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Cleveland Guardians TV Channels: Top Ways to Watch Baseball Live Online

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2024 MLB Regular Season under way! Stream it live with Fubo!

Cleveland Guardians fans can watch every game of the season if they want. And they can do it without cable. In fact, it’s only possible to do with streaming services. Read on to learn all!

In a hurry? Local fans can watch almost all of the Guardians games:

  • Fubo: Get over 150 channels including a great selection of RSNs starting at $91.98/mo. Fubo allows you to try out its service with a free trial.
  • DIRECTV STREAM: Sets you up with every regional channel in your area and 100+ others for $108.99/mo. A 5-day free trial is now available for DIRECTV STREAM.

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Established in 1894 as the Grand Rapids Rustlers, the Cleveland Guardians are one of the charter members of the American League (AL). The team plays its home games at Progressive Field and is managed by Stephen Vogt.

Let’s take a closer look at the history of the franchise, what the team did last year, and how you can follow the Cleveland Guardians during this season.

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Cleveland Indians
Cleveland Indians by Erik Drost under CC BY 2.0.

Schedule and Start Times for Today’s Cleveland Guardians Game(s)

Get details on the upcoming matchup with our Cleveland Guardians Today Guide.

DateTime (ET)Teams
Fri May 249:38 pmGuardians vs Angels

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Cleveland Guardians TV Channels

Like most MLB teams, the Guardians appear primarily on an RSN with a handful of games broadcast nationally.

National Channels

Multiple networks including ESPN, Fox, and FS1 will broadcast Major League Baseball (MLB) games to a national audience. Games may also appear on ABC and NBC.

The Guardians are scheduled to make multiple appearances on Fox (3) and FS1 (4) during the 2024 season.

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Bally Sports Great Lakes

Cleveland Guardians games that are not broadcast to a national audience will usually appear on Bally Sports Great Lakes. This channel is available to viewers throughout most of Ohio. Notably, it is not available in and around Cincinnati.

Bally Sports Great Lakes is also available in western portions of Pennsylvania (but not Pittsburgh) and New York. It is available only from Fubo and DIRECTV STREAM.

Ultimate Guide: How to Live Stream the Cleveland Guardians Without Cable

There are many different ways to watch a few regular-season Guardians games. There are two ways to watch almost all of them. But if you want to watch absolutely every game, you will need a few different services.


Games that are broadcast on Fox (as well as any that might appear on ABC and NBC) may be accessible to viewers who have an antenna. Sling TV does allow you to use an antenna in tandem with its streaming service, so that’s worth checking out.

See our HD antenna guide for information on doing this.

Streaming Services with Bally Sports

Unless you are happy to limit yourself to watching nationally broadcast games, there are two choices for hometown Cleveland Guardian fans.

Fubo: Offers over 150 live TV channels including Bally Sports Great Lakes in its broadcast area. You also get a full lineup of “cable” channels and sports channels like CBS Sports Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, beIN Sports, and TUDN. It costs $94.98/mo. The base plan also comes with 1,000 hours of cloud DVR and streaming on up to 10 devices at the same time. It also offers MLB.TV as an add-on. See our Fubo review for more.

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DIRECTV STREAM: To obtain Bally Sports Great Lakes you’ll need to subscribe to the Choice package, which costs $108.99/mo. You’ll also get roughly 100+ channels including ESPN, FS1, and MLB Network. All plans come with unlimited cloud DVR (online orders only) and streaming on unlimited devices.

See our DIRECTV STREAM review for more information.

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Other Live TV Streaming

The following services will allow you to watch nationally televised games. They are also a good addition to MLB.tv subscribers.

  • Sling TV: For $40.00/mo, Sling Blue gives you Fox and FS1 and 40 other channels. There are many options for others. The plan comes with 50 hours of cloud DVR and streaming on up to 3 devices. (Sling TV review)
  • Hulu + Live TV: For $76.99/mo, you get 85+ live TV channels as well as ESPN+ and Disney+. It comes with unlimited cloud DVR with 9 months of storage and streaming on two devices. (Hulu + Live TV review)
  • Vidgo: This package allows you to watch dozens of networks such as ESPN, FS1, and MLB Network for $69.99/mo. It doesn’t have a DVR but does allow you to stream on up to 3 devices. (Vidgo review)
  • YouTube TV: Starts at $72.99/mo and offers Fox, FS1, MLB Network, and other sports channels. You can also integrate it with MLB.TV.

