Redbox Launches Free Streaming Service with Live TV

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Can Redbox make it in the already-overcrowded streaming world?

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The latest technology or media firm to throw its name into the streaming video ring is Redbox, who just this week have announced a new free, ad-supported streaming platform. The new streaming service is already ready to watch and even includes live TV. Can Redbox make it in the already-overcrowded streaming world?

The new Redbox streaming service can be viewed online through the company’s website or on their mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. No subscription or membership is required. Eventually, Redbox plans to expand the service to include many smart TVs, Apple TV devices, and the ever-popular Roku players

At launch, the Redbox free streaming service features content from USA Today, Fail Army, TMZ, batteryPOP, Filmhub,  Now This, FilmRise, Food52 and other studies. The service features genre or theme-based channels like “Comedy”, “Rush”, and “Spotlight”. The service works much like live TV, with “channels” available to watch that stream linear, pre-programmed content featuring advertisement breaks. 

While the streaming market is in need of new, free live TV options, critics and analysts aren’t exactly enthused about Redbox’s new streaming service yet. PCMag’s Justin Herrick writes that Redbox has rolled out “a streaming service you don’t need,” adding that “the channels aren’t exactly original and other streaming services are available on more platforms.” Other commenters have noted that the content selection on Redbox’s service is still quite limited and that “users should not be expecting the same variety of channels offered by paid-for live TV services.”

Nevertheless, a new way to kill at least some small part of the cable bill is never a bad thing. While many users and commenters are looking for the One Free Streaming Service to Rule Them All, it very well may be that the future of cable cutting involves watching many different free ad-supported sites as the market continues to fracture in terms of content availability.

Redbox is expected to make a formal announcement about the streaming service this week. Meanwhile, head over to to see what the service has to offer.

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