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Streaming All the Nationally Televised NBA Games Is a Slam Dunk With Sling TV [2024]

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There is nothing like the hyper-paced energy of pro hoops. If you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for RSNs, you can still watch plenty of nationally televised NBA games with Sling TV.

In a hurry? You can get every channel you need to watch every nationally televised game with Sling Orange + Sports Extra, for just $51/mo.

If you’re only or mostly interested in watching your local team play, you’ll need RSNs, there’s just no way around it (except maybe a VPN). But if you’re the type of fan who just loves the game and doesn’t particularly care who is playing, then there is a wealth of matchups for you to watch that you don’t need any RSNs for.

And you can watch them all on Sling TV, the cheapest provider of ESPN around.

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NBA Channels

Every nationally televised NBA game will be on one of four channels:

Your next option to get all four of them is DIRECTV STREAM, and you’re looking at a minimum of :directv-choice-price:. The only reason to go with one of the big boys is if you really need the RSNs.

Nationally Televised NBA Games on Sling TV

The good news for you is three of those four channels (along with 30+ more popular networks) are included in the Sling Orange base plan for just $40.00/mo. The fourth, NBA TV, is available in the Sports Extra add-on, which has 14 more sports channels for just $11/mo.

Be aware that ABC is not available through Sling except in a handful of markets, but all ABC sporting events are simulcast on ESPN3, which comes with ESPN and ESPN2 in the Orange plan.

All Sling plans come with 50 hours of DVR storage, which is upgradable for a small fee to 200 hours.

For more information, check out our full Sling TV review.

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2023-24 NBA Schedule

The 2023-24 NBA season Opening Night is October 24, 2023, with tipoff at on TNT. Look forward to a doubleheader with Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets (reigning champions from last season) facing off against LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers and the Suns versus the Golden State Warriors.

Here are some more key dates for the season:

The channels for the playoffs are the same as the nationally televised NBA games — ABC, ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT. The Finals will be shown on ABC exclusively.

For more details, you can take a look at our NBA Play-In Tournament guide and NBA Playoffs Viewer’s Guide.

Unblock Your Favorite Events & Teams With a VPN

If you can’t watch your favorite events or teams because of your location, a VPN will allow you to get the access you are entitled to, plus extra security and unequaled privacy. Check out our VPN Guide for everything you need to know, including our top pick ExpressVPN.

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Other brands worth checking out include Hotspot Shield and CyberGhost.

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Devices for Streaming Nationally Televised NBA Games

Sling TV is the oldest streaming TV provider, and has some of the best streaming device support of any service:

  • AirTV
  • Amazon Fire Tablet
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android mobile
  • Android TV devices
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • iOS mobile
  • LG smart TVs
  • Portal
  • Roku
  • Samsung smart TVs
  • TIVO Stream
  • Web browsers
  • Xbox Series S/X.

Wrapping Up

Watching nationally televised NBA games with Sling TV couldn’t be simpler. Just sign up for Sling Orange + Sports Extra, and you’ll be all set for game time. Save 50% on your first month of Sling TV.

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What NBA games are on tonight?

Here are all the games taking place today. Games without a listed TV channel will be broadcast on the teams’ RSNs locally and on NBA League Pass elsewhere.

DateTime (ET)TeamsTV
No games today.

How do I watch my favorite team?

All the info you need to watch any team in the league:

Atlantic Pacific Central SW SE NW
Boston Celtics Golden State Warriors Chicago Bulls Dallas Mavericks Atlanta Hawks Denver Nuggets
Brooklyn Nets Los Angeles Clippers Cleveland Cavaliers Houston Rockets Charlotte Hornets Minnesota Timberwolves
New York Knicks Los Angeles Lakers Detroit Pistons Memphis Grizzlies Miami Heat Oklahoma City Thunder
Philadelphia 76ers Phoenix Suns Indiana Pacers New Orleans Pelicans Orlando Magic Portland Trail Blazers
Toronto Raptors Sacramento Kings Milwaukee Bucks San Antonio Spurs Washington Wizards Utah Jazz

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Where can I find the complete NBA schedule?

Right here!

