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2024 College World Series Schedule: Score a Savings Home Run With Sling TV

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The 2024 Men’s College World Series starts Friday, June 14 at Charles Schwab Field Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska. Watch all the top men’s collegiate baseball with Sling TV!

In a hurry? All the college world series action is happening on the ESPN channels: ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU. You can get all of these and more with Sling Orange for just $40.00/mo (plus 50% off your first month) and the Sports Extra add-on.

College baseball season leads to the College World Series, where all the season’s top teams compete for the championship title. 64 teams face each other in the first round of the NCAA Division I Baseball Championship (known as regionals.) Winners of regionals advance to super regionals (the second round) in which 16 teams play a best-of-three series elimination. The final eight teams from the super regionals proceed to the College World Series.

LSU won the 2023 College World Series final against Florida under the guidance of coach Jay Johnson. It became the Tigers’ seventh title, the second-highest number of wins by any team. Southern California holds the record for the most, having won 12 titles. Texas is now third with six wins. The most dominant conference is the Pac-12, with their teams holding 18 titles.

The 2020 College World Series was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How to Watch 2024 Men’s College World Series

These are the channels that will broadcast the Men’s CWS tournament:

You can get all these channels with Sling Orange plus the Sports Extra add-on. Almost all of the MCWS is airing on ESPN, which you only need Sling Orange for – meaning you can watch the tournament for just $40.00/mo with 50% off your first month.

Game 2 of the finals will air on ABC. Sling TV offers ABC (for select markets) alongside ESPN as part of its Sling Orange+Blue plan. Most of ABC’s sporting coverage is simulcast on ESPN3 though, available through the Sling Orange base plan, so you should be able to watch the entire College World Series with just that one package.

Sometimes, particularly if the weather causes delays, games are moved to ESPNU. Sling TV provides this channel as part of its Sports Extra add-on, for $11/mo. This also comes with ACC Network and ACC Network Extra (ACCNX), beIN Sports, ESPNews, Longhorn Network, MLB Network, MLB Network Strike Zone, NBA TV, NHL Network, SEC Network (and SECN+), and Tennis Channel, making it great for sports fans.

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Dominic Ficociello bats for the Arkansas Razorbacks in the 2012 College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska against the Kent State Golden Flashes - June 16, 2012
Dominic Ficociello bats for the Arkansas Razorbacks in the 2012 College World Series, Arkansas versus Kent State (June 16, 2012) / cropped from original by Brandonrush under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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When Does the NCAA Baseball Tournament Start?

The 2024 edition of the Men’s College World Series began on May 31. The Selection Show preceded this on May 27, to announce the participating teams.

The full schedule is below:

  • Selection show: Monday, May 27 from (ESPN2/ESPNU)
  • Regionals: Friday-Monday, May 31-June 3
  • Super regionals: Friday-Sunday, June 7-9 or Saturday-Monday, June 8-10
  • First day of MCWS games: Start Friday, June 14
  • MCWS finals: Saturday-Monday, June 22-23/24

2024 Men’s College World Series Schedule

The 2024 College World Series schedule, including Regionals and Super regionals, is as follows:

Athens Regional

  • Game 1: Georgia vs Army
  • Game 2: UNC Willmington vs Georgia Tech
  • Game 3: Georgia Tech vs Army
  • Game 4: Georgia vs UNC Wilmington
  • Game 5: Georgia Tech vs UNC Wilmington
  • Game 6: Georgia vs Georgia Tech

Bryan-College Station Regional

  • Game 1: Texas A&M vs Grambling
  • Game 2: Texas vs Louisiana
  • Game 3: Louisiana vs Grambling
  • Game 4: Texas A&M vs Texas
  • Game 5: Louisiana vs Texas
  • Game 6: Texas A&M vs Louisiana

Chapel Hill Regional

  • Game 1: LSU vs Wofford
  • Game 2: North Carolina vs LIU
  • Game 3: Wofford vs LIU
  • Game 4: North Carolina vs LSU
  • Game 5: LSU vs Wofford
  • Game 6: LSU vs North Carolina
  • Game 7: North Carolina vs LSU

