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Stream Whelen Euro Series Online Without Cable

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Are you ready for thrilling racing at the 2023 Whelen Euro Series? The NASCAR races will commence on May 6-7 in Spain, starting with the opening race on Circuit Ricardo Tormo.

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The slogan of NASCAR Whelen Euro Series (NWES) is “Pure racing.” The series stands out because it consists of a cost-effective formula, magnificent cars, impressive sprint races, and no gimmicks.

Success hinges on each team’s ability to finesse the perfect setup, maximizing their car’s potential, while drivers unleash their talent and precision to conquer the track. Every driver enters the arena with an equal opportunity to triumph, making this an unpredictable contest of champions.

Let’s look into the history of the Whelen Euro Series and how it became one of the most spectacular races to watch in Europe. And most of all: how you can watch the action!

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NASCAR Whelen Euro Series -- Autodromo di Monza</a> by <a href=
NASCAR Whelen Euro Series — Autodromo di Monza by Alessandro under CC BY-ND 2.0.

The Euro Series

Whelen Euro Series has changed its name twice; previously called Racecar Euro Series and Euro-Racecar NASCAR. It is NASCAR’s stock car racing series based in Europe.

Jerome Galpin’s family group, Team FJ, launched Racecar Euro Series in June 2008. They had their first race in France. In 2010, FIA approved it as an international series, and it was expanded to include more races in other European countries.

In 2012, team FJ entered into an agreement with NASCAR to sanction the races. The name, therefore, changed from Racecar Euro Series to Euro-Racecar NASCAR. By adopting NASCAR’s rules and standards, it became NASCAR’s racing series in Europe.

The final name change from Euro-Racecar NASCAR to Whelen Euro Series happened in 2013 when Whelen Engineering became the title sponsor through to 2018. Another agreement was signed in 2017 that allowed Whelen Engineering to continue sponsoring the Euro Series until 2024.

There are four brands of cars used during the races:

  • EuroNASCAR FJ 2020
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Ford Mustang
  • Toyota Camry

Drivers are categorized as Gold, Silver, and Bronze and race in different championships according to their categories. Gold drivers are top-tier professionals, Silver drivers are semi-professionals with high-level performances, and Bronze are amateur drivers.

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NWES Championship

There are four categories of championships for the drivers to compete in:

EuroNASCAR Pro Championship

This category is the highest level of racing. Gold, Silver, and Bronze drivers can participate in this championship. The season winner becomes the NWES Champion and gets a place in the NASCAR Hall of Fame inside the Whelen Hall of Champions. The Challenger trophy is awarded to amateur drivers, while the Junior trophy is given to drivers who are 25 years or younger.

EuroNASCAR 2 Championship

Only Silver and Bronze drivers can race in this championship. The Legend trophy is for drivers aged 40 and above. The Rookie trophy is awarded to drivers who are starting out regardless of their age or experience, while women fight for the Lady trophy.

Team Championship

Drivers sharing a car are considered a team. The points scored by them are added together. This applies to both championships, EuroNASCAR Pro and EuroNASCAR 2. The team with the most combined total points wins the team championship.

Club Challenge

The Club Challenge is where beginners and seasoned racers get the opportunity to experience the raw power of V8 engines. This unique event held on Friday mornings, consists of three 30-minute sessions. Drivers participate in a Free Practice session before selecting a reference time for the subsequent two timed trials.

Victory is not based on speed but on accuracy. The winner is the driver who comes closest to their reference time while earning the fewest penalty points for deviations.

How to Live Stream NWES Online

Every year there are six championship rounds and two All-Star events. You can watch the whole race weekend events, from practice to qualifying and even the official race rounds.

For viewers all over the world, there are two ways to watch the races:

  • Whelen Euro Series air the races live on their official social media pages: YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. These platforms have no geo-block restrictions, so you can watch from anywhere for free.
  • The races are also available for all viewers on websites like Motosport.tv. If you would also like to watch motorsports other than Whelen Euro races, this is a good alternative. All you have to do is sign up for $5.99/mo and enjoy ad-free viewing, premium live racing, and 14000+ hours of racing videos.
  • The Motorvision TV app is also available for free. But you need the premium subscription for $4.99/mo to watch the races live.
All about NASCAR Whelen Euro Series

Devices to Watch EuroNASCAR Series

You can watch motorsport.tv directly through their website. It is also supported by Apple TV, Android phones, Chromecast, iPhones, iPad, and tablets.

