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How to Watch the NASCAR Mexico Series Online without Cable

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The NASCAR Mexico Series is back for 2024. For fans in the US, it is hard to watch but we’ve gathered all the information we could find below.

In a hurry? Watch NASCAR Mexico Series races live on Claro Sports and Fox Sports Mexico in Latin America.

Upcoming Mexico Series Races This Week


Mexico Series

The NASCAR Mexico Series is a yearly stock car racing season held throughout the country. It is one of the three international NASCAR racing series that takes place every year in Mexico. The other two are the Pinty’s Series (Canada) and Whelen Euro Series (Europe).

NASCAR and the entertainment group called OCESA joined to establish Desafio Corona in 2004. They have presented auto racing every year since 2004 except in 2016 when the race was suspended. The series’ organizers supported the Formula One Mexican Grand Prix.

In 2006, the series was named NASCAR Mexico Corona Series, and in 2012, Toyota named the series NASCAR Toyota Series. Later in 2017, the series continued but with a new sponsor, PEAK Antifreeze. Therefore the races were renamed NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series through 2022. They appear to have no sponsor at this time.

NASCAR Mexico Series has used 14 tracks during the races, primarily oval short tracks but also a road course and some other configurations. The races take place on oval tracks in Chihuahua and Mexico City.

The series has given rise to some outstanding drivers over the years. Some Mexico Series drivers have participated in the Xfinity and Truck series. Only two drivers, Jorge Geoters and Daniel Suarez have participated in Cup Series.

The series has become quite popular in Mexico and there have been Xfinity Series races that took place in Mexico City.

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Streaming Mexico Series Races

The Mexico Series has about a dozen races in a year. The series is not well-covered in the United States. In the past, a race here and there has aired on NBC Universo. But we don’t know of any races that will air in the US this year.

There are good options in Mexico, however. You can watch the races on Claro Sports and Fox Sports Mexico.

Claro TV is a streaming service that offers news, shows, channel, and sports viewing for Latin America. You can subscribe to Claro and watch the races on Fox Sports Mexico.

2024 NASCAR Mexico Series Schedule

This year the Series race will have 12 races from March to November. These dates should include qualifying races. Below is the detailed schedule for the races:

  • Sun Feb 4 : KING TACO LA BATALLA EN EL COLISEO — Memorial Coliseum de Los Ángeles — Daniel Suárez
  • Sun Mar 24 : SAN LUIS POTOSÍ — Súper Óvalo Potosino — Ruben Garcia Jr.
  • Sun Apr 14 : CHIAPAS — Súper Óvalo Potosino — Abraham Calderon
  • Sat May 4 : CHIHUAHUA 240 — El Dorado Speedway — Xavi Razo
  • Sat May 25 : MONTERREY — Monterrey Autodrome — Xavi Razo
  • Sun Jun 9 : AGUASCALIENTES — Óvalo Aguascalientes México — Andrés Pérez de Lara
  • Sun Jul 7 : PUEBLA — Autódromo Miguel E. Abed
  • Sun Jul 21 : SLP / GDL
  • Sun Aug 11 : QUERÉTARO — Autódromo Querétaro
  • Sun Sep 1 : AGUASCALIENTES — Óvalo Aguascalientes México
  • Sat Sep 21 : CHIHUA / GDL
  • Sun Oct 13 : PUEBLA — Autódromo Miguel E. Abed
  • Sun Nov 10 : CDMX — Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez

