributed by national TV channels and (increasingly) streaming services.

Nationally televised Texas Rangers games normally appear on Fox, ESPN, TBS, Fox Sports 1 (FS1), and MLB Network. Other possibilities include ABC and NBC. Some games are streamed exclusively by Apple TV+ and Peacock Premium.

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Texas Rangers
Michael Young with the Texas Rangers by Keith Allison under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Watching the Rangers

You can take advantage of a number of ways to watch the Rangers play without paying for cable or satellite.



One of the most affordable ways to watch Rangers games is with an antenna. This works whenever Texas plays on network television, which includes any World Series games that the team is a part of.

You can learn all about the process in our HD antenna guide.


However, gaining access to one or more streaming services is how to watch the Rangers play on a regular basis.

Live TV Streaming Services


In order for those located in Bally Sports Southwest’s broadcast area to watch Texas play on a nearly everyday basis, you need to get the DIRECTV STREAM (formerly AT&T TV) Choice plan (or above) for $89.99/mo. By doing so, you will gain access to any regional sports networks that you are eligible to watch. You will also enjoy Rangers games shown on ESPN, TBS, FS1, MLB Network, Fox, ABC, and NBC.

DIRECTV STREAM comes with unlimited cloud DVR storage (online sign-up only) and streaming on unlimited devices at once. Get all the information in our DIRECTV STREAM review.

Get DIRECTV STREAM Free for 5 Days

Meanwhile, fans who are not eligible to get Bally Sports Southwest based on their location can still get DIRECTV STREAM. Or they could consider one of these other options for watching live Rangers games not shown on that regional sports network: Hulu + Live TV ($69.99/mo), Sling TV ($50.00/mo), FuboTV ($69.99/mo), Vidgo ($59.95/mo), and YouTube TV ($64.99/mo). Note that ESPN+ access comes with Hulu + Live TV.

Specialty Streaming Services

Mark 2022 as the year when you could no longer watch every Rangers game with cable. That’s because of exclusive deals that MLB made with Apple TV+ and Peacock.

  • Apple TV+ ($4.99/mo): Has garnered the rights to stream two MLB games every Friday, and the Rangers will periodically be a part of those exclusive streams. The team’s first appearance through this streaming service was set for April 22, 2022.
  • Peacock Premium ($4.99/mo): Expected to have exclusive access to stream some Sunday Rangers games. (Peacock review)
  • ESPN+ ($9.99/mo): Offers several MLB matchups throughout the season on its streaming platform. Note that blackout restrictions apply, so this option is best if you are an out-of-market Texas Rangers fan. (ESPN+ review)


Are you located outside of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and eastern New Mexico but still a devoted Texas Rangers fan? If yes, then you may want to secure access to MLB.TV, which gives you access to all out-of-market MLB games.

It costs $24.99/mo or $139.99/yr and lets you stream all Bally Sports Southwest-broadcast games that do not involve any teams that are local to you. In other words, you can watch the majority of Rangers broadcasts, but if you are in LA, not ones against the Angels or Dodgers.

Streaming Devices to Watch Texas Rangers Games Live

Both DIRECTV STREAM and MLB.TV allow you to live stream Rangers games on the following devices:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android mobile devices
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • iOS mobile devices
  • Roku
  • Samsung smart TVs
  • Web browsers.

DIRECTV STREAM also has its own device that you can purchase. MLB.TV supports Android TV devices and the Xbox One systems.

All the other streaming services support most of the same devices. See our reviews for complete lists of devices.

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Wrapping Up

Those who want to watch the Texas Rangers play on a regular basis without paying for cable or satellite service generally have one specific option available. If you are in Texas, Oklahoma, eastern New Mexico, Arkansas, or Louisiana, DIRECTV STREAM offers you access to Bally Sports Southwest. The Choice plan $89.99/mo and gives you access to it and all the national channels that air Rangers games. Those outside of that region should get MLB.TV ($24.99/mo).

Get DIRECTV STREAM Free for 5 Days


Where can I see the Rangers game tonight?