Motorvision TV app is available for Apple TV, Android phone & tablet, Android TV or Amazon Fire TV, Hisense TV, iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch, Roku devices, Samsung TV, and Vizio TV.

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch all support most devices.

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2023 NASCAR EURO Series Schedule

A race weekend in the Whelen Euro Series runs from Friday to Sunday. Practice takes place on Friday. On Saturday, there are qualifying races, then round-one races for EuroNASCAR Pro and EuroNASCAR 2. On the final day, Sunday, the second-round races for each championship takes place.

Here is the complete schedule with road courses for the season:

  • Mar 4: NASCAR Arctic Ice Race — Rovaniemi — Postponed
  • Mar 5: NASCAR Arctic Ice Race — Rovaniemi — Postponed
  • May 6: NASCAR GP Spain — Valencia NASCAR Fest — Circuit Ricardo Tormo — Liam Hezemans
  • May 7: NASCAR GP Spain — Valencia NASCAR Fest — Circuit Ricardo Tormo — Lucas Lasserre
  • Jun 17: NASCAR GP UK — American SpeedFest X — Brands Hatch Indy Circuit — Gianmarco Ercoli
  • Jun 18: NASCAR GP UK — American SpeedFest X — Brands Hatch Indy Circuit — Gianmarco Ercoli
  • Jul 8: NASCAR GP Italy — American Festival of Rome — Autodromo di Vallelunga — Gianmarco Ercoli
  • Jul 9: NASCAR GP Italy — American Festival of Rome — Autodromo di Vallelunga — Vittorio Ghirelli
  • Aug 26: NASCAR GP Czech Republic — Autodrom Most NASCAR Show — Autodrom Most — Vittorio Ghirelli
  • Aug 27: NASCAR GP Czech Republic — Autodrom Most NASCAR Show — Autodrom Most — Paul Jouffreau
  • Sep 23: NASCAR GP Germany — Motorsport Arena Oschersleben — Paul Jouffreau
  • Sep 24: NASCAR GP Germany — Motorsport Arena Oschersleben — Tobias Dauenhauer
  • Oct 14: NASCAR GP Belgium — EuroNASCAR Finals — Circuit Zolder — Lucas Lasserre
  • Oct 15: NASCAR GP Belgium — EuroNASCAR Finals — Circuit Zolder — Tobias Dauenhauer
  • Nov 11: NASCAR GP Croatia — All-Star Endurance Race — Automotodrom Grobnik
  • Nov 12: Rookie Tests — Automotodrom Grobnik

2023 EURO NASCAR Standings

In the following list, the driver name is followed nationality and total points. In parentheses are the wins, top-5 finishes, and top-10 finishes for the season.

