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DAZN Canada: Easy Way to Stream Live & On-Demand Sports Online Without Cable

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What options are there for sports fans in Canada to cut the cord? New services are popping up all over the place to give fans a much broader range of things to watch, even in the Great White North.

A more recent streaming service on the market makes it much easier to watch sports online in Canada. It’s called DAZN (pronounced “Da Zone”) and it launched for Canadian audiences in 2017, even before it appeared in the U.S.

In a hurry? Perhaps you already know enough details about DAZN. If that’s the case, you can sign up for a $29.99/mo CAD monthly DAZN subscription with no contract today, or opt-in for the discounted annual plan.

But what is DAZN Canada? How much does it cost? What sports can you watch on it? Check out our DAZN Canada review below.

What is DAZN Canda?

DAZN Canada is an online streaming service offering both live and on-demand sports. That’s it, just sports.

DAZN Canada is one of the few ways to watch Soccer from around the world, American Football, basketball, and more, all streaming without cable. It also features access to combat sports like boxing and MMA fights.

Right now, DAZN Canada is the best way to watch sports online. There are also DAZN services in other countries, like the US, Japan, Brazil, and a couple of European regions. It’s a great value for Canadian sports fans who don’t have access to a lot of sports content online.

DAZN Canada costs $29.99/mo (CAD) or $199.99/yr (CAD) for the annual plan. The annual plan gives you access to content throughout the year without worrying about monthly billing and saves you close to 50% per year.

How To Sign Up For DAZN Canada

To use DAZN Canada as an online streaming service, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection, a DAZN Canada subscription, and a supported streaming device.

Here are some things you should know:

  1. Sign up for DAZN
  2. You will pay $29.99/mo (CAD) or get the annual plan for just $199.99/yr (CAD)
  3. No contract, so cancel any time
  4. Watch DAZN on your computer or use the DAZN app on connected devices
  5. Check out the on-demand library of sports and commentary
  6. Check the live sports schedule to see what’s coming up
  7. Enjoy live access to all kinds of sports from American Football to Bowling and everything in between

DAZN Canada can work right on your computer through a web browser. Or, you can download the DAZN app on your smartphone or streaming players. It also works on streaming players and some Smart TVs.

dazn home

Once you subscribe, DAZN Canada is easy to use. Sign in to your account, browse the content, and choose something to watch.

DAZN Canada Features

DAZN Canada has been around for a couple of years so it’s pretty established with features and compatibility.

Some highlights of DAZN Canada include:

  • International Sports Coverage – Whether you love Baseball or Cricket, American Football or Soccer, or even darts, there is something for you to watch from anywhere in the world, all the time.
  • Live & On-Demand – Most of the sports coverage can be viewed both live and on-demand. That means you can watch a match or fight over again or at your own convenience.
  • All-in-One – There is no Pay Per View features for events like big combat sports matches that most people will be expected to pay for separately.
  • No Contract – DAZN is non-contract. You pay month to month and are free to cancel at any time.
  • Broad Device Compatibility – DAZN works on most of your favorite devices including your computer, smart phones and tablets, and dedicated streaming devices like Roku. You can also watch directly on your computer. See the full list of devices.

Sports Coverage On DAZN Canada

What sports can you actually watch on DAZN Canada? Probably the biggest thing included with DAZN Canada is the equivalent of NFL Game Pass International. That means you can watch whatever NFL games you want — regular season and playoffs.

Sports also include:

We also expect DAZN Canada to continue to expand their sports programming. We will keep this DAZN review and our US DAZN review updated regularly.

DAZN Sports Coverage (International)

In addition to Canada, DAZN is also available in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Japan, Brazil, and the U.S.

what's on dazn

The service in the U.S. is primarily focused on Combat Sports but the service is expected to expand. The company already has rights to dozens of sports and broadcasts in nine countries.

DAZN Canada is a monthly subscription service that costs just $29.99/mo (CAD). Or you can subscribe annually for $199.99/yr (CAD).

Supported Devices

DAZN supports many different kinds of streaming devices. If you have one of these in your pocket or home, you can tune into DAZN right away.

Here’s the list of supported devices, though you should refer to DAZN’s website for specific model requirements:

  • Mobile Devices: Amazon Fire tablet, Android phones and tablets, Apple phones and tablets
  • TVs and TV Devices: Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku TV, Vizio TV, XFinity, Cox
  • Gaming Consoles: Playstation 4 and 4 Pro, Playstation 5, Xbox One Series, Xbox X and S Series

DAZN Alternatives

If DAZN is not for you, here are some potential alternative online streaming services.

  • FuboTV: Focused primarily on sports channels but includes a mix with DVR and multiple screens for as little as $18.33/mo CAD. Find out more in our FuboTV review.
  • Paramount+: Includes lots of sports for $5.99/mo CAD with a free 7-day trial. See our Paramount+ review for more information.
  • Sportsnet NOW: A variety of US-based sports for $14.99 CAD/mo.
  • TSN Direct: Extensive sports programming for $7.99/da CAD, $19.99/mo CAD, or $199.00/yr CAD.

Wrapping Up

DAZN is a great service regardless of where you live but it is definitely a good deal in Canada. Give it a try!

Sign Up for DAZN today!


Is DAZN Canada Worth It?

For a quick recap of our DAZN Canada review, let’s summarize the benefits:

  • Affordable price either monthly ($29.99/mo CAD) or annually ($199.99/yr CAD)
  • No contract, cancel any time
  • Exclusive Canadian coverage of many popular sports
  • Live and on-demand options
  • Broad range of supported deviices.

Is DAZN worth it? Well, that’s your call. For Canadian sports fans, it’s the easiest way to get access to a variety of international sports, so it’s a great deal to watch what you want and when you want.

Does DAZN Canada offer English Premier League matches?

From 2014 through the 2021-22 season, DAZN Canada streamed all the English Premier League matches. Starting in the 2022-23 season, FuboTV Canada took over the contract, which they will hold through the 2024-25 season. That is the soonest that DAZN Canada might regain streaming rights.

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DAZN has lost coverage of English football (soccer), English rugby and all cricket. They have raised their price to $24.99 per month, and do not offer refunds of unused portions of an annual subscription, even when they lose critical coverage. Buyer beware.

DAZN is no longer useful for UK sports coverage.

Thanks for noticing that! I’ll update it.

Note, if Premiere League is important to you, FuboTV Canada is where you should go. They have exclusive rights through the 2024-25 season. The cost is $20CAD/mo or $150CAD/yr.

PAC 12 doesn’t seems available anymore. Do you know anything about this? thanks

I haven’t seen any announcements. DAZN Canada entered into a deal with Pac-12 back in 2018 but I don’t think they ever covered all events. Currently, the only Pac-12 activity is soccer and none of these matches seem to be streamed on DAZN. But I would wait until the end of the month to say more. Of course, if soccer is what you want to watch, it doesn’t look like DAZN Canada is streaming any of it.

I want to. renew my contract by making the annual payment starting in July.What do I do to complete the annual contract? I do NOT want to pay monthly.Your help would be VERY much appreciated.I have repeatedly tried to contact someone at Dazn but I have failed.Hopefully someone will contact me.Thank you.

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