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Out-of-Market NFL: Watch Buffalo Bills Football Games From Anywhere Without Cable

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The Buffalo Bills are still in the postseason hunt! Get up-to-date information in our NFL Playoff Guide

Upstate New Yorkers who follow the Bills will likely find them on their local CBS affiliate on Sunday afternoons (when they’re playing). But if you follow the Bills from afar, you likely will have more trouble watching their games. We’ve got all your options below.

In a hurry? If you’re an NFL fan in the US, your only 100% option is YouTube’s NFL Sunday Ticket. But you do have some workarounds for out-of-market NFL games:

  • ExpressVPN: Get the games you want to watch no matter where you are with private browsing and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Fubo: Watch all local and primetime games as well as all the action Sunday afternoon with NFL RedZone. Sign up for a free trial!
  • NFL Sunday Ticket: Available through YouTube and YouTube TV.
  • DAZN Canada is streaming every NFL game live, which means preseason, regular games, playoff games, and of course the Super Bowl.
  • ExpressVPN: Get the games you deserve while securing your privacy. Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • NFL Game Pass: Watch any game live for NFL fans outside the US.

The Buffalo Bills are a popular team and they have been quite strong in recent years. They are notable for never having won a Super Bowl despite winning 4 consecutive AFC championships from 1990 through 1993.

This fun-to-watch franchise fills the seats every week at Highmark Stadium. Fans who reside across the nation may find it hard to view the games, but there are many avenues available now.

This Week’s Buffalo Bills Game

  • No game this week

How Can I Watch the Buffalo Bills Game Out-of-Market?

The NFL makes watching the games fairly easy because each team will only play one game per week. Unlike decades/eras of the past, the entire NFL season is broadcast around the nation. The league can be a bit difficult because regular-season broadcasting is regionalized.

Let’s look at Sunday afternoon games. In most cases and at any given location, TV channels such as Fox and CBS are generally limited to only two broadcasts. Of course, this is wonderful for local fans who are in-market for their respective region because the games will be featured on their local Fox or CBS affiliate. Fans who are in distant regions could be out of luck because they’re not considered as in-market viewers.

For example, it’s highly unlikely that a Buffalo Bills game will be broadcast to viewers in Arizona. Tech advancements have worked wonders to solve this problem, and most professional leagues now offer their own platform for viewing their respective sport.

This includes NBA League Pass for basketball fans and MLB TV for baseball lovers. If you’re into soccer or ice hockey, then ESPN+ is the platform for you because a high number of games for those genres will be broadcast here. NFL Sunday Ticket is a viable option if you’re a Bills fan who live outside of the Buffalo market, but there’s a slight issue.

The issue here is that you’ll need to sign up for YouTube or YouTube TV.

Which Channels Are Showing the Buffalo Bills Football Game Out of Market?

Let’s take a look at the list of options that subscribers have to view out-of-market Bills football games.

1. NFL Sunday Ticket can only be accessed via YouTube and YouTube TV, which requires a subscription. Unfortunately, it is a costly option.

2. NFL+ Premium will provide on-demand access to out-of-market games, but the games are actually replays. If you mind spending $9.99 per month and waiting until the live game is over, then this option isn’t for you. NFL+ Premium does provide live primetime and in-market games via mobile phone as well as out-of-market preseason games.

3. NFL RedZone will broadcast Sunday afternoon games, but they’re shown simultaneously. There are also no out-of-market games here. NFL RedZone is available, but it’s mostly used as a fantasy football resource. The channel focuses on games/ teams whose offense is within the 20-yard line.

4. VPN is a viable option for bringing out-of-market games to your specific region and avoiding blackouts. A VPN lets you connect to your favorite team’s location and stream the games just like in-market viewers.