2024 Challenge Series Schedule

  • Sun Mar 24 : SAN LUIS POTOSI — Potosino Super Oval — Eloy Sebastian
  • Sun Apr 14 : CHIAPAS — Chiapas Super Oval — Andrik Dimayuga
  • Sat May 4 : CHIHUAHUA 240 — El Dorado Speedway — Andrik Dimayuga
  • Sun May 25 : MONTERREY — Monterrey Autodrome — Koke de la Parra
  • Sun Jun 9 : AGUASCALIENTES — Oval Aguascalientes Mexico — Andrés Pérez de Lara
  • Sun Jun 9 : AGUASCALIENTES — Oval Aguascalientes Mexico — Andrés Pérez de Lara — Andrik Dimayuga
  • Sun Jul 7 : PUEBLA — Miguel E. Abed Racecourse
  • Sun Jul 21 : SLP/GDL
  • Sun Aug 11 : I WILL LOVE IT — Querétaro Autodrome
  • Sun Sep 1 : AGUASCALIENTES — Oval Aguascalientes Mexico
  • Sat Sep 21 : CHIHUA / GDL
  • Sun Oct 13 : PUEBLA — Miguel E. Abed Racecourse
  • Sun Nov 10 : CDMX — Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome

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Wrapping Up

The Mexico Series is one of the three most exciting international race series outside the United States. The series is packed with lots of action and incredible drivers.


Who were the winners of the 2023 Mexico series races?

Here are the complete results of the 2023 NASCAR Mexico Series:

  • Sun Mar 26 : LOS CABOS 200 — Súper Óvalo Chiapas — Xavier Razo
  • Sun Apr 16 : COMMSCOPE 200 — Potosino Super Oval — Salvador de Alba Jr.
  • Sat May 13 : CHIHUAHUA 240 — El Dorado Speedway — Ruben Garcia Jr.
  • Sun May 28 : QUERÉTARO 140 — Autódromo Ecocentro de Querétaroo — Jake Cosio
  • Sun Jun 11 : EL GIGANTE DE MÉXICO ( — Óvalo Aguascalientes México — Salvador de Alba Jr
  • Sun Jul 9 : GRAN PREMIO RED COLA 2023 — Autódromo Miguel E. Abed — Salvador de Alba Jr
  • Sun Jul 29 : GRAN PREMIO ARZYZ — Autódromo Monterrey– Rubén García Jr.
  • Sun Aug 13 : SAN LUIS POTOSÍ 200 — Super Ovalo Potosino — Rubén García Jr.
  • Sun Sep 10 : EL GIGANTE DE MÉXICO — Óvalo Aguascalientes México — Julio Rejon
  • Sun Sep 23 : CHIHUAHUA — El Dorado Speedway — Max Gutierrez
  • Sun Oct 22 : PUEBLA — Autódromo Internacional Miguel E. Abed — Julio Rejon
  • Sun Nov 12 : Ciudad de Mexico — Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez — Abraham Calderón

Salvador de Alba was the Mexico Series champion in 2023. Here were the final standings:

  1. Salvador de Alba — 3 wins, 444 points
  2. Germán Quiroga — 0 wins, 433 points
  3. Rubén García Jr. — 3 wins, 416 points
  4. Andrés Pérez de Lara — 0 wins, 394 points
  5. Max Gutiérrez — 1 win, 407 points
  6. Abraham Calderón — 1 win, 380 points
  7. Julio Rejón — 2 wins, 377 points
  8. Xavi Razo — 1 wins, 363 points
  9. Jake Cosío — 1 win, 357 points
  10. Rogelio López — 0 wins, 353 points
  11. Santiago Tovar — 0 wins, 350 points
  12. Enrique Baca — 0 wins, 350 points
  13. Rubén Rovelo — 0 wins, 318 points
  14. Juan Manuel González — 0 wins, 310 points
  15. Miji Dörbecker — 0 wins, 282 points
  16. Jorge Goeters — 0 wins, 276 points
  17. José Luis Ramírez — 0 wins, 272 points
  18. Irwin Vences — 0 wins, 251 points
  19. Rubén Pardo — 0 wins, 239 points
  20. Omar Jurado — 0 wins, 204 points
  21. Héctor Aguirre — 0 wins, 59 points

How can I watch other motorsports apart from the Mexico series?

Here is a complete guide on how you can watch all other races throughout the year.

Image cropped from NASCAR Corona Series by Victor Pineda under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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