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Explore More Ways to Watch the Cleveland Guardians Games Today

Increasingly, MLB games are airing on specialty streaming services.

  • ESPN+: Offers live streams of MLB games in addition to games from a variety of other leagues. This service costs $10.99/mo on its own or $14.99/mo as part of the Hulu bundle. Note that blackout restrictions usually apply to these games. (ESPN+ review)
  • Peacock: Scheduled to broadcast some MLB games during the 2024 season that are available to Peacock Premium subscribers. This service starts at $5.99/mo. (Peacock review)
  • Apple TV+: A limited number of Friday night games will be shown on the Apple TV+ platform and will probably feature a small number of Guardians games.

MLB.TV for Out-of-Market Cleveland Guardians Fans

Subscribing to MLB.TV allows you to watch every regular season game for $13.99/yr or $24.99/mo. Alternatively, you can choose to buy the rights to watch every Cleveland Guardians’ regular-season game for $119.99/yr.

Note that blackout and other league broadcast rules will still be enforced. So this is only an option for fans who do not live in and around Cleveland.

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Devices and Apps for Streaming Cleveland Guardians Games

The following devices are supported by Fubo, DIRECTV STREAM, MLB.TV, and most other services:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android mobile devices
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • iOS mobile devices
  • Roku
  • Samsung smart TVs
  • Web browsers.

DIRECTV STREAM now supports Android-based smart TVs. MLB.TV supports some other devices as well including Android TV and the Xbox gaming system.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Cleveland Guardians

Until 1900, the team was known as the Grand Rapids Rippers before moving to Cleveland. Over the following years, it was known by several other names: Lake Shores, Bluebirds, Napoleons, and (unofficially) Bronchos. It was known as the Indians from 1915 to 2021 when it adopted its most recent nickname.

Cleveland has won two World Series titles, six AL titles, and 10 division titles since 1920. Bob Feller, Jim Thome, and Luke Easter are among the players who have been recognized by the franchise as among the best in its history.

The Cleveland Guardians finished the 2022 season with a record of 92–70 at the top of the AL Central. In the playoffs, they beat the Tampa Bay Rays in 2 games but fell to the New York Yankees in 5.

The Cleveland Guardians finished the 2023 season with a record of 76 wins and 86 losses, placing them third in the AL Central division standings.