In what is expected to be greater than 95% of the time, you can watch tonight’s Rangers game on Bally Sports Southwest, which you can gain access to through DIRECTV STREAM ($89.99/mo) or MLB.TV ($24.99/mo). If it is not being shown on that channel, check your local ABC, NBC, and Fox affiliates as well as ESPN, TBS, FS1, and MLB Network. Also see if Apple TV+ or Peacock Premium is streaming it.

What radio stations broadcast Rangers games?

If you are looking to listen to today’s game and are in an area that is close to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, you can most likely get the broadcast on a local radio station. The Rangers Radio Network covers the vast majority of north Texas as well as down to San Antonio and in Alpine and El Paso. It also stretches into much of Oklahoma and nearby areas of Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, and New Mexico.

Is it possible to watch the Rangers for free?

Yes, you can watch the Rangers for free — with some caveats to consider. Those not in eastern New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, or Oklahoma can periodically stream Rangers games thanks to the MLB.TV Free Game of the Day. Otherwise, if you own an antenna, you can watch the team play for free when it is featured on network television.

Can I stream Rangers games on my phone?

Yes. If you subscribe to DIRECTV STREAM in order to gain Bally Sports Southwest access, you can use the DIRECTV STREAM and Bally Sports apps to watch the Texas Rangers play. Meanwhile, out-of-market games can be watched through MLB.TV with the MLB app on mobile devices.

What is the Rangers 2022 Schedule?

This year, the Rangers play the following teams (in order): Toronto Blue Jays, Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Angels, Seattle Mariners, Oakland Athletics, Houston Astros, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees, Kansas City Royals, Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Guardians, Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers, Washington Nationals, New York Mets, Baltimore Orioles, Minnesota Twins, and the Miami Marlins.

Here is the Rangers regular-season schedule with times in EDT. Most games will air on Bally Sports Southwest except as noted.

