Bally Sports Kansas City Without Cable: The Top Streaming Service That Lets You Watch It

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Bally Sports Kansas City provides coverage of events in the surrounding areas of Missouri, Kansas, and parts of Nebraska. It is the primary source for games involving the MLB’s Kansas City Royals.

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What Is Bally Sports Kansas City?

Bally Sports Kansas City is the primary cable broadcast partner of the Kansas City Royals. This station was previously the primary television home of Sporting Kansas City of Major League Soccer (MLS), but is not anymore.

In addition, the station broadcasts football, basketball. and other athletic contests featuring the Kansas Jayhawks and Kansas State Wildcats. St Louis Blues games are also sometimes available. And there is some coverage of local high school games.

It’s important to note that this station is not available outside of its coverage area because of contractual limitations.

Bally Sports Kansas City Commentators

Ryan Lefebvre contributes play-by-play commentary for the majority of Bally Sports Kansas City’s Royals broadcasts with Steve Physioc doing the games that he is not working. Rex Hudler performs color commentary. Lefebvre has done television or radio play-by-play for the team since 1999 while Physioc and Hudler joined the club in 2012.

Streaming Bally Sports Kansas City

Bally Sports Kansas City is not widely available to stream. Currently, it is only available through DIRECTV STREAM, which allows you to watch games on all of your devices. This means that you can watch a Royals game on your television or a Kansas Jayhawks game on your tablet.



DIRECTV STREAM (formerly AT&T TV) offers three different packages that include access to regional sports networks such as Bally Sports Kansas City. The least expensive package, Choice, costs $89.99 per month. It comes with roughly 100 other channels. You will usually get other RSNs depending on where you are located. These include Bally Sports Midwest and Altitude Sports.

The higher-level Ultimate package ($104.99/mo) adds another 30 channels. And the Premier package ($149.99/mo) adds 10+ premium channels from HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax.

All plans come with 20 hours of cloud DVR (upgradable to unlimited) and the ability to stream on up to 20 devices at home (great for large households) and 3 away from home.

Note that DIRECTV STREAM provides a zip-code lookup tool that will tell you what local and regional channels viewers in that area will receive. In general, it indicates that Bally Sports Kansas City is not available in the Kansas City area. However, the channel is included in DIRECTV STREAM’s channel list so you should get it if you are in the coverage area.

For more information, see our detailed DIRECTV STREAM review.

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Bally Sports Kansas City Alternatives

If you have access to Bally Sports Kansas City through your cable provider, you may be able to stream content shown in your area using the Bally Sports app. This app runs on most smart TVs and mobile devices.

Beyond that, there is no way to stream Bally Sports Kansas City. But it is still possible to watch many of the teams that it features. For example, it’s common for Royals games to be aired to a national audience on ESPN.

You can also get live coverage of some Kansas City Royals games by subscribing to MLB Network, which is available through the same streaming services that offer ESPN: FuboTV, Sling TV, and others.

Royals fans outside the Kansas City area can watch games on MLB.TV, which provides access to all games throughout the league that is not blacked out. Fans in and around Kansas City can still watch the Royals play with MLB.TV, but they must wait 90 minutes after the game has completed.

Kansas Jayhawks and Kansas State Wildcat football and basketball games are broadcast on a variety of networks such as ESPN, ESPN2, and FS1. These channels are widely available on streaming services. Some also air on ESPN+.

Kansas City Royals
Kansas City Royals by Erik Drost under CC BY 2.0.

TVs and Streaming Devices for Bally Sports Kansas City

Most streaming devices are supported by DIRECTV STREAM. It supports fewer smart TVs than other major streaming services but it does support the popular Samsung TVs.

DIRECTV STREAM supports all the common “stick” TV devices Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and most from Roku.

iOS and Android smartphones and tablets are supported. You can watch games directly on them. You can also stream them to your TV that has Chromecast built-in or has a device connected.

Of course, you can also watch on most web browsers. And DIRECTV STREAM has its own device that you can use.

Wrapping Up

Bally Sports Kansas City is a regional sports network available to most viewers in Kansas and Missouri plus parts of Nebraska. You can get access to it by subscribing to DIRECTV STREAM. A 5-day free trial is now available for DIRECTV STREAM.

Alternatively, you can limit yourself to national telecasts of games by signing up with a general streaming service like Hulu + Live TV or Vidgo. Or you can sign up for MLB.TV.

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What is the cheapest way to stream Bally Sports Kansas City?

The cheapest way to stream Bally Sports Kansas City is by signing up for DIRECTV STREAM. The Choice Plan costs $89.99 per month and provides access to Bally Sports Kansas City and usually one or two other RSNs. In all, you will get roughly 100 channels including your local network affiliates.

Why can’t I get Bally Sports Kansas City if I’m outside its coverage area?

Professional sports teams are given exclusive rights to broadcast games on cable television in their home market. This is done to ensure that each team (specifically the Kansas City Royals) has the ability to maximize its audience without having to worry about competition from teams that may have larger national followings. Therefore, if you are not within Bally Sports Kansas City’s coverage area, you cannot obtain access to this network.

Why are some games blacked out on Bally Sports Kansas City?

Games may be blacked out because a network such as ESPN, TNT, or TBS has obtained exclusive rights to showcase the game. Therefore, Bally Sports Kansas City would not be able to broadcast the game. However, it is more common that Bally will air the game and the national broadcast will be blacked out for fans on the national channel.

Can I subscribe to Bally Sports Kansas City directly?

There is currently no way to subscribe to Bally Sports Kansas City directly. The Sinclair Broadcast Group has said that a Bally Sports streaming service may be available in the future but this is far from certain. As of September 2021, the only way to access this channel is through DIRECTV STREAM or your cable provider.

What can I do if I’m not in Bally Sports Kansas City’s coverage area?

If you aren’t in the Bally Sports Kansas City viewing area, you can subscribe to your favorite streaming service and watch games made available to a national audience. If that isn’t good enough, you have a couple of options depending on what teams you want to watch.

Kansas City Royals fans who live outside the blackout area are in luck. With MLB.TV, you can watch every Royals game (except for any games blacked out because of their opponents) live. MLB.TV costs $105.99 for the whole year but it is even cheaper if you only want the Royals games.

What happened to Fox Sports Kansas City?

In April 2021, all stations that were previously part of the Fox Sports Network (FSN) family were rebranded as Bally Sports stations. So Fox Sports Kansas City became Bally Sports Kansas City. This was the result of an antitrust conflict when the Walt Disney Company purchased 21st Century Fox. The US Justice Department decided that the same company could not own all these RSNs and the many ESPN channels.

How can I watch the Royals’ divisional rivals?

The other American League Central teams can also be streamed. See these team and channel pages:

How can I watch the Sporting’s conference rivals?

The other teams in the Western Conference can be similar streamed. See the following:

Does Bally Sports Kansas City show Sporting KC games?

Up through 2021, Bally Sports Kansas City showed Sporting matches. However, in 2022, the Sporting made a deal with KMCI-TV, 38 the Spot, to air most games to fans in the Kansas City area. The bad news is that no streaming service offers KMCI-TV. The good news is that it is an over-the-air station, which you can watch for free with an antenna.

Fans outside the Kansas City area can watch most games on ESPN+.

How do I watch sports on channels besides Bally Sports Kansas City?

We’ve written guides for most of the channels that feature a lot of sports. They will show you how to watch without cable:

As you can see, it’s easy to watch sports online.  All you need is the right streaming service! Feel free to leave any questions about how to watch FOX Sports Kansas City online in the comments.

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