Complete 2024 Cleveland Guardians Game Schedule: Dates, Times, and Venues

DateTime (ET)TeamsTV
Thu Mar 2810:07 pmGuardians vs Athletics
Fri Mar 299:40 pmGuardians vs Athletics
Sat Mar 304:07 pmGuardians vs Athletics
Sun Mar 314:07 pmGuardians vs Athletics
Mon Apr 19:40 pmGuardians vs Mariners
Tue Apr 29:40 pmGuardians vs Mariners
Wed Apr 34:10 pmGuardians vs Mariners
Thu Apr 44:10 pmGuardians vs Twins
Sat Apr 62:10 pmGuardians vs Twins
Sun Apr 72:10 pmGuardians vs Twins
Mon Apr 85:10 pmWhite Sox vs Guardians
Tue Apr 96:10 pmWhite Sox vs Guardians
Wed Apr 106:10 pmWhite Sox vs Guardians
Fri Apr 127:10 pmYankees vs Guardians
Sat Apr 136:10 pmYankees vs Guardians
Sun Apr 141:40 pmYankees vs Guardians
Mon Apr 1511:10 amGuardians vs Red Sox
Tue Apr 167:10 pmGuardians vs Red Sox
Wed Apr 177:10 pmGuardians vs Red Sox
Thu Apr 181:35 pmGuardians vs Red Sox
Fri Apr 197:10 pmAthletics vs Guardians
Sat Apr 206:10 pmAthletics vs Guardians
Sun Apr 211:40 pmAthletics vs Guardians
Tue Apr 236:10 pmRed Sox vs Guardians
Wed Apr 246:10 pmRed Sox vs Guardians
Thu Apr 251:10 pmRed Sox vs Guardians
Fri Apr 267:20 pmGuardians vs Braves
Sat Apr 277:20 pmGuardians vs Braves
Sun Apr 281:35 pmGuardians vs Braves
Tue Apr 308:10 pmGuardians vs Astros
Wed May 18:10 pmGuardians vs Astros
Thu May 28:10 pmGuardians vs Astros
Fri May 37:10 pmAngels vs Guardians
Sat May 46:10 pmAngels vs Guardians
Sun May 51:40 pmAngels vs Guardians
Mon May 66:10 pmTigers vs GuardiansFS1
Tue May 76:10 pmTigers vs Guardians
Wed May 81:10 pmTigers vs Guardians
Thu May 97:40 pmGuardians vs White Sox
Fri May 107:40 pmGuardians vs White Sox
Sat May 117:10 pmGuardians vs White Sox
Sun May 122:10 pmGuardians vs White Sox
Mon May 138:05 pmGuardians vs Rangers
Tue May 148:05 pmGuardians vs Rangers
Wed May 158:05 pmGuardians vs Rangers
Fri May 177:10 pmTwins vs GuardiansApple TV+
Sat May 186:10 pmTwins vs Guardians
Sun May 191:40 pmTwins vs Guardians
Mon May 206:10 pmMets vs Guardians
Tue May 216:10 pmMets vs Guardians
Wed May 221:10 pmMets vs Guardians
Fri May 249:38 pmGuardians vs Angels
Sat May 259:38 pmGuardians vs Angels
Sun May 264:07 pmGuardians vs Angels
Mon May 274:10 pmGuardians vs Rockies
Tue May 288:40 pmGuardians vs Rockies
Wed May 298:40 pmGuardians vs Rockies
Fri May 317:10 pmNationals vs Guardians
Sat Jun 14:10 pmNationals vs Guardians
Sun Jun 21:40 pmNationals vs Guardians
Tue Jun 46:40 pmRoyals vs Guardians
Wed Jun 56:40 pmRoyals vs Guardians
Thu Jun 61:10 pmRoyals vs Guardians
Fri Jun 77:10 pmGuardians vs Marlins
Sat Jun 87:35 pmGuardians vs MarlinsFox
Sun Jun 91:40 pmGuardians vs Marlins
Tue Jun 117:10 pmGuardians vs Reds
Wed Jun 127:10 pmGuardians vs Reds
Fri Jun 147:07 pmGuardians vs Blue Jays
Sat Jun 153:07 pmGuardians vs Blue Jays
Sun Jun 161:37 pmGuardians vs Blue Jays
Tue Jun 186:40 pmMariners vs Guardians
Wed Jun 196:40 pmMariners vs Guardians
Thu Jun 201:10 pmMariners vs Guardians
Fri Jun 217:10 pmBlue Jays vs Guardians
Sat Jun 224:10 pmBlue Jays vs Guardians
Sun Jun 231:40 pmBlue Jays vs Guardians
Mon Jun 246:35 pmGuardians vs Orioles
Tue Jun 256:35 pmGuardians vs Orioles
Wed Jun 266:35 pmGuardians vs Orioles
Thu Jun 278:10 pmGuardians vs RoyalsFS1
Fri Jun 288:10 pmGuardians vs Royals
Sat Jun 294:10 pmGuardians vs Royals
Sun Jun 302:10 pmGuardians vs Royals
Tue Jul 26:40 pmWhite Sox vs Guardians
Wed Jul 36:40 pmWhite Sox vs Guardians
Thu Jul 41:10 pmWhite Sox vs Guardians
Fri Jul 57:10 pmGiants vs Guardians
Sat Jul 64:10 pmGiants vs Guardians
Sun Jul 71:40 pmGiants vs Guardians
Mon Jul 86:40 pmGuardians vs TigersFS1
Tue Jul 96:40 pmGuardians vs Tigers
Wed Jul 106:40 pmGuardians vs Tigers
Thu Jul 111:10 pmGuardians vs Tigers
Fri Jul 126:50 pmGuardians vs Rays
Sat Jul 134:10 pmGuardians vs Rays
Sun Jul 141:40 pmGuardians vs Rays
