How to Watch the Cincinnati Bengals Game without Cable

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Cincinnati Bengals fans can cut the cord with the assurance that they won’t have to miss any games this season. There are lots of options beyond cable and satellite. We discuss them all below.

In a hurry? If you don’t want to get into the technicalities of streaming services, you’ll do well with any of these:

  • FuboTV: Its 100+ channel line up includes everything you need to watch each Bengals game. Sign-up for a free 7-day trial!
  • DIRECTV STREAM: Move from cable easily with this plan with lots of option. Try it with a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Hulu + Live TV: Add its great on-demand library to 85+ live channels including all the ones that air NFL games. Try it free for a week.

The Cincinnati Bengals have been a team since 1968. Fans got a taste of success in the 1980s, but today the team has struggled quite a bit. Still, fans remain loyal in the hopes that their team will get bring home championship rings soon enough.

If you are a fan of the Bengals, you are most likely looking for a way to watch the Cincinnati Bengals game without cable. Keep reading because we can tell you exactly how to do just that!

Thanks to a host of options, like FuboTV (free 7-day trial) and Hulu Live (free 7-day trial) fans never have to miss a game just because they cut the cord. Below we also list all the services and channels you can use to watch the Cincinnati Bengals online without cable or satellite.

What Channels Offer the Cincinnati Bengals Live Stream?

You will need a variety of local channels to watch the Cincinnati Bengals live stream, including NBC, FOX, and CBS. You also need channels you would previously need cable for including ESPN and NFL Network.

For the local channels, you should be able to use a digital antenna, but for the other channels you’ll need, games air on, you are going to need one of the streaming services listed below. Many of these also come with local channels in most areas.

How to Watch the Cincinnati Bengals without Cable

Two of the most popular ways to watch the Cincinnati Bengals are FuboTV and Hulu Live. These streaming services are a way for those who don’t want to be trapped with an extensive cable contract and excessive cable bill to still watch television shows, events, and sports – including games, like those played by the Cincinnati Bengals, live without cable.

These services also come without contracts and are often much more affordable.

It’s as easy as choosing a service and signing up. From there you’ll be able to connect your device (Roku, Chromecast, mobile devices, and more) using an Internet connection.

That’s all it’ll take to watch the Cincinnati Bengals online without cable! Many of these streaming services allow you to stream from just about anywhere. Now you can watch your favorite games on the go.

Watch the Cincinnati Bengals without Cable on FuboTV

FuboTV NFL on Android
NFL games listed on FuboTV running on an Android phone.

FuboTV is a complete solution to watch the Cincinnati Bengals without cable. This is an amazing service for sports fans in general because it was started with sports in mind.

Today, FuboTV offers over 100 channels with over 35 of them being sports-oriented, an on-demand library, and you can even record your games with the cloud-based DVR that comes with your service.

Here is more info on the service:

  • After the free trial, $64.99 a month for 100+ channels
  • Most locations will give you access to local channels including NBC (Sunday Night Football), FOX, and CBS
  • Get ESPN and NFL Network
  • A top overall option to watch sports online
  • Stream on multiple devices including mobile devices, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV
  • Comes with a cloud-based DVR as well as an on-demand library
  • You can find out more in the FuboTV review.

You can get what you want when it comes to Cincinnati Bengals games without cable using FuboTV. It has almost every channel you need without a costly cable subscription.

Not only will you get access to NFL football, but you will get a wide variety of sporting events and games including regional, state, national, and international sports.

If you want to check out the service for yourself, you can do so during the FuboTV free weeklong trial.

Watch the Cincinnati Bengals Online via Hulu + Live TV

One of the easiest ways to watch the Cincinnati Bengals live stream is Hulu + Live TV. The service comes with 85 channels of live television, the Hulu on-demand service, local channels in most areas, and ESPN, nationwide. It also includes ESPN+ and Disney+!

More on the service below:

If you’re looking for an affordable way to cut the cord Hulu Live offers all that and more. You will get a seemingly endless amount of live and on-demand television content, as well as all the sports games and content you can imagine.

There are multiple options available making the service affordable for most people. Don’t forget, you can always test the service out for yourself during the Hulu Live free 7-day trial!

Other Options to Watch Cincinnati Bengals Online

We’ve just listed two major ways to stream the Cincinnati Bengals without a cable subscription – Hulu Live and FuboTV. These are not the only services, but they are some of the best.

In case you are looking for something else, check out the following services which will also provide you with access to some of the Cincinnati Bengals games you want to watch.

Looking for Info on How to Watch a Certain Team?

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Now that we’ve given you more information about all the streaming services you can use to watch the Cincinnati Bengals live stream without cable, you can decide about the kind of service you want.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and ask. We are happy to help you in any way we can!


Which TV channels do I need to watch the Cincinnati Bengals?

Most Sunday afternoon Cincinnati Bengals games play live on CBS (occasionally, they are on Fox). For Sunday Night Football games, you need NBC. Monday Night Football games air on ESPN. And Thursday Night Football games are currently on NFL Network but starting in 2022, they will be on Amazon Prime.

What radio stations are the Cincinnati Bengals on?

Cincinnati Bengals fans have no shortage of radio channels to listen to the latest games live. The Cincinnati Bengals Radio Network is managed by the franchise and broadcasts to a total of 37 radio stations. Some of the most prominent channels that host Bengals games include ESPN 1530, 102.7 WEBN, and 700 WLW. All of the radio stations that play Bengals games let fans listen in using live streaming apps.

How can I watch the Cincinnati Bengals on my phone?

Most general streaming services (FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV) allow you to watch the Cincinnati Bengals on any smartphone that runs iOS and Android. The NFL app also allows you to watch live and primetime games, but you must have a provider account to access this.

How many championships has the Cincinnati Bengals won?

Unfortunately, the Cincinnati Bengals have never won a championship. Although the Bengals have been around since 1966, they have remained as just one of five NFL teams that have never won any type of championship game. Additionally, the Bengals have not been able to win any playoff games since 1990. Nevertheless, the Bengals continue to invest in new players in hopes of eventually winning a championship.

How do I watch the Cincinnati Bengals game tonight?

The Cincinnati Bengals can be watched live on most of the major television networks in Cincinnati. The local affiliates of CBS (Sunday afternoon), Fox (Sunday afternoon), and NBC (Sunday night) all stream Bengals games live. Additionally, ESPN streams Bengals games on Monday nights. And Thursday night games air on NFL Network. All of these are available from the major streaming services like FuboTV.

How do I record Cincinnati Bengals live games?

Cincinnati Bengals games can be recorded by using a DVR. Most streaming services have an app called Cloud DVR that lets you record almost any football game, including Cincinnati Bengals games. Cloud DVR recordings cannot capture content from ESPN3, but they can record games on other channels that play Bengals games, including ESPN, NBC, CBS, and NFL Network. Once you have recorded a game, you can view it at any time by using your service.

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