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Disney+ Already Looks Unstoppable After Reporting Its First Subscriber Totals

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Disney+ has already totalled more than 28.6 million subscribers as of Monday, February 3, just three months after its launch.

No matter where you fall along The Mandalorian love-hate spectrum, it can’t be denied that Disney+ has burst onto the streaming scene like no other streaming service start up has.

It’s true it can be difficult to call Disney’s powerhouse streaming service a “start up” due to the fact that it arrived on Day 1 with a huge library full of proven titles and a slew of hotly-expected new properties, but the fact remains that Disney+ is just three months in and has already built one of the fastest-growing subscriber bases on the streaming market.

According to new data out this week, Disney+ has already totaled close to 30 million subscribers. Can Disney+ be stopped?

If it keeps cranking out hits like The Mandalorian and merchandising gold mines like that adorably sassy Baby Yoda, no. No it can’t. That Baby Yoda is a star in the making.

When Disney+ debuted, analysts on Wall Street predicted that the service would grow quickly, but the streaming service has already surpassed everyone’s expectations – including its own. According to figures reported by Disney CEO Bob Iger this week in a company earnings call, Disney+ has already totaled more than 28.6 million subscribers as of Monday, February 3. 10 million of those were already signed up when Disney+ launched on November 12, 2019, but this marks the first time that Disney has publicly revealed its current subscriber totals since launch.

While close to 30 million subscribers in three months is pretty stellar news for Disney shareholders, the upstart streaming service still has quite a ways to go before it can compete for number one. Netflix, by comparison, currently boasts 167 million paid subscribers worldwide, but has years’ worth of a head start on Disney+.

For their part, Disney predicts that Disney+ will have between 60 million and 90 million subscribers by 2024, at which point it will finally break even. Can Disney+ keep the growth going long enough for the gamble pay off? Check out our Disney+ review and judge for yourself.

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