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How to watch the 2023 Womens FIFA World Cup in Turkey

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Turkey’s women’s national team has been struggling and is ranked as #23. However, despite failures by its national team, this sport remains highly popular in this country of 85 million, and fans of it there are expected to watch the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in high numbers.

TV Channels to Watch This Sport’s Greatest Event in Turkey

The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation – TRT – owns the rights to broadcast Women’s World Cup matches in Turkey. This is the country’s national broadcaster.

The vast majority of this competition’s matches will be shown on TRT 1, which became the first network available in Turkey on a national basis when it was launched in 1971. For the first three days of the competition, it will show six of its eight games with the only exceptions being the ones at 10 p.m. local time, the last matches of the second and third days. However, TRT 1 is broadcasting all of them in the immediate days that follow.

Those two exceptions in the early days and possibly some later matches, especially when they are being played simultaneously in the latter days of the group stage, will be shown on TRT Spor, one of Turkey’s publicly broadcasted sports-focused networks.

Other possibilities of channels that may show matches in this competition include TRT 2 and TRT Spor Yildiz.

How to Stream These Matches in Turkey

All of these channels are freely streamed at the following links with no login information required:

TRT 1 – TRTIzle.com/canli/tv/TRT-1
TRT Spor – TrtIzle.com/canli/tv/TRT-Spor
TRT 2 – TrtIzle.com/canli/tv/Trt-2
TRT Spor Yildiz – Trtizle.com/canli/tv/Trt-Spor-Yildiz

Note that, generally speaking, these streams are available worldwide. However, when the streams are showing sports events, they are often blocked outside of Turkey. This is also sometimes true for non-sports programming, depending on what it is and the rights that are associated with it.

Regardless, its streams of Women’s World Cup matches will not be available to those with non-Turkish IP addresses.

Although these streams are your only options if you are looking for Turkish-language commentary with the broadcasts, you should be able to access streams in a local language wherever you are in the world. Those in the US could consider streaming services such as Sling TV and FuboTV to enjoy this event.

What Devices Support Women’s World Cup Streaming in Turkey?

The above streams are easily accessible through iOS and Android mobile devices as well as laptops and desktop computers. Note that you can easily stream these channels on your mobile devices without using an app.

Women’s FIFA World Cup 2023 Schedule

This event begins with the host country, New Zealand taking on Norway at . The group stage will be played on a daily basis through August 3 with the round of 16 immediately following, from August 5-8. The final is scheduled for August 20.

During the winter months, including right now, Turkey is eight hours ahead of the US East Coast. Conversely, it is seven hours ahead in the summer due to the nation not observing daylight saving time.

What to Know Before You Go

Although this country may not be participating in this competition, Turks’ love of this sport will result in high viewership numbers for each of its matches as they tune into TRT 1 and TRT Spor to catch all of the action.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Viewer’s Guides Outside the US

For more information on watching matches in different areas, see our World Cup VPN Guide.

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