  • Fri Apr 8 7:07 pm: @ Blue Jays
  • Sat Apr 9 3:07 pm: @ Blue Jays
  • Sun Apr 10 1:37 pm: @ Blue Jays (MLBN)
  • Mon Apr 11 4:05 pm: vs Rockies
  • Tue Apr 12 8:05 pm: vs Rockies
  • Thu Apr 14 8:05 pm: vs Angels (MLBN)
  • Fri Apr 15 8:05 pm: vs Angels
  • Sat Apr 16 7:05 pm: vs Angels (MLBN)
  • Sun Apr 17 2:35 pm: vs Angels
  • Tue Apr 19 9:40 pm: @ Mariners
  • Wed Apr 20 9:40 pm: @ Mariners
  • Thu Apr 21 9:40 pm: @ Mariners (MLBN)
  • Fri Apr 22 9:40 pm: @ Athletics (Apple TV+)
  • Sat Apr 23 4:07 pm: @ Athletics
  • Sun Apr 24 4:07 pm: @ Athletics
  • Mon Apr 25 8:05 pm: vs Astros
  • Tue Apr 26 8:05 pm: vs Astros
  • Wed Apr 27 8:05 pm: vs Astros
  • Thu Apr 28 2:05 pm: vs Astros
  • Fri Apr 29 8:05 pm: vs Braves
  • Sat Apr 30 7:05 pm: vs Braves
  • Sun May 1 2:35 pm: vs Braves
  • Tue May 3 6:45 pm: @ Phillies
  • Wed May 4 6:45 pm: @ Phillies
  • Fri May 6 7:05 pm: @ Yankees
  • Sat May 7 1:05 pm: @ Yankees
  • Sun May 8 1:35 pm: @ Yankees
  • Tue May 10 8:05 pm: vs Royals
  • Wed May 11 8:05 pm: vs Royals
  • Thu May 12 8:05 pm: vs Royals
  • Fri May 13 8:05 pm: vs Red Sox
  • Sat May 14 7:05 pm: vs Red Sox
  • Sun May 15 2:35 pm: vs Red Sox
  • Mon May 16 8:05 pm: vs Angels
  • Tue May 17 8:05 pm: vs Angels
  • Wed May 18 8:05 pm: vs Angels
  • Thu May 19 8:10 pm: @ Astros
  • Fri May 20 8:10 pm: @ Astros (Apple TV+)
  • Sat May 21 7:10 pm: @ Astros
  • Sun May 22 2:10 pm: @ Astros
  • Tue May 24 9:38 pm: @ Angels
  • Wed May 25 9:38 pm: @ Angels
  • Thu May 26 9:40 pm: @ Athletics
  • Fri May 27 9:40 pm: @ Athletics
  • Sat May 28 4:07 pm: @ Athletics
  • Sun May 29 4:07 pm: @ Athletics
  • Mon May 30 8:05 pm: vs Rays
  • Tue May 31 8:05 pm: vs Rays
  • Wed Jun 1 8:05 pm: vs Rays
  • Thu Jun 2 2:05 pm: vs Rays
  • Fri Jun 3 8:05 pm: vs Mariners
  • Sat Jun 4 4:05 pm: vs Mariners
  • Sun Jun 5 2:35 pm: vs Mariners
  • Mon Jun 6 7:10 pm: @ Guardians
  • Tue Jun 7 7:10 pm: @ Guardians
  • Wed Jun 8 7:10 pm: @ Guardians
  • Fri Jun 10 8:10 pm: @ White Sox
  • Sat Jun 11 2:10 pm: @ White Sox
  • Sun Jun 12 2:10 pm: @ White Sox
  • Mon Jun 13 8:05 pm: vs Astros
  • Tue Jun 14 8:05 pm: vs Astros
  • Wed Jun 15 2:05 pm: vs Astros
  • Thu Jun 16 7:10 pm: @ Tigers
  • Fri Jun 17 7:10 pm: @ Tigers
  • Sat Jun 18 4:10 pm: @ Tigers (FS1)
  • Sun Jun 19 1:40 pm: @ Tigers
  • Tue Jun 21 8:05 pm: vs Phillies
  • Wed Jun 22 4:05 pm: vs Phillies
  • Fri Jun 24 8:05 pm: vs Nationals
  • Sat Jun 25 4:05 pm: vs Nationals (FS1)
  • Sun Jun 26 2:35 pm: vs Nationals
  • Mon Jun 27 8:10 pm: @ Royals
  • Tue Jun 28 8:10 pm: @ Royals
  • Wed Jun 29 2:10 pm: @ Royals
  • Fri Jul 1 7:10 pm: @ Mets
  • Sat Jul 2 4:10 pm: @ Mets
  • Sun Jul 3 1:40 pm: @ Mets
  • Mon Jul 4 1:05 pm: @ Orioles
  • Tue Jul 5 7:05 pm: @ Orioles
  • Wed Jul 6 7:05 pm: @ Orioles
  • Fri Jul 8 8:05 pm: vs Twins
  • Sat Jul 9 4:05 pm: vs Twins