  1. Ercoli Gianmarco (ITA) — 413(3/9/10)
  2. Lasserre Lucas (FRA) — 398(2/6/10)
  3. Ghirelli Vittorio (ITA) — 391(2/8/9)
  4. Kumpen Anthony (BEL) — 388(0/6/10)
  5. Hezemans Liam (NLD) Junior — 384(1/5/8)
  6. Dauenhauer Tobias (DEU) Junior — 378(2/5/8)
  7. Delsaux Ulysse (FRA) Junior — 345(0/0/9)
  8. Doubek Martin (CZE) — 341(0/3/4)
  9. Jouffreau Paul (FRA) Junior — 330(2/6/7)
  10. Maggi Giorgio (CHE) Junior — 323(0/2/6)
  11. Tziortzis Vladimiros (CYP) Junior — 322(0/3/6)
  12. Armetta Fabrizio (ITA) Chal — 289(0/0/3)
  13. Bleekemolen Sebastiaan (NLD) — 310(0/3/6)
  14. Krasonis Thomas (GRC) Junior — 289(0/0/3)
  15. Toffel Thomas (CHE) Chal — 266(0/0/1)
  16. Goossens Marc (BEL) — 262(0/2/6)
  17. Romagnoli Riccardo (ITA) Chal — 261(0/0/3)
  18. Caso Dario (ITA) Chal — 204(0/0/0)
  19. Dombrowski Thomas (FRA) Junior — 204(0/0/0)
  20. Lanza Massimiliano (ITA) Chal — 174(0/0/0)
  21. Lambert Neo (FRA) Junior — 160(0/0/1)
  22. Vargas Ryan (USA) Junior — 150(0/0/2)
  23. Sokolovskiy Yevgen (UKR) Chal — 122(0/0/0)
  24. Deodhar Advait (IND) Chal — 104(0/0/1)
  25. Pontinen Tuomas (FIN) Junior — 103(0/0/2)
  26. Gabillon Frederic (FRA) — 101(0/1/3)
  27. Loibnegger Alina (AUT) Chal — 98(0/0/0)
  28. Laureti Simone (ITA) Chal — 75(0/0/0)
  29. Dorcikova Michaela (SVK) Chal — 72(0/0/0)
  30. Attianese Stefano (ITA) — 71(0/0/0)
  31. Ercoli Mario (NC) (ITA) Junior — 68 (0/0/0)
  32. Davidson Jack (GBR) Junior — 48(0/0/1)
  33. Miura Kenko (JPN) Chal — 45(0/0/0)
  34. Panagiotis Yannick (FRA) Chal — 40(0/0/0)
  35. Balisteri Cesare (ITA) Chal — 35(0/0/0)
  36. Fleury Hugo (FRA) Chal — 34(0/0/0)
  37. Ellis Matthew (GBR) –34(0/0/0)
  38. Gomes Miguel (PRT) Chal — 31(0/0/0)
  39. Lenz Christoph (CHE) Chal — 10(0/0/0)

Wrapping Up

There are several ways to watch Whelen Euro series races live. The best part is that all races throughout the season are accessible to viewers all over the world, so you won’t miss the race.

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Why was the Arctic Ice Race postponed?

At the start of March, from the 4th through to the 5th, a non-points race was scheduled as the season opener in Rovaniemi, Finland. Unfortunately, on January 10th, it was announced that the NASCAR Arctic Ice Race was postponed due to global supply chain issues.

Who are the defending champions in 2023?

Alon Day is the current reigning EuroNASCAR Pro race champion, while Liam Hezemans is the EuroNASCAR 2 champion. Hezemans will be moving up to the EuroNASCAR PRO division, so he will not be defending his title this year, but Alon will have the opportunity to defend his title. Last year’s team championship winner was Hendriks Motorsport (Tobias Dauenhauer and Liam Hezemans).

What were the 2022 EuroNASCAR PRO Final Standings?

The 2022 EuroNASCAR Pro final standings and total points are as follows:

  1. Alon Day — 425
  2. Alexander Graff — 405
  3. Gianmarco Ercoli — 393
  4. Nicolò Rocca — 374
  5. Giorgio Maggi — 357

The 2022 EuroNASCAR 2 final standings and total points are as follows:

  1. Liam Hezemans — 453
  2. Alberto Naska — 444
  3. Vladimiros Tziortzis — 388
  4. Martin Doubek — 386
  5. Ulysse Delsaux — 367

The 2022 EuroNASCAR Teams championship final standings and points are:

  1. Hendriks Motorsport (Dauenhauer & Hezemans) — 836
  2. Hendriks Motorsport (Doubek/Doubek) — 779
  3. PK Carsport (Day & Kumpen/Malcharek) — 769
  4. Team Bleekemolen (S. Bleekemolen/de Groot & M. Bleekemolen) — 769
  5. Academy Motorsport (Lemarié/Tziortzis)– 756

How can I watch other motorsports online?

We have comprehensive details for you on how to watch all other motorsports in the list below:

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Borja Garcia after winning the second Elite 1 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series race in 2017 at Raceway Venray by Poppo154 under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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