Fri Jul 197:10 pmPadres vs Guardians
Sat Jul 207:10 pmPadres vs Guardians
Sun Jul 211:40 pmPadres vs Guardians
Mon Jul 226:40 pmTigers vs Guardians
Tue Jul 236:40 pmTigers vs Guardians
Wed Jul 246:40 pmTigers vs Guardians
Thu Jul 251:10 pmTigers vs Guardians
Fri Jul 266:40 pmGuardians vs Phillies
Sat Jul 276:05 pmGuardians vs Phillies
Sun Jul 281:35 pmGuardians vs Phillies
Mon Jul 296:40 pmGuardians vs Tigers
Tue Jul 301:10 pmGuardians vs Tigers
Thu Aug 16:40 pmOrioles vs Guardians
Fri Aug 27:10 pmOrioles vs Guardians
Sat Aug 37:15 pmOrioles vs GuardiansFox
Sun Aug 41:40 pmOrioles vs Guardians
Mon Aug 56:40 pmDiamondbacks vs Guardians
Tue Aug 66:40 pmDiamondbacks vs Guardians
Wed Aug 71:10 pmDiamondbacks vs Guardians
Fri Aug 98:10 pmGuardians vs Twins
Sat Aug 107:10 pmGuardians vs Twins
Sun Aug 112:10 pmGuardians vs Twins
Mon Aug 126:40 pmCubs vs Guardians
Tue Aug 136:40 pmCubs vs Guardians
Wed Aug 146:40 pmCubs vs Guardians
Fri Aug 168:10 pmGuardians vs Brewers
Sat Aug 177:15 pmGuardians vs BrewersFox
Sun Aug 182:10 pmGuardians vs Brewers
Tue Aug 207:05 pmGuardians vs Yankees
Wed Aug 217:05 pmGuardians vs Yankees
Thu Aug 221:05 pmGuardians vs Yankees
Fri Aug 237:10 pmRangers vs Guardians
Sat Aug 247:10 pmRangers vs Guardians
Sun Aug 251:40 pmRangers vs Guardians
Mon Aug 266:40 pmRoyals vs Guardians
Tue Aug 276:40 pmRoyals vs Guardians
Wed Aug 281:10 pmRoyals vs Guardians
Fri Aug 307:10 pmPirates vs Guardians
Sat Aug 316:10 pmPirates vs Guardians
Mon Sep 24:10 pmGuardians vs Royals
Tue Sep 37:40 pmGuardians vs Royals
Wed Sep 47:40 pmGuardians vs Royals
Fri Sep 610:10 pmGuardians vs Dodgers
Sat Sep 79:10 pmGuardians vs Dodgers
Sun Sep 84:10 pmGuardians vs Dodgers
Mon Sep 97:40 pmGuardians vs White Sox
Tue Sep 107:40 pmGuardians vs White Sox
Wed Sep 112:10 pmGuardians vs White Sox
Thu Sep 126:40 pmRays vs Guardians
Fri Sep 137:10 pmRays vs Guardians
Sat Sep 146:10 pmRays vs Guardians
Sun Sep 151:40 pmRays vs Guardians
Mon Sep 166:40 pmTwins vs Guardians
Tue Sep 176:40 pmTwins vs Guardians
Wed Sep 186:40 pmTwins vs Guardians
Thu Sep 191:10 pmTwins vs Guardians
Fri Sep 208:15 pmGuardians vs Cardinals
Sat Sep 217:15 pmGuardians vs Cardinals
Sun Sep 222:15 pmGuardians vs Cardinals
Tue Sep 246:40 pmReds vs Guardians
Wed Sep 256:40 pmReds vs Guardians
Fri Sep 277:10 pmAstros vs Guardians
Sat Sep 286:10 pmAstros vs Guardians
Sun Sep 293:10 pmAstros vs Guardians

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Wrapping Up

As a Cleveland Guardians fan, it should comfort you to know that there are many ways to follow your team without the need for a cable subscription.

Fubo is our top choice for Cleveland Guardians fans. Fubo allows you to try out its service with a free trial.

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Is the Guardians game on TV tonight?

Most of the time, the Cleveland Guardians game will be shown on Bally Sports Great Lakes for local fans and MLB.TV for those elsewhere. If they aren’t there, check Fox, FS1, or MLB Network. The games might also be airing on ABC or NBC and they might be streaming on Apple TV+ or Peacock.

Where can I listen to Cleveland Guardians games on the radio?

WTAM 1100 and 100.7 WMMS serve as the AM and FM flagship radio stations of the Cleveland Guardians. If you live in Akron, you can listen to games by turning your dial to WAKR 1590. Games may also be broadcast on ESPN radio and various other local stations. For $2.99/mo, you can get radio access to all games with MLB Audio. Or check out SiriusXM.

Are there any ways to watch Guardian games for free?

Any games that are broadcast on ABC, Fox, or NBC will likely be accessible to anyone who has an antenna. Therefore, it may be possible to watch these games without the need to pay for a cable, satellite, