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Mohu Sky 60 Review: Is This the OTA TV Antenna to Bring HD Channels to Cord-Cutters?

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The Mohu Sky is a powerful outdoor antenna that’s best suited for individuals who live far away from broadcast towers. With a unique design, this multi-directional antenna that can pull in over-the-air broadcasts from up to 60 miles away. Check out our full Mohu Sky 60 review to see if this is the right antenna for your needs.

A Little Background

Many people believe that they need cable TV in order to watch their favorite shows and local content. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, there are high-definition channels being broadcast over the airwaves for the low, low price of free. That’s right, channels like CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, and more are freely available and in glorious 1080p.

You may be asking yourself how you can tap into this magical source of free entertainment. Or maybe you think I’m some kind of charlatan trying to pull the wool over your eyes with too good to be true offers.

Contrary to popular belief, quality TV without a cable TV subscription is possible and probably easier than you think.

To start getting free HD channels, all you need is a TV antenna.

At this point you might be thinking to yourself, aren’t TV antennas those ugly metal contraptions that you perch on the roof? You might also think that antennas are old and outdated. While they are popular opinions, neither are true. In fact, TV antennas are an important tool in cutting your cable bill. Since over-the-air broadcasts transitioned from analog to digital, modern antennas look nothing like the eyesores of the past.

Instead of awkward rabbit ears jutting out all over the place, today’s antennas are sleek and elegant.

One of the most popular manufacturers of modern antennas is Mohu, and they pioneered the flat, leaf-like antenna design that virtually every other manufacturer has parroted since. Mohu revolutionized the antenna market, providing consumers with an easy-to-use, affordable, and aesthetically-pleasing indoor antenna. Their antennas became synonymous with delivering high definition broadcasts from local affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, and more, allowing users to watch their favorite shows, keep up on local news and catch local sporting events, all for free.

The Mohu Leaf indoor antenna is great for folks who live close to transmission towers, but what if you don’t? A number of things can inhibit your ability to capture OTA broadcasts. Buildings, mountains, trees, if you don’t have clear line of sight with a transmission tower, there’s a good chance you might have some reception issues.

Fortunately, if you live in an area with spotty reception, you don’t have to resign yourself to forking over hundreds of dollars per month to a cable company. Mohu has another antenna built just for you, the Mohu Sky 60.

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What is the Mohu Sky 60?

The Mohu Sky 60 is a powerful, outdoor multi-directional antenna that can pull in OTA broadcasts from up to 60 miles away!

The Mohu Sky 60 antenna is designed to be mounted either on your roof or in your attic. Doing so significantly increases your ability to capture OTA transmissions in your area, as mounting the antenna higher decreases the chance of environmental interference.

In addition, the Mohu Sky features CleanPeak filter technology. This is an amplifier that is included with the antenna. This little device takes the broadcast signal that your Mohu Sky 60 picks up and amplifies that signal before it reaches your TV. This helps to ensure that the picture quality of your OTA broadcasts is top-notch.

Who Needs the Mohu Sky 60?

The Mohu Sky 60 is a bit pricier than Mohu’s indoor antennas, so you’ll probably want to know which one will work for you before you open your wallet.

The easiest way to see which channels you might be able to receive is to use a website that predicts OTA coverage based on your location. Antennaweb.org is an easy-to-use website that asks you to input your address and whether you’ll be using an antenna that is mounted 30 feet above ground level or not. Antennaweb will then present you with the channels that you can expect to receive.

Similarly, the FCC’s DTV reception maps will give you information that can help you make a decision on which antenna is best for you.

Simply put, if you live many miles away from broadcast towers, you’ll likely need an attic or outdoor antenna like the Sky.

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Mohu Sky 60 Cost

So, how much does the Mohu Sky cost?

The retail value of this powerful antenna is $149.99.

Again, the Sky is more expensive than your basic indoor antenna, but that’s because this attic/outdoor antenna is more powerful and targeted for those who can’t pick up the channels they need with a basic antenna.

What’s in the Box?

If you opt for the Mohu Sky 60 antenna, you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with everything you need to install and start watching crystal clear OTA broadcasts.

Inside the box, you’ll find the antenna itself. You’ll be happy to see that the Mohu Sky 60 is unobtrusive and attractive compared to the antennas of yesteryear. Furthermore, it only weighs three pounds and is approximately an inch thick.