Charlottesville Regional

  • Game 1: Virginia vs Penn
  • Game 2: Mississippi State vs St. John’s
  • Game 3: St. John’s vs Penn
  • Game 4: Virginia vs Mississippi State
  • Game 5: Mississippi State vs St. John’s
  • Game 6: Virginia vs Mississippi State

Clemson Regional

  • Game 1: Coastal Carolina vs Vanderbilt
  • Game 2: Clemson vs High Point
  • Game 3: High Point vs Vanderbilt
  • Game 4: Clemson vs Coastal Carolina
  • Game 5: Coastal Carolina vs High Point
  • Game 6: Clemson vs Coastal Carolina

Corvallis Regional

  • Game 1: UC Irvine vs Nicholls
  • Game 2: Oregon State vs Tulane
  • Game 3: Tulane vs Nicholls
  • Game 4: Oregon State vs UC Irvine
  • Game 5: UC Irvine vs Tulane
  • Game 6: Oregon State vs UC Irvine

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Fayetteville Regional

  • Game 1: Arkansas vs Southeast Missouri
  • Game 2: Kansas State vs Louisiana Tech
  • Game 3: Southeast Missouri vs Louisiana Tech
  • Game 4: Kansas State vs Arkansas
  • Game 5: Southeast Missouri vs Arkansas
  • Game 6: Kansas State vs Southeast Missouri

Greenville Regional

  • Game 1: Evansville vs East Carolina
  • Game 2: VCU vs Wake Forest
  • Game 3: East Carolina vs Wake Forest
  • Game 4: Evansville vs VCU
  • Game 5: East Carolina vs VCU
  • Game 6: East Carolina vs Evansville
  • Game 7: Evansville vs East Carolina

Knoxville Regional

  • Game 1: Indiana vs Southern Miss
  • Game 2: Tennessee vs Northern Kentucky
  • Game 3: Southern Miss vs Northern Kentucky
  • Game 4: Tennessee vs Indiana
  • Game 5: Southern Miss vs Indiana
  • Game 6: Tennessee vs Southern Miss

Lexington Regional

  • Game 1: Kentucky vs Western Michigan 
  • Game 2: Illinois vs Indiana State
  • Game 3: Indiana State vs Western Michigan
  • Game 4: Kentucky vs Illinois
  • Game 5: Indiana State vs Illinois
  • Game 6: Kentucky vs Indiana State

Norman Regional

  • Game 1: UConn vs Duke
  • Game 2: Oklahoma vs Oral Roberts 
  • Game 3: Duke vs Oral Roberts
  • Game 4: UConn vs Oklahoma
  • Game 5: Oklahoma vs Duke
  • Game 6: Oklahoma vs UConn
  • Game 7: UConn vs Oklahoma

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FSU coach Mike Martin (#11) visits the mound during Game 1 (TCU versus FSU) of the 2010 College World Series at Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska, USA - June 19, 2010
FSU coach Mike Martin (#11) visits the mound during Game 1 (TCU versus FSU) of the 2010 College World Series at Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska, USA – June 19, 2010 / photo by Brandonrush under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Raleigh Regional

  • Game 1: South Carolina vs James Madison
  • Game 2: NC State vs Bryant
  • Game 3: James Madison vs Bryant
  • Game 4: NC State vs South Carolina
  • Game 5: James Madison vs South Carolina
  • Game 6: NC State vs James Madison

Santa Barbara Regional

  • Game 1: Oregon vs San Diego
  • Game 2: UC Santa Barbara vs Fresno State
  • Game 3: San Diego vs Fresno State
  • Game 4: Oregon vs UC Santa Barbara
  • Game 5: UC Santa Barbara vs San Diego
  • Game 6: Oregon vs UC Santa Barbara

Stillwater Regional

  • Game 1: Florida vs Nebraska
  • Game 2: Oklahoma State vs Niagra
  • Game 3: Nebraska vs Niagara
  • Game 4: Oklahoma State vs Florida
  • Game 5: Florida vs Nebraska
  • Game 6: Florida vs Oklahoma State
  • Game 7: Florida vs Oklahoma State

Tallahassee Regional

  • Game 1: Florida State vs Stetson
  • Game 2: UCF vs Alabama
  • Game 3: Stetson vs Alabama
  • Game 4: Florida State vs UCF
  • Game 5: UCF vs Stetson
  • Game 6: Florida State vs UCF

Tucson Regional

  • Game 1: West Virginia vs DBU
  • Game 2: Grand Canyon vs Arizona
  • Game 3: DBU vs Arizona
  • Game 4: West Virginia vs Grand Canyon
  • Game 5: Grand Canyon vs DBU
  • Game 6: West Virginia vs Grand Canyon

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Super Regionals

The super regionals will start between Friday, June 7, and Sunday, June 9, and end between Saturday, June 8, and Monday, June 10.