  • Sun Jul 10 2:35 pm: vs Twins
  • Mon Jul 11 8:05 pm: vs Athletics
  • Tue Jul 12 8:05 pm: vs Athletics
  • Wed Jul 13 8:05 pm: vs Athletics
  • Thu Jul 14 8:05 pm: vs Mariners
  • Fri Jul 15 8:05 pm: vs Mariners
  • Sat Jul 16 4:05 pm: vs Mariners
  • Sun Jul 17 2:35 pm: vs Mariners
  • Thu Jul 21 1:10 pm: @ Marlins
  • Fri Jul 22 9:40 pm: @ Athletics
  • Sat Jul 23 9:07 pm: @ Athletics (FS1)
  • Sun Jul 24 4:07 pm: @ Athletics
  • Mon Jul 25 10:10 pm: @ Mariners
  • Tue Jul 26 10:10 pm: @ Mariners
  • Wed Jul 27 3:40 pm: @ Mariners
  • Thu Jul 28 9:38 pm: @ Angels
  • Fri Jul 29 9:38 pm: @ Angels
  • Sat Jul 30 9:07 pm: @ Angels (FS1)
  • Sun Jul 31 4:07 pm: @ Angels
  • Mon Aug 1 8:05 pm: vs Orioles
  • Tue Aug 2 8:05 pm: vs Orioles
  • Wed Aug 3 2:05 pm: vs Orioles
  • Thu Aug 4 8:05 pm: vs White Sox
  • Fri Aug 5 8:05 pm: vs White Sox
  • Sat Aug 6 7:05 pm: vs White Sox
  • Sun Aug 7 2:35 pm: vs White Sox
  • Tue Aug 9 8:10 pm: @ Astros
  • Wed Aug 10 8:10 pm: @ Astros
  • Thu Aug 11 2:10 pm: @ Astros
  • Fri Aug 12 8:05 pm: vs Mariners
  • Sat Aug 13 7:15 pm: vs Mariners (Fox)
  • Sun Aug 14 2:35 pm: vs Mariners
  • Mon Aug 15 8:05 pm: vs Athletics
  • Tue Aug 16 8:05 pm: vs Athletics
  • Wed Aug 17 8:05 pm: vs Athletics
  • Thu Aug 18 2:05 pm: vs Athletics
  • Fri Aug 19 8:10 pm: @ Twins
  • Sat Aug 20 7:10 pm: @ Twins
  • Sun Aug 21 2:10 pm: @ Twins
  • Mon Aug 22 7:10 pm: @ Twins
  • Tue Aug 23 8:40 pm: @ Rockies
  • Wed Aug 24 3:10 pm: @ Rockies
  • Fri Aug 26 8:05 pm: vs Tigers
  • Sat Aug 27 7:05 pm: vs Tigers
  • Sun Aug 28 2:35 pm: vs Tigers
  • Tue Aug 30 8:05 pm: vs Astros
  • Wed Aug 31 2:05 pm: vs Astros
  • Thu Sep 1 7:10 pm: @ Red Sox
  • Fri Sep 2 7:10 pm: @ Red Sox
  • Sat Sep 3 4:10 pm: @ Red Sox
  • Sun Sep 4 1:35 pm: @ Red Sox
  • Mon Sep 5 7:10 pm: @ Astros
  • Tue Sep 6 8:10 pm: @ Astros
  • Wed Sep 7 8:10 pm: @ Astros
  • Fri Sep 9 8:05 pm: vs Blue Jays
  • Sat Sep 10 7:05 pm: vs Blue Jays
  • Sun Sep 11 2:35 pm: vs Blue Jays
  • Mon Sep 12 1:10 pm: @ Marlins
  • Mon Sep 12 7:10 pm: @ Marlins
  • Tue Sep 13 8:05 pm: vs Athletics
  • Wed Sep 14 8:05 pm: vs Athletics (FS1)
  • Fri Sep 16 7:10 pm: @ Rays
  • Sat Sep 17 6:10 pm: @ Rays
  • Sun Sep 18 1:10 pm: @ Rays
  • Tue Sep 20 8:05 pm: vs Angels
  • Wed Sep 21 8:05 pm: vs Angels
  • Thu Sep 22 2:05 pm: vs Angels
  • Fri Sep 23 8:05 pm: vs Guardians
  • Sat Sep 24 7:05 pm: vs Guardians
  • Sun Sep 25 4:35 pm: vs Guardians
  • Tue Sep 27 9:40 pm: @ Mariners
  • Wed Sep 28 9:40 pm: @ Mariners
  • Thu Sep 29 9:40 pm: @ Mariners
  • Fri Sep 30 9:38 pm: @ Angels
  • Sat Oct 1 9:07 pm: @ Angels
  • Sun Oct 2 4:07 pm: @ Angels
  • Mon Oct 3 7:05 pm: vs Yankees
  • Tue Oct 4 2:05 pm: vs Yankees
  • Tue Oct 4 7:05 pm: vs Yankees
  • Tue Oct 5 TBD: vs Yankees

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