DateTime (ET)TeamsTV
Tue Oct 24Lakers at NuggetsTNT
Tue Oct 24Suns at WarriorsTNT
Wed Oct 25Celtics at KnicksESPN
Wed Oct 25Mavericks at SpursESPN
Thu Oct 2676ers at BucksTNT
Thu Oct 26Suns at LakersTNT
Fri Oct 27Heat at CelticsESPN
Fri Oct 27Warriors at KingsESPN
Sat Oct 28Knicks at PelicansNBA TV
Sat Oct 28Jazz at SunsNBA TV
Mon Oct 30Warriors at PelicansNBA TV
Mon Oct 30Magic at LakersNBA TV
Tue Oct 31Knicks at CavaliersTNT
Tue Oct 31Spurs at SunsTNT
Wed Nov 1Pelicans at ThunderESPN
Wed Nov 1Clippers at LakersESPN
Thu Nov 2Raptors at 76ersNBA TV
Thu Nov 2Spurs at SunsNBA TV
Fri Nov 3Knicks at BucksESPN
Fri Nov 3Mavericks at NuggetsESPN
Sat Nov 4Bulls at NuggetsNBA TV
Mon Nov 6Lakers at HeatNBA TV
Wed Nov 8Spurs at KnicksESPN
Wed Nov 8Warriors at NuggetsESPN
Thu Nov 9Bucks at PacersNBA TV
Thu Nov 9Hawks at MagicNBA TV
Fri Nov 10Nets at CelticsESPN
Fri Nov 10Lakers at SunsESPN
Sat Nov 11Cavaliers at WarriorsNBA TV
Mon Nov 13Knicks at CelticsNBA TV
Mon Nov 13Cavaliers at KingsNBA TV
Tue Nov 14Spurs at ThunderTNT
Tue Nov 14Clippers at NuggetsTNT
Wed Nov 15Celtics at 76ersESPN
Wed Nov 15Kings at LakersESPN
Thu Nov 16Nets at HeatNBA TV
Thu Nov 16Thunder at WarriorsNBA TV
Fri Nov 17Kings at SpursESPN
Fri Nov 17Suns at JazzESPN
Sat Nov 18Mavericks at BucksNBA TV
Sun Nov 19Suns at JazzNBA TV
Tue Nov 21Cavaliers at 76ersTNT
Tue Nov 21Jazz at LakersTNT
Wed Nov 22Bucks at CelticsESPN
Wed Nov 22Warriors at SunsESPN
Fri Nov 24Celtics at MagicNBA TV
Fri Nov 24Suns at GrizzliesNBA TV
Fri Nov 24Heat at KnicksESPN
Fri Nov 24Spurs at WarriorsESPN
Sat Nov 25Mavericks at ClippersNBA TV
Mon Nov 27Lakers at 76ersNBA TV
Mon Nov 27Nuggets at ClippersNBA TV
Tue Nov 28Bucks at HeatTNT
Tue Nov 28Warriors at KingsTNT
Wed Nov 29Lakers at PistonsNBA TV
Wed Nov 29Clippers at KingsNBA TV
Thu Nov 30Pacers at HeatNBA TV
Fri Dec 1Grizzlies at MavericksESPN
Fri Dec 1Nuggets at SunsESPN
Sat Dec 2Nuggets at KingsNBA TV
Mon Dec 11Mavericks at GrizzliesNBA TV
Tue Dec 12Lakers at MavericksTNT
Tue Dec 12Warriors at SunsTNT
Wed Dec 13Lakers at SpursNBA TV
Thu Dec 14Cavaliers at CelticsNBA TV
Thu Dec 14Warriors at ClippersNBA TV
Fri Dec 15Lakers at SpursESPN
Fri Dec 15Knicks at SunsESPN
Sat Dec 16Hawks at CavaliersNBA TV
Sat Dec 16Jazz at KingsNBA TV
Mon Dec 18Mavericks at NuggetsNBA TV
Tue Dec 19Grizzlies at PelicansTNT
Tue Dec 19Celtics at WarriorsTNT
Wed Dec 20Timberwolves at 76ersNBA TV
Wed Dec 20Celtics at KingsNBA TV
Thu Dec 21Jazz at PistonsNBA TV
Thu Dec 21Wizards at Trail BlazersNBA TV
Fri Dec 22Nuggets at NetsNBA TV
Fri Dec 22Wizards at WarriorsESPN
Sat Dec 23Bucks at KnicksNBA TV
Mon Dec 25Bucks at KnicksESPN
Mon Dec 25Warriors at NuggetsABC/ESPN
Mon Dec 25Celtics at LakersABC/ESPN
Mon Dec 2576ers at HeatESPN
Mon Dec 25Mavericks at SunsESPN
Tue Dec 26Pacers at RocketsNBA TV
Tue Dec 26Hornets at ClippersNBA TV
Wed Dec 27Raptors at WizardsNBA TV
Thu Dec 28Pistons at CelticsNBA TV
Thu Dec 28Heat at WarriorsNBA TV
Fri Dec 29Bucks at CavaliersNBA TV
Fri Dec 29Grizzlies at ClippersNBA TV
Mon Jan 1Timberwolves at KnicksNBA TV
Tue Jan 2Bulls at 76ersNBA TV
Tue Jan 2Magic at WarriorsNBA TV
Wed Jan 3Bulls at KnicksESPN
Wed Jan 3Heat at LakersESPN
Thu Jan 4Bucks at SpursTNT
Thu Jan 4Nuggets at WarriorsTNT
Fri Jan 5Knicks at 76ersESPN
Fri Jan 5Grizzlies at LakersESPN
Mon Jan 8Suns at ClippersNBA TV
Tue Jan 9Grizzlies at MavericksNBA TV
Wed Jan 1076ers at HawksESPN
Wed Jan 10Pelicans at WarriorsESPN
Thu Jan 11Nets at CavaliersNBA TV
Thu Jan 11Celtics at BucksTNT
Thu Jan 11Suns at LakersTNT
Fri Jan 12Rockets at PistonsESPN
Fri Jan 12Hornets at SpursESPN
Sat Jan 13Warriors at BucksNBA TV
Mon Jan 15Rockets at 76ersNBA TV
Mon Jan 15Spurs at HawksTNT
Mon Jan 15Warriors at GrizzliesTNT
Mon Jan 15Thunder at LakersNBA TV
Tue Jan 16Nuggets at 76ersTNT
Tue Jan 16Thunder at ClippersTNT
Wed Jan 17Bucks at CavaliersESPN
Wed Jan 17Mavericks at LakersESPN
Thu Jan 18Bulls at RaptorsTNT
Thu Jan 18Grizzlies at TimberwolvesTNT
Fri Jan 19Nuggets at CelticsESPN
Fri Jan 19Mavericks at WarriorsESPN
Mon Jan 22Spurs at 76ersNBA TV
Mon Jan 22Hawks at KingsNBA TV
Tue Jan 23Knicks at NetsTNT
Tue Jan 23Lakers at ClippersTNT
Wed Jan 24Thunder at SpursESPN
Wed Jan 24Suns at MavericksESPN
Thu Jan 25Celtics at HeatTNT
Thu Jan 25Kings at WarriorsTNT
Fri Jan 26Mavericks at HawksNBA TV
Fri Jan 26Trail Blazers at SpursNBA TV
Sat Jan 27Heat at KnicksABC
Sat Jan 2776ers at NuggetsABC
Sat Jan 27Lakers at WarriorsABC
Mon Jan 29Suns at HeatNBA TV
Mon Jan 2976ers at Trail BlazersNBA TV
Tue Jan 30Pacers at CelticsTNT
Tue Jan 3076ers at WarriorsTNT
Wed Jan 31Suns at NetsESPN
Wed Jan 31Nuggets at ThunderESPN
Thu Feb 1Lakers at CelticsTNT
Thu Feb 1Cavaliers at GrizzliesTNT
Fri Feb 2Warriors at GrizzliesNBA TV
Sat Feb 3Lakers at KnicksABC
Sun Feb 4Suns at WizardsNBA TV
Sun Feb 4Grizzlies at CelticsESPN
Sun Feb 4Trail Blazers at NuggetsNBA TV
Mon Feb 5Warriors at NetsNBA TV
Tue Feb 6Mavericks at NetsTNT
Tue Feb 6Bucks at SunsTNT
Wed Feb 7Hawks at CelticsESPN
Wed Feb 7Pelicans at ClippersESPN
Thu Feb 8Mavericks at KnicksTNT
Thu Feb 8Nuggets at LakersTNT
Fri Feb 9Hawks at 76ersNBA TV
Fri Feb 9Pelicans at LakersNBA TV
Sat Feb 10Thunder at MavericksNBA TV
Sat Feb 10Suns at WarriorsABC
Sun Feb 11Celtics at HeatABC
Mon Feb 12Warriors at JazzNBA TV
Tue Feb 13Thunder at MagicTNT
Tue Feb 13Kings at SunsTNT
Wed Feb 14Bulls at CavaliersESPN
Wed Feb 14Clippers at WarriorsESPN
Thu Feb 15Bucks at GrizzliesTNT
Thu Feb 22Suns at MavericksTNT
Thu Feb 22Lakers at WarriorsTNT
Fri Feb 23Cavaliers at 76ersESPN
Fri Feb 23Heat at PelicansESPN
Sat Feb 24Celtics at KnicksABC
Sun Feb 25Bucks at 76ersABC
Sun Feb 25Lakers at SunsABC
Sun Feb 25Nuggets at WarriorsESPN
Sun Feb 25Kings at ClippersESPN
Mon Feb 26Raptors at PacersNBA TV
Mon Feb 26Heat at KingsNBA TV
Tue Feb 2776ers at CelticsTNT
Tue Feb 27Heat at Trail BlazersTNT
Wed Feb 28Grizzlies at TimberwolvesESPN
Wed Feb 28Lakers at ClippersESPN
Thu Feb 29Warriors at KnicksTNT
Thu Feb 29Heat at NuggetsTNT
Fri Mar 1Mavericks at CelticsESPN
Fri Mar 1Bucks at BullsESPN
Sat Mar 2Jazz at HeatNBA TV
Sat Mar 2Nuggets at LakersABC
Sun Mar 376ers at MavericksABC
Sun Mar 3Warriors at CelticsABC
Sun Mar 3Knicks at CavaliersESPN
Sun Mar 3Thunder at SunsESPN
Mon Mar 4Clippers at BucksNBA TV
Mon Mar 4Thunder at LakersNBA TV
Tue Mar 5Hawks at KnicksTNT
Tue Mar 5Suns at NuggetsTNT
Wed Mar 6Grizzlies at 76ersESPN
Wed Mar 6Bucks at WarriorsESPN
Thu Mar 7Heat at MavericksTNT
Thu Mar 7Celtics at NuggetsTNT
Fri Mar 8Hawks at GrizzliesESPN
Fri Mar 8Bucks at LakersESPN
Sat Mar 9Bulls at ClippersNBA TV
Sat Mar 9Celtics at SunsABC
Sun Mar 10Nets at CavaliersESPN
Sun Mar 10Timberwolves at LakersESPN
Mon Mar 11Warriors at SpursNBA TV
Mon Mar 11Celtics at Trail BlazersNBA TV
Tue Mar 1276ers at KnicksTNT
Tue Mar 12Timberwolves at ClippersTNT
Wed Mar 13Nuggets at HeatESPN
Wed Mar 13Lakers at KingsESPN
Thu Mar 14Suns at CelticsTNT
Thu Mar 14Mavericks at ThunderTNT
Fri Mar 15Suns at HornetsNBA TV
Fri Mar 15Hawks at JazzNBA TV
Sat Mar 16Warriors at LakersABC
Sun Mar 17Suns at BucksABC
Sun Mar 17Nuggets at MavericksABC
Sun Mar 17Nets at SpursNBA TV
Sun Mar 17Hawks at ClippersNBA TV
Mon Mar 18Heat at 76ersESPN
Mon Mar 18Knicks at WarriorsESPN
Tue Mar 19Nuggets at TimberwolvesNBA TV
Wed Mar 20Bucks at CelticsESPN
Wed Mar 20Grizzlies at WarriorsESPN
Thu Mar 21Nets at BucksNBA TV
Thu Mar 21Hawks at SunsNBA TV
Fri Mar 22Pelicans at HeatNBA TV
Fri Mar 2276ers at LakersNBA TV
Sat Mar 23Suns at SpursNBA TV
Sun Mar 24Thunder at BucksNBA TV
Sun Mar 24Pacers at LakersNBA TV
Mon Mar 25Celtics at HawksNBA TV
Mon Mar 2576ers at KingsNBA TV
Tue Mar 26Lakers at BucksTNT
Tue Mar 26Mavericks at KingsTNT
Wed Mar 27Clippers at 76ersESPN
Wed Mar 27Suns at NuggetsESPN
Thu Mar 28Bucks at PelicansNBA TV
Fri Mar 2976ers at CavaliersNBA TV
Fri Mar 29Mavericks at KingsNBA TV
Sat Mar 30Celtics at PelicansNBA TV
Sat Mar 30Bucks at HawksNBA TV
Sun Mar 31Cavaliers at NuggetsNBA TV
Sun Mar 31Warriors at SpursNBA TV
Mon Apr 1Celtics at HornetsNBA TV
Tue Apr 2Warriors at MavericksTNT
Tue Apr 2Clippers at KingsTNT
Wed Apr 3Grizzlies at BucksESPN
Wed Apr 3Cavaliers at SunsESPN
Thu Apr 476ers at HeatTNT
Thu Apr 4Nuggets at ClippersTNT
Fri Apr 5Kings at CelticsNBA TV
Fri Apr 5Timberwolves at SunsNBA TV
Sun Apr 7Rockets at MavericksNBA TV
Sun Apr 7Knicks at BucksNBA TV
Sun Apr 7Timberwolves at LakersNBA TV
Tue Apr 9Celtics at BucksTNT
Tue Apr 9Warriors at LakersTNT
Wed Apr 10Mavericks at HeatESPN
Wed Apr 10Timberwolves at NuggetsESPN
Thu Apr 11Knicks at CelticsTNT
Thu Apr 11Pelicans at KingsTNT
Fri Apr 12Lakers at GrizzliesNBA TV
Fri Apr 12Suns at KingsNBA TV

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