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7 Netflix Hacks Everyone Must Know for the Best Streaming Experience

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Get the Most out of Netflix with these Easy to use Tricks and Tips

Without a doubt, Netflix has been a game changing streaming service that has almost single handedly ushered in the cord cutting revolution itself. Almost everyone you know has a Netflix subscription or is borrowing a subscription from someone else; and there’s a good reason for that. Netflix is easy to use, fast, and it boasts one of the widest collections available.

But as great as the default experience of Netflix is, you can vastly improve your Netflix viewing with a few simple tricks, hacks and add-ons. Let’s take a look at a few of them!

1. Netflix Keyboard shortcuts

If you’re watching Netflix on your computer, which a lot of us do, it can be a hassle to fumble around with the mouse or track pad while watching a movie. To make the experience a little more seamless, here’s a list of shortcuts that will save you clicks, time, and frustration:

  • Mute – M key
  • Volume – Up and Down arrow keys
  • Fast Forward/Rewind – Left or Right arrow keys
  • Toggle Pause/Play – Space or Enter key
  • Full Screen – F key
  • Change Bit-rate – Hold Ctrl-Shift-Alt and press the S key.

2. Netflix Enhancement Suite


There is a really great Chrome extension out there called the Netflix Enhancement Suite and it makes a great browser add-on for any Netflix users. This little apps merges IMDB profiles, Rotten Tomatoes rating, and movie trailers into the Netflix experience so you can search and find the perfect movie in record time.

3. Netflix Roulette

Netflix Roulette

If you’re not quite sure what to watch, then the website Netflix Roulette will be perfect for you. This website is dedicated to giving you a random Netflix title based on any number of filters; such as genre, rating, director, or specific keywords. You can also just hit spin and see what you get without any filter. When you find the title you like you can click on it and BAM you’re already watching it. Trust me when I say you’ll have a lot of fun with this one.

4. Manage your Netflix Profile

Are your Netflix recommendations a little dry? Tired of seeing the same title over and over again? Then odds are you’ll need to do a little Netflix account management. While Netflix may make recommendations based on what you watch, the best way to get accurate recommendations is by rating the titles you watch.

Another thing you can do is go online, log into your Netflix account, and go to Taste Preferences where you’ll have a list of titles that you can go through and rate. That should make it much easier to find the perfect movie or show without having to slough through all the direct-to-DVD titles.

5. Can I Stream It

If you are trying to find out if a certain movie is available on Netflix (or any other streaming service for that matter) CanIstream.it offers a robust search engine that provides details on every streaming service known to man, and and allows you to search for a title across all platforms. For a full list of Online Streaming Tools, check out our “Online TV Channels” page.

Can I Stream It - Honey I shrunk the kids

6. Common Sense Media

Not sure if the  movie you are about to watch is appropriate for the little ones? We all know that the standards for movie ratings have changed substantially over the years. What use to be PG13, is now PG. And what use to be PG is now G. So it is more important then ever to be mindful of what you allow your children to watch. To solve for this problem I am consistently using CommonSensMedia.com – which provides detailed age requirements for every movie you can think of. To learn more read “Common Sense Media Rates, Educates, and Advocates for Kids, Families, and Schools“.

Honey I shrunk the kids

7. FlixFindr

Last but certainly not least, we have FlixFindr.com. If you dont know what to watch, but do have a list of requirements in mind, this site allows you to search for titles by Tomatometer, MPPA Rating, Year, and Genre. Want an R rated Comedy, that got great reviews on Rotten Tomato & was released in the last 10 years? BAM here is your list:


Bonus. Hidden Netflix Codes

Thought we were done? Well here is one more bonus Netflix Hack. There is a hidden list of Netflix Codes that when used can unlock countless hidden genres and movies.

Through the utilization of this list, Netflix offers an immense amount of categories that greatly surpass the standard options like Drama, Horror, Action, Romance etc… The only trick is you need to know where to find these hidden categories, and how to use them.

This Netflix Hack was originally discovered by a Netflix guru “Brian Hernandez” of What’s on Netflix.

Here is how it works:

  1. Login to Netflix
  2. Type this url into your browser:  https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/***
  3.  Find a genre below, that interests you
  4.  Replace the *** with the corresponding code

As an example, do you love Classic Westerns? Just plug in: 47464.99. Do you prefer Political Comedies? No problem, use code 2700. The full list is available here.

With these few simple tricks you can drastically change the quality of your Netflix experience. Whether you want something a little more seamless, a better way to search, or more content; there’s always a way to squeeze some more enjoyment out of Netflix and I expect it to stay that way for years to come.

Have any Netflix tips to share? Sound off in the comments below or send us a tweet!

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