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Netflix Has 32 of IMDb’s Top 250 Movies, Beating Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO

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Over the last few years, Netflix has shifted its focus to producing original content in unprecedented quantities. This is largely due to the fact that it saw the writing on the wall early on–new streaming services would eventually come to market as the television landscape began to morph from the traditional pay-TV model. As a result, licensing existing content would become more competitive, and thus, more expensive.

Along the way, Netflix has become known for its original shows such as Stranger Things, House of Cards, GLOW, and others–becoming one of the top Emmy winners. In fact, a recent report shows that of the top 20 streamed shows of 2019, only one was not on Netflix.

However, what Netflix hasn’t really been known for is the quality of its original movies. In fact, they’ve gained the reputation of being pretty mediocre, largely in part to a slate of bad Adam Sandler and Will Smith movies (although admittedly, the reputation has been changing thanks to home runs like The Irishman). Meanwhile, the overall size of the movie library has been shrinking.

So between seemingly mediocre originals, and increased competition for licensing rights to popular movies, it may seem that Netflix’s movie library would be suffering tremendously, leaving much to be desired.

To test this notion, we here at HotDog.com teamed up with research company, Mindnet Analytics, to analyze the current Netflix movie library. We compared the movie library to the IMDb’s Top 250 list. We then did the same for Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu (deal), and newcomer, Disney+.

The results were interesting, to say the least. Netflix had only 32 moves from the iMDB Top 250 list. That’s only 13% of the best movies according to IMDb.

However, when compared to the other services, Netflix actually shined.

  • Amazon Prime had 21 of the IMDb’s Top 250, or about 9%
  • Disney+ had 12 of the IMDb’s Top 250, or 5%
  • Hulu had 10, or 4%
  • HBO had just 2, or 1%

A few interesting notes and takeaways:

  • The 21 movies on Amazon Prime are all included with Prime membership – this doesn’t count movies available for rent on Amazon
  • Netflix has nearly three times as many movies from the IMDb Top 250 list as new competitor, Disney+
  • According to this analysis, the HBO movie library is suffering the most in terms of quality

So does Netflix’s movie library suffer in comparison to its original shows? Perhaps. But when compared to the quality of movies on other streaming services, Netflix is still the leader of the pack.

The full list of top shows on each service can be found here.

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