Knoxville Super Regional

  • Game 1: Tennessee vs Evansville
  • Game 2: Evansville vs Tennessee
  • Game 3: Tennessee vs Evansville

Tallahassee Super Regional

  • Game 1: Florida State UConn
  • Game 2: Florida State vs UConn

Charlottesville Super Regional

  • Game 1: Virginia vs Kansas State
  • Game 2: Virginia vs Kansas State

Chapel Hill Super Regional

  • Game 1: North Carolina vs West Virginia
  • Game 2: North Carolina vs West Virginia

Lexington Super Regional

  • Game 1: Kentucky vs Oregon State
  • Game 2: Kentucky vs Oregon State

Athens Super Regional

  • Game 1: NC State vs Georgia
  • Game 2: Georgia vs NC State
  • Game 3: NC State vs Georgia

Clemson Super Regional

  • Game 1: Florida vs Clemson
  • Game 2: Florida vs Clemson

Bryan-College Station Super Regional

  • Game 1: Texas A&M vs Oregon
  • Game 2: Texas A&M vs Oregon

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2024 Men’s College World Series Games

The winners of the Super Regionals were North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, NC State, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Tennessee, and Florida State. They advanced to the 2024 Men’s College World Series Games, with the brackets announced on Monday, June 10.

June 14

  • Game 1 – 2 pm: North Carolina vs Virginia (ESPN)
  • Game 2 – 7 pm: Tennesse vs Florida State (ESPN)

June 15

  • Game 3 – 2 pm: Kentucky vs NC State (ESPN)
  • Game 4 – 7 pm: Texas A&M vs Florida (ESPN)

June 16

  • Game 5 – 2 pm: Loser of Game 1 vs Loser of Game 2 (ESPN)
  • Game 6 – 7 pm: Winner of Game 1 vs Winner of Game 2 (ESPN)

June 17

  • Game 7 – 2 pm: Loser of Game 3 vs Loser of Game 4 (ESPN)
  • Game 8 – 7 pm: Winner of Game 3 vs Winner of Game 4 (ESPN)

June 18

  • Game 9 – 2 pm: TBD vs. TBD (ESPN)
  • Game 10 – 7 pm: TBD vs. TBD (ESPN)

June 19

  • Game 11 – 2 pm: TBD vs. TBD (ESPN)
  • Game 12 – 7 pm: TBD vs. TBD (ESPN)

June 20

  • Game 13 (if necessary) – 2 pm: TBD vs. TBD (TBD)
  • Game 14 (if necessary) – 7 pm: TBD vs. TBD (TBD)

June 22

  • MCWS Final Game 1 – : TBD vs. TBD (ESPN)

June 23

  • MCWS Final Game 2 – 2 pm: TBD vs. TBD (ABC)

June 24*

  • MCWS Final Game 3 – 7 pm: TBD vs. TBD (ESPN)*

*If necessary

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Wrapping Up

Catch all the 2024 Men’s College World Series action with Sling TV for the cheapest way to watch NCAA baseball online. Get Sling Orange (plus the Sports Extra add-on if you want to be fully covered) and you’ll be good to go. Save 50% on Sling TV now!

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What about the Women’s College World Series?

The NCAA Women’s College World Series – softball, not baseball – is played earlier in the year. In 2024, it ran from Thursday, May 30, through Friday, June 7, with all games on ESPN, or ESPN2 if necessary. You can find more information on our guide to the Women’s CWS on Sling TV.

What are some other NCAA Championships I can watch on Sling TV?

Lots! And we have guides for many of them!

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Featured photo: 2016 College World Series – June 24, 2016 / photo by Shelby L. Bell under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr

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