Bally Sports Oklahoma Without Cable: The Top Streaming Service That Lets You Watch It

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For local Sports fans, Bally Sports Oklahoma is a must-have channel. Once available only to satellite and cable subscribers, cord-cutters can also get it. Read on to learn how and what your alternatives are.

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Bally Sports Oklahoma provides coverage of the state’s most popular sports entities, the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder and the NCAA’s Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma State Cowboys and Cowgirls.

It also shows significant high school sports events being played in the state. Having formerly been a part of Bally Sports Southwest, it broadcasts some of that latter channel’s programming as well.

If you are in Bally Sports Oklahoma’s broadcast area and would like to access this channel without being tied to a cable contract, you need to subscribe to DIRECTV STREAM ($89.99/mo), the only streaming service that offers it.

What Is Bally Sports Oklahoma?

Bally Sports Oklahoma is one of several regional sports networks (RSNs) that are part of the larger Bally Sports network. It is available throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas. It is also available in Texas and Louisiana but it isn’t clear if Thunder games are broadcast there.

Bally Sports Oklahoma was called Fox Sports Oklahoma until March 31, 2021, when all Fox Sports affiliates changed to Bally Sports ones in advance of MLB‘s opening day on April 1. Fox Sports Oklahoma had originally broken away from Fox Sports Southwest, (currently Bally Sports Southwest) in 2008 in advance of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s inaugural season thereafter having moved from Seattle.

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Which Teams Does Bally Sports Oklahoma Cover?

As expected, Bally Sports Oklahoma spends a considerable amount of its programming on the reason for it becoming a channel in the first place: the Oklahoma City Thunder. Nearly all of that NBA team’s games are shown on this network, and that even includes postseason contests in some cases.

However, its coverage of Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma State Cowboys and Cowgirls sports events is considerable as well. This includes broadcasts of several of the sports teams at those institutions. But note that OU and OSU football games are not shown on Bally Sports Oklahoma.

Due to its connections with Bally Sports Southwest, Bally Sports Oklahoma also shows some of that channel’s programming, such as Texas Rangers games. Doing so helps fill its summer programming when the Thunder, Sooners, Cowboys, and Cowgirls are all in their offseasons or in generally slower times of their years.

In addition, Bally Sports Oklahoma broadcasts a variety of other sports throughout the year, including beach volleyball, softball, fencing, and mixed martial arts.

Bally Sports Oklahoma Plus

In some cases, multiple events that Bally Sports Oklahoma is slated to cover will be played at the same time. Under these conditions, Bally Sports Oklahoma will show one while Bally Sports Oklahoma Plus shows the other.

Bally Sports Oklahoma Commentators

Oklahoma’s lone major league sports team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, have their games called locally by Chris Fisher, Michael Cage, Nick Gallo, and Paris Lawson. Fisher has been the team’s primary voice on its Bally Sports Oklahoma broadcasts since the 2018-19 campaign.

Streaming Bally Sports Oklahoma


The Bally Sports RSNs used to be carried by a number of streaming services. However, times have changed, resulting in DIRECTV STREAM being the only one with access to any of the Bally Sports affiliates around the country.

In order to get Bally Sports Oklahoma, those in its broadcast area need to subscribe to, at a minimum, DIRECTV STREAM’s Choice plan ($89.99/mo).

Doing so also provides access to Bally Sports Southwest, AT&T SportsNet Southwest, and several nationally broadcast sports-oriented channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, Fox Sports 1 (FS1), MLB Network, NBA TV, and the ACC and SEC networks.

For more information, see our thorough DIRECTV STREAM review.

Alternatives to Bally Sports Oklahoma

If you are in Oklahoma and want to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder while not having access to Bally Sports Oklahoma, your options are slim, and most games will simply not be possible to watch.

You are limited to a small selection of them on national television outlets, including NBA TV, TNT, ESPN, and ABC, through a streaming service like FuboTV or Hulu + Live TV. Or, in the case of ABC, you can watch with an antenna.

Conversely, those not in the team’s NBA League Pass blackout area, which does extend north and east beyond Oklahoma’s borders, can subscribe to that service for $28.99/mo and watch all games live (with minor exceptions). Fans inside the blackout area can also watch — but only after the game has completed.

OU and OSU fans enjoy greater options than Thunder supporters do. This is thanks to so many of the contests played by those schools’ teams being shown through other outlets.

Thunder vs Wizards
Wizards vs Thunder by Keith Allison under CC BY-SA 2.0.

ESPN+ ($6.99/mo) streams a significant number of them and is an especially valuable resource for fans who support the schools’ non-football and non-basketball teams.

As for football, during the 2019 college season, Oklahoma contests were shown on Fox (seven games), ABC (five), ESPN (one), and through pay-per-view (one) while Oklahoma State match-ups were on FS1 (four), Fox (two), ESPN (two), ESPN2 (two), ESPN+ (two), and ABC (one).

As a result, simply having an antenna allowed OU fans to catch 12 of 14 games and OSU supporters to watch three of 13 contests.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is that Bally Sports Oklahoma is a must-have for Oklahoma City Thunder fans located within its viewing area. Those who want to catch as many Oklahoma and Oklahoma State sporting events as possible should garner access to that channel as well.

If any of those descriptions fit you, consider giving DIRECTV STREAM a try. A 5-day free trial is now available for DIRECTV STREAM.

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What happened to Fox Sports Oklahoma?

In 2019, Disney sold the Fox Sports RSNs that it had just purchased a couple of years prior. That was necessary as the US Justice Department had determined that Disney, which owns ABC and ESPN, also securing those RSNs constituted an unfair monopoly.

Sinclair Broadcast Group, which bought them from Disney, then came to a naming-rights agreement with Bally’s Corporation in November with the channels taking on that name change four months later.

Why can’t I get Bally Sports Oklahoma elsewhere?

Each of Bally Sport’s affiliates represents different areas of the country, which is necessary as the teams that they cover have broadcast deals that only allow their non-nationally televised games to be shown in that regional area. However, with that said, subscribers sometimes have access to more than one Bally Sports affiliate.

That is why Bally Sports Southwest is also available to those in Oklahoma. The reverse is also true as those in Dallas who subscribe to DIRECTV STREAM get both channels.

Can I subscribe to Bally Sports Oklahoma directly?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to subscribe to Bally Sports Oklahoma directly. In mid-2021, the parent company floated the idea that they might make subscriptions available. This did not sit well with third-party providers. And the suggested price of $23/mo wasn’t welcomed by fans. So it is unlikely we will see a change anytime soon.

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