5. SiriusXM is great for listening to NFL games. This audio platform is similar to NFL+.

6. Friends, Sports bars, etc. are always good options if you don’t want to spend money on a monthly service.

Watch the Bills NFL RedZone

The great thing about this TV streaming service is that it’s available on a wide variety of platforms. You can enjoy NFL RedZone by signing up with Fubo (formerly FuboTV). The pro plan is $79.99/mo monthly, but you’ll also need to get the Sports Plus package (also includes other live sports channels) for an additional $10.99 monthly.

Sign Up for a Free Fubo Trial

Use a VPN to Watch Buffalo Bills Games Out of Market

A virtual private network makes fans appear as though they’re in other regions. While not a direct solution for watching out-of-market games, a VPN can enable viewers to stream games of their favorite team from across the country when configured correctly.

To learn more on how to stream with a VPN, here is our detailed NFL Out-of-Market Game VPN Guide.

Unblock Your Favorite Events & Teams With a VPN

If you can’t watch your favorite events or teams because of your location, a VPN will allow you to get the access you are entitled to, plus extra security and unequaled privacy. Check out our VPN Guide for everything you need to know, including our top pick ExpressVPN.

Get ExpressVPN Today

Other brands worth checking out include Hotspot Shield and CyberGhost.

Devices to Livestream Out-of-Market Buffalo Bills Games

The devices and platforms that are chosen to watch NFL games will depend on the specific service that’s used. This includes devices like Apple TV, Android Mobile, Chromecast via (iPhone/iPad), Amazon Fire TV/Firestick, Roku, and Samsung smart televisions. Gaming devices will also support some of the available platforms.

Roku isn’t supported by VPNs, but you can easily set up a router that’s supported by VPN. Step-by-step instructions are available for all major VPNs.

Wrapping Up

Buffalo Bills fans have options for watching the games if they’re out of market. We recommend YouTube and YouTube TV via NFL Sunday Ticket as the best option, but NFL RedZone via Sling TV or Fubo also ranks high.

Sign Up for a Free Fubo Trial


Are out-of-market Buffalo Bills games available with DIRECTV Stream?

Yes, it is great for watching out-of-market games as well as watching all of the games that are in your viewing area. Remember, both in-market and out-of-market games are available with DIRECTV STREAM. You also can now get NFL RedZone or NFL Network on DIRECTV STREAM.

What radio stations are the Buffalo Bills on?

Buffalo Bills games can be heard on their flagship station WGR 550 AM (SportsRadio), along with WCMF 950 AM or 96.5 FM, WIII 99.9 AM/100.3 FM, WVIN 98.3 FM, and other region-specific stations. You can also stream radio feeds of the games online through WGR 550 AM on Audacy, NFL+ or NFL+ Premium (US only), and Sirius XM NFL Radio.

Do Buffalo Bills games sell out?

Buffalo Bills games have been reported to sell out on some occasions. However, game sell-out status no longer affects local fans as the NFL does not impose the blackout rule anymore. As a result, viewers can continue to watch all games without any hassles. For games that are sold out, fans can stream the action through streaming services, NFL Sunday Ticket, and other options covered above.

Besides the Buffalo Bills, how do I watch out-of-market games?

You’ll find everything you need to know about any NFL team on HotDog. Just start with our main NFL page and branch out from there. We cover everything from the preseason to the draft as well as every game throughout the season, all the way through the Super Bowl.

We’ve got individual viewer’s guides for watching out-of-market NFL games for each team:

AFC East AFC North AFC South AFC West
Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans Denver Broncos
Miami Dolphins Cincinnati Bengals Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs
New England Patriots Cleveland Browns Jacksonville Jaguars Los Angeles Chargers
New York Jets Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans Las Vegas Raiders
NFC East NFC North NFC South NFC West
Dallas Cowboys Chicago Bears Atlanta Falcons Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers Los Angeles Rams
Philadelphia Eagles Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints San Francisco 49ers
Washington Commanders Minnesota Vikings Tampa Bay Buccaneers Seattle Seahawks

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