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Netflix Review: Can It Replace Cable? Cost, Plans, Content & Devices Explained

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Netflix is the biggest streaming service in the world with over a quarter billion subscribers. It is also one of the leading content creators with original movies and series that are both award-winning in popular.

Read on to learn more about this essential service!

Netflix offers a large selection of media catering to a range of tastes. Although it is best known for offering the latest blockbusters produced by the biggest studios in Hollywood — including itself. But it also offers a number of American television shows aimed at people of all ages and all tastes.

Similarly, subscribers to Netflix can also watch documentaries, animated series, and even foreign movies on demand.

Netflix Plan Info

Subscriptions to Netflix start at $6.99 a month. In return, subscribers have unlimited access to the movies, TV shows, and other media that can be streamed through Netflix.

There are three plans:

  • Standard With Ads: Costs $6.99/mo and allows users to watch in full HD on up to two devices at the same time. This plan is ad-supported.
  • Standard: Costs $15.49/mo and is the same as the Standard With Ads plan but there are no commercials and you can add extra members (see below).
  • Premium: Costs $22.99/mo and is the same as the Standard plan but with Ultra HD and streaming on up to four devices at once.

Extra Member Slots

Netflix allows subscribers to add extra members to their two ad-free plans. For $7.99/mo extra, another person in a different location can watch Netflix with their own account.

Extra members have their own account and password, but their membership is paid for by the person who invited them to share their Netflix account.


Netflix Devices

Since Netflix is an Internet-based service, it can be accessed through almost any computing device so long as it has access to the Internet. For example, almost all modern computers can access Netflix through the internet with a web browser.

Netflix is also accessible through a range of diverse hardware that range from video game consoles to home entertainment systems. Here is a list of the general devices the Netflix app will run on.

  • Amazon Fire TV/Stick
  • Amazon Fire Tablet
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Hisense Smart TVs
  • iOS (iPhone or iPad)
  • LG Smart TVs
  • Panasonic Smart TVs
  • Philips Smart TVs
  • PlayStation Gaming Consoles
  • Roku TV/Stick
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Sharp Smart TVs
  • Sony Smart TVs
  • TCL Smart TVs
  • Vestel Smart TVs
  • Vizio Smart TVs
  • Windows Tablet
  • Xbox Gaming Consoles
  • Web Browsers

Netflix Movie List

Netflix’s streaming library is vast. It normally offers thousands of titles. But it is complicated because of the licensing agreements in different countries. From Movies to TV Shows to  Education Cartoons, Netflix provides a complete solution that everyone in your family can enjoy. You will never run out quality content!

Netflix provides a user-friendly search menu that allows you to quickly find a movie or TV show that interests you. To dive even deeper into Netflix’s Database check out the Instant Watch Database. This tool allows you to filter by genre, availability, star rating, video quality, release year, and maturity rating.

Netflix as a Cable TV Alternative

In short, Streaming Video is the future of TV and Netflix is an excellent cable TV alternative because it has a number of advantages in comparison.

First, it is cheap. Second, its selection is excellent and ever-growing, managing to cater to a range of tastes and customers. Third, Netflix is convenient. Its subscribers can access the services from almost anywhere using almost any computing device with access to the Internet.

Finally, Netflix subscribers have ultimate control over their viewing experience, something that cannot be said for cable subscribers.


Can I watch live TV on Netflix?

Netflix does not offer any live TV. Nor does it offer on-demand access to recently aired live TV like Hulu does. However, Netflix offers many of its own original series, which it releases a season at a time. Like other on-demand services like Amazon Prime Video Netflix has begun to provide some live sports, which is likely to increase over time.

What happened to Netflix during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic was very good for Netflix. But not at first. On the day WHO declared the pandemic, Netflix was worth $153 billion. The company sunk to a low $131 billion on March 16th, which was the day the stock market hit its bottom.

However, after that, as states began to issue Stay Home orders, streaming boomed. And as streaming hours increased, Netflix’s value skyrocketed to $192.52 billion as of April 16, 2020. That’s about a 25% increase since the day WHO declared the pandemic.

It reached a peak in late 2021, but disappointing earnings and subscription losses have reduced the company’s total value down to roughly $100 billion — lower than it had been for years. But since then, the stock has done quite well.

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4 replies on “Netflix Review: Can It Replace Cable? Cost, Plans, Content & Devices Explained

I agree with Rick. As a parent, we would like websites to exert efforts in putting parental filters in the content they provide their viewers or in this case, subscribers. I know Netflix does not show Porn but some of the biggest blockbuster movies in recent times have issues with violence. I would like to preserve my child’s childhood as much as I can and let him watch as much cartoons while he can because I know when he grows up, parental control may be a little tricky. Just my two cents!

What I particularly love about Netflix is its user-friendly interface. Some providers I have tried in the past (I won’t drop names) have websites that are hard to maneuver (If you know what I mean). As for Netflix, even my 8-year old daughter is having a breeze finding her favorite cartoons. I am not sure if it has already been installed though but I was hoping they would add a parental screen feature so my daughter can only watch parent-approved movies and TV shows. I know it does not really matter to an 8-year old but she is growing and the risks involved with internet streaming is growing each day!

Hi Rick – Netflix does offer a “Just for Kids” Section. What I normally do is set my daughter up with a laptop and pre-select the Just for Kids tab. Then she is allowed to pick any cartoon that she wants to watch. I love this options because i dont have to worry about the program being too adult for her. Additionally i dont have to worry about harmful commercials. I cant stand it when we are watching a kids movie OTA and a commercial comes up for a R rated movie. Its like what the heck? Is no one governing what commercials are shown when? Anyway thanks for reaching out and please check back in with us to let us know if you find any other programming options for kids.

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