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Get Amped with the Mohu Leaf Ultimate

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As the #1 Selling Indoor Antenna on Amazon, the Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna fully supports 1080p. And with its built-in amplifier, the Leaf Ultimate can access free HD programming from towers up to 50 miles away.

Mohu Leaf Ultimate Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

Now more than ever, cord cutters have a viable cable TV alternative at their finger tips. Designed by experienced engineers who have been developing antennas for the US military for decades, the Leaf Ultimate is revolutionizing the Indoor Antenna industry.

If you have cut the cable or are looking to cut it, you will need an antenna solution for picking up the wide array of free HD TV channels that are available locally. With the Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna you get more than enough power without the need for a bulky box-style antenna.

Mohu Leaf Ultimate Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna Review

Features — Leaf Ultimate:

  • Most advnced amplifier on the market
  • Modeled after antennas designed for the U.S. Military
  • More reliable than any other antenna on the market today
  • Omnidirectional and paintable to blend into your home decor
  • Quick and painless to install
  • 16 ft high performance cable included
  • 50 mile range

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Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna

Black on one side and white on the other, the Mohu Leaf is made to blend with your room’s decor and remain unobtrusive. The antenna is widest at the base where the connection cord is attached.

It comes with mounting strips to attach it to a wall, or you can purchase an optional mounting plate. The Leaf Ultimate HDTV antenna is about as thick as a laminated sheet of paper, measuring just 9″ x 11.5″; and is omnidirectional so it can be placed virtually anywhere — though we do recommend placing it so the cord points down for optimal reception.

Looking for an Outdoor Antenna? Make sure you check out the  Mohu Sky antenna with the ability to provide uncompressed HD broadcast to multiple televisions in a home with a range of 60 miles.

Mohu Ultimate Leaf Box Opening Video

Over the Air HD Channels

The Leaf is an INDOOR Antenna, which means there is no bulky equipment to install outside of your home and because its the Leaf, there is no bulky box-style equipment around your television set. The technology behind this nearly paper-thin antenna captures over the air, locally broadcasted TV signals. 

To find out what channels are available in your area, visit a site called AntennaWeb. You will first be asked to input your location. Then you will be asked to answer a few structural questions about your house.

Once you have worked your way through the survey, Antenna Web will provide you an overview of all the channels that are available in your area.

Tested side-by-side with other big name indoor antennas, the Leaf Ultimate outperformed every time with clearer pictures and more channel availability.

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Looking for Cable TV Alternatives?

Using the Leaf Ultimate will allow you to dispatch high cable bills when you combine the availability of free local broadcasts with an online streaming solution.

More and more people are bypassing cable companies with the advent of new technologies and HDTV capabilities. Your Leaf Ultimate will go a long way in making this transition.

If you have or are planning to replace expensive cable services, you need the Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna because it can be mounted anywhere, has incredible range for an indoor antenna, and every Mohu Leaf Ultimate Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna Review you can find online boasts excellent reception.

For the price you will pay for a Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna for indoor use, you will get excellent value and access to clearer programming than with other big name brands. The makers of this quality antenna also back their product with an excellent guarantee which will ensure you agree this is your best value.

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25 replies on “Get Amped with the Mohu Leaf Ultimate

Hey Paul – no code needed. Just use our Link and the discount will be applied upon check out.

This particular model costs $70 (with 10% off if you a use a link on my site). But there are a whole range of antennas that range from $23 – $135, depending on what you are looking for and how strong of a signal you can get in your area. First step is to click on the "Enter your Zip Code" box on the top left of this page. Then you will be able to figure out what types of channels you can get – given where you live – and what type of Antenna would work best.

My tv room is in the basement. There’s a window in the room. Will the indoor antenna work there?

Hi Gregg – really hard to know. it should, but no way to know for sure. Lots of factors come into play. My only suggestion is to test it out. Not much of investment to buy a Leaf Antenna. And if it works – you can cancel cable TV and start saving a ton of money.

Well, so much for that. I’m getting rid of the Leaf and getting basic cable, local channels only. It’s an extra $8/month added to my internet service.

I live 13 miles from the antenna farm in Philadelphia where all the local stations locate their antennae. I have moved my Leaf around to the point where it no longer sticks to the wall. I have to tape it. I cannot get through 1/2 hour of programming without a digital hit, freeze frame or a dropped signal. Last night was the worse as channels that were available during the day were not at night. CBS, ABC, NJTV, FOX, CW and ION (plus their subchannels) all had no picture at all. Just a black screen.

Not only will I not have these issues anymore, but I will get back the must carry stations that the cable company must provide, that MOHU Leaf does not pick up.

Hey Rick – I understand. An Antenna does not work for everyone. For me and many of my readers – the Leaf works great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.

No unfortunately not. So this typically translates to being able to watch Sunday Games but not Monday Night games.

Have you seen the PreSeason NFL subscription? Its under $20 and you get all the PreSeason football you can consume! Check it out.

