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Mohu Leaf Antenna Review: Small and Simple, But How Does It Perform?

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Mohu Leaf

How many of us remember the good old days when a pair of rabbit ears sat on top of the TV? If you are looking for a way to cut your cable bill, then you will want to hear about the Mohu Leaf. HD television has made TV clearer than it’s ever been before, but of course, the cable and satellite companies are taking full advantage and raising their prices for that HD signal.

The Mohu Leaf Antenna

Is a paper-thin HD indoor antenna that is perfect for picking up channels and getting a clear picture in suburban and rural areas. Many people today complain about the hefty price they are paying just to watch cable TV. With a leaf antenna, you can get the quality without the price. Depending on the area you live in the Mohu Leaf can pick up channels that are more than 30 miles away from a broadcasting tower.

Mohu Leaf Stand

The Mohu Leaf Indoor Antenna is 9 by 11.5 inches and is black on one side and white on the other. Due to its sleek design, the paper-thin antenna is barely noticeable once it is attached to the wall. When the Mohu Leaf is shipped, it comes with adhesive strips that you can use to fasten it to the wall wherever you want to. For $4.99 they also sell a Mohu Leaf stand, which is the perfect accessory to mount your Leaf or Leaf Ultimate antenna on the edge of your HDTV or any flat surface.

The antenna is available in two styles, the original leaf, and the Leaf Ultimate. The Leaf Ultimate is an amplified version of the original and a slight bit more expensive. The original Leaf sells for around $40.00 and the Leaf Ultimate averages around $75.00, both come with free shipping.

Mohu Leaf Indoor Antenna

In side-by-side tests comparing against other major brands of indoor antennas, the Leaf/Leaf Ultimate performed better on average than all others tested. The Leaf Antenna was designed by experienced antenna engineers who have been designing antennas for the US military for years.

Mohu Leaf Ultimate Antenna

The Leaf Ultimate gives you a USB power injector at the end of the antenna cable to provide power to the amplifier in the antenna housing. You can power the amplifier by using the supplied power cable or by pluging the USB cable into a USB port on your TV. There is not another Antenna like it on the Market!

 “If you are cutting the cable bill and streaming content…we have discovered probably the best thing you will ever plug into your HDTV. It’s the paper-thin HDTV antenna from Mohu.”  – HDTV Magazine

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If you are looking for a way to cut out your cable bills, check out the raving Mohu Leaf reviews on Amazon and try the Leaf today.

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14 replies on “Mohu Leaf Antenna Review: Small and Simple, But How Does It Perform?

This is something that we really need to check into, as my husband loves sports. We just don’t want to pay Dishes high prices to add the package on. Has anyone had an experience with this antenna that they would like to share with us?

I live near Philly (actually five minutes from the city). Thinking about getting this, but I fear I will lose some of the cable “must carries”, stations that are in Allentown, PA and Atlantic City, N.J. whose FCC license allows them to be a “Philadelphia” TV station. The one I fear losing the most is MeTV. Love it and I don’t think there is an antenna out there that is going to pull a signal from Allentown (75 miles from me).

Hi Rick – This is a legitimate concern. I checked out MeTV and it looks like they have a section of their website that allows you to search for stations near you: https://metvnetwork.com/wherewatch.php I am guessing you have already done this. But if not, you could combine this info with what you find at antennaweb to see if an antenna would provide a decent signal. But like you said, chances are that the signal is too far away. Only thing i will note is that you can probably find most of the shows that you watch on MeTV, through other means: Hulu, Netflix, etc. For example i looked up I dream of Jeannie on TV.com and found that there are a ton of free episodes offered on Hulu: [link removed] So if you could fill in a playlist of shows using other video streaming services – then bam – problem solved. I hope this helps, and I appreciate all your comments Rick. Best of Luck!

Yes, the TV station that carries MeTV, WFMZ is in Allentown, 75 miles from me. A Leaf will not pick up that signal. I’ve found a couple of Me shows on Hulu, in fact BEFORE Me came on line in my area…Emergency! being the Holy Grail….love that show.

How amazing is this? When I was a kid, we watched in anticipation as the local cable company ran the cable lines down out street. Couldn’t wait to get cable…which gave us in Philly WOR and WPIX out of New York, plus HBO and PRISM. The old Jerrold box with a 30 channel capacity. Soon we had SPN, USA and WTBS. Couldn’t wait! Now we can’t wait to get rid of it.

I’ve been using my Leaf Ultimate for about a week now, and here’s what I’ve learned:
-There are more local channels than the cable company gives you. I get 5 different PBSs, and each local network affiliate has an extra channel.
-The weather affects the performance.
-After reading pages and pages of online reviews, I realized your reception depends on the part of the house you put the antenna, and your location. That is, your mileage may vary. GREATLY.
-It’s not perfect. I get sometimes great reception of my local network channels, and other times, nothing. And everything in between, sometimes it’s just a hiccup during a show.
-It will pay for itself if you cancel cable.
-It’s not the complete solution for cutting the cord. But it’s part of the solution. The leaf+streaming media device+Netflix/hulu+/Crackle will give you more TV than you can watch.

Thanks Chas – your feedback is extremely appreciated. Are you using the Leaf standard or the Leaf Plus / Ultimate?

but you will be limited in programing…I need CNBC and just a few others like FOX News and care less for the zombie entertainment..

Agreed, an indoor antenna is not a full solution. The formula I think makes the most sense is: indoor antenna + video streamer + video streaming services (netflix, hulu, vudu, etc..) + full episode websites (https://hotdog.com/tv-channels/ ) = HUGE SAVINGS

Not necessary. Just like with a Cable TV coaxial cable, you can use a splicer to hook up multiple TVs.

Are there any statistics for the effective of the Leaf or the Leaf Plus in head to head comparisons with other indoor antennas?

Absolutely. Here is a study that Mohu did: https://hotdog.com/go/mohu
Additionally you can look at the rave reviews on Amazon. There is a reason the Mohu Leaf is the number one selling Indoor Antenna.

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