Since it’s designed to be used outdoors mounted to your roof, the Mohu Sky 60 is completely weatherproof.

You’ll also find a 30’ coaxial cable, the amplifier, and mounting brackets with all the necessary hardware to secure the antenna in place.

Mohu Sky Installation

Installation is simple and should only take you about a half-hour.

First, you want to mount the bracket to your house. When picking a spot, remember to stay away from wiring, plumbing, and other metallic objects.

Second, connect the coaxial cable to the antenna.

Third, attach the mounting clamp to the antenna and secure the mounting clamp to the bracket.

Finally, run the cable to your TV. That’s it!

You’ll be enjoying full HD OTA channels in no time. With the Mohu Sky 60, you’ll feel confident in calling your cable company to cancel your subscription for good.

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28 replies on “Mohu Sky 60 Review: Is This the OTA TV Antenna to Bring HD Channels to Cord-Cutters?

Hello…..new to this and looking to convert from fits to digital antenna. I understand the interior install/hookup, but what about using the existing splitter from the cable company. I have 4 TV’s connected to firs and would like the same for the antenna. Any video/s on connecting from the outside?

Hey Edward – Interesting question. I did not measure it at the time and no longer have the actual shipping box. Maybe shoot this question over to Mohu and see what they come back with. Thanks for reaching out!

hey Dave, I see the dimensions 23 x 3 x 11 inches above, but can you tell me the dimensions of the box the Sky is packaged in?

Question about instillation….do you have to drill through exterior siding and/or exterior/interior walls to attach the coaxial cable? Curious, because as a renter, this won’t be allowed by my landlord.

unless you have a very unique situation, drilling should not be a requirement. I typically just run white coaxial cable along the ground and up the corners to hid the cable. So if your ok with that, then you should be good to go.

the best choice to my satellite TV, 32 channels coming through clearly, about 4 – 6 channels i disregard but on the over-all it is awesome!

Ya its amazing that we can get HD tv over the air. Even more amazing is how many people are still unaware of this.

Thanks for Sharing Jane. One extra tip is you can go into your TV menu and hide all the channels you dont want to watch. For example: if you dont speak Spanish and you live in California – you can hid all the spanish channels from your Channel Listing. This really helps when trying to find something to watch.

I agree. The design is amazing. Super small and you can install it almost anywhere.

Here is another quick tip – I use a great app called “TV Show Favs” that allows me to tag all my favorite shows. Then the calendar lets me know when they are on so I know when to tune in.

this is way better than my rabbit-ear antenna, it’s thin and so easy to set up that even my gramps can do it

totally. took me about 30 minutes. Check out the youtube video above to see how easy it really is.

As long as your tv has a coax input. It’s also known as an RF/Antenna input.

buying the appropriate anntenna is cunning, what i like most with mohu is it so light, no outdoor mounting and still gives me HDTV quality, channels ranging major networks, to public television and many Spanish language stations available

There are definitely alot of options out there. I have tested many of them and done 100’s of hours of research & Mohu simply provides a superior product.

when i terminated my cable subs 3 months ago, i was hesitant if mohu will work for me but now t’was indeed a wise decision, big savings and technically easy to set up with the walk through video and tips to pick up most channels, i am very satisfied with my mohu!

Excellent. So glad we could help. How do you plan on spending your new found savings? 😉

Absolutely. Here is a great little app that saves me a bunch of time. Its called “TV Listings” and i installed it onto my smart phone. This app allows you to enter your zip code, and it spits out a customized over the air tv guide for you. Right at your fingertips, so you always know what is on in your area!

Thanks for sharing your experiences Demi. Please check back in and let us know how things are going 8 months later… and how much $$ you have saved through making the switch would be helpful as well 😉

Well they tell you all that but use color codes to figure out which antenna you need which by the way,they don’t mention the mohu. So how do you know what to get?

Also, Mohu says that since I live 44 miles from the towers outside Dallas, that the other Leaf or the outdoor will give me 52 and 57 channels respectively

Antenna Web and Mohu are different companies – so unfortunately you need to take the info you gathered at Antennaweb and apply it to your purchase at Mohu. A Leaf should work for you, however if you have the funds and can install one where you live, the Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna is your best bet.

Hey Diego – thanks for the feedback. Its an amazing antenna. Please keep in touch and let us know what other cable TV alternatives you are using.

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