Love your web page. I live in Manhattah on the 2nd floor, facing First Avenue (East). There are taller buildings around me? I don’t know if I should get the Leaf or the Ultimate Leaf. What do you think?

I would go with the Ultimate. The amplifier really helps with picking up those hard to reach channels.

I picked up the Leaf Plus last week on Amazon. I’ve been having fits all week as one minute I have a channel, the next it is gone (black screen). I move the antenna, rescan for channels, I lose ABC put pick up a low powered stations 20 miles away. Or I get ABC, lose the low powered stations AND PBS. Plus, some of the channels just do not have strong signal strengths, which is weird because they’re all located in an antenna farm in Philadelphia…13 miles from my apartment.

I just purchased an HDTV coaxial cable and a signal booster this morning and neither has done a thing.

Hey Rick – that is no good. Positioning is definitely key. I know when I
installed mine, just the smallest adjustments made huge differences. I went through every room in my house with a small TV and tested out the signal across my whole house. Then when I found the most ideal spot, I mounted the antenna and ran coaxial cable to my TV through the walls. Sometimes that is what it takes. If you live in a big city, this is rarely even an issue, but if you live in more of a rural area, it can be a little more difficult finding a signal. Note: being near electrical devices can cause problems as well.

The Leaf is an amazing antenna (best indoor antenna on the market), but it definitely wont work for everyone out there. Not sure if you bought the amplifier from Mohu or from someone else, but I know that Mohu’s newer antennas are much more advanced than the older models (currently being sold on Amazon). Currently the best indoor Antenna Mohu offers is the Ultimate, which comes with its own amplifier and is said to be a big step up over the older Leaf Plus model.

But if an indoor antenna does not work, there is another option. I just installed and wrote about their newest creation – the SKY HDTV Outdoor Antenna: https://hotdog.com/sky-hdtv-outdoor-antenna-from-mohu/

Its awesome. An outdoor antenna that can be installed in an attic or on your roof. I installed this one for my Father in-law and he now gets over 20 HD (English) stations, including all the major networks like NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, PBS…

If you have tried everything and just cannot pick up a good signal with an indoor antenna, you may want to try out an outdoor antenna like this. I know selling or returning your Leaf would be a hassle and the Sky is definitely not cheap, but if you end up getting Live HD TV for free it will be all worth it. I hope this helps.

And if you go this route – go through gomohulcom and use our promo code – to ensure your getting the latest and greatest technology.

I live in an apartment complex with no attic and outdoor antennas are not allowed.

Like I said, I am 13 miles from the antenna farm in Philadelphia, not rural at all. A neighbor in another unit has a Leaf and it works fine.

Well, I found a spot, right next to my living room window, right next to the lower right corner. And that signal booster? Works great. The ABC affiliate was pulling in a signal strength of about 40 % regardless of where I positioned the antenna, now pulls in a signal strength in the 70% range. Other stations that had 70% signal strength are now pulling 80-90%.

The only problem is now I do not get the low power channels in the area, but I do not see that as much of a problem as the programming is not worth watching, anyway.

Sometimes though, I might lose a signal at night, especially when I turn on the TV where the channel is there but the antenna just does not pull in the signal. This happens with PBS and its subchannels.

Otherwise, the pictures are much sharper than what I am getting on FiOS.

Thats awesome Rick. I had a similar experience, where moving the antenna one way or the other, made all the difference in the world. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I really appreciate it.

I bought my Leaf Antenna (which I love BTW!!) without an amplifier, but I do have a couple channels that cut out quite a bit, all my other channels come in great. Do I need an amplifier and if so which one do you recommend?

Hi Yvonne – Thanks so much for reaching out. And thank you for sharing your success with the Leaf. I love mine TOO! As for buying an amplifier i would have to suggest the The Jolt Digital TV Antenna Amplifier by Mohu. The only issue is that it is only $20 cheaper than the Ultimate, which includes an Amplifier. Before going this route i would first try every position possible in your house. I have noticed huge differences in signal strength, by just moving the leaf a few inches in one direction of the other. Also try different rooms. You can always buy a extra long coaxial cable and run it to your TV if needed. Good Luck and please check back to let us know how things work out.

Hi Kristin,
When buying a Leaf Antenna, you should go directly to the source. Amazon can sometimes be misleading, as independent re-sellers often pose as official distributors, and sell older or discontinued models. For this reason, I strongly suggest going directly to gomohu.com (using my promo code of course) for your purchases.

Concerning your installation question: I have not heard of anyone getting better signal strength by having more than one antenna in the house, but i know it cant hurt. Please check back in with us soon, to let us know how setup went.

whoa! amazing technology, how about the technical adjustments on interference in weather condition?

Hi Lucy – thanks for reaching out. Weather can be an issue in extreme cases. This is why i suggest to not just rely on an indoor antenna. My preferred formula is: Indoor Antenna + Video Streamer + Video Streaming Services and Sites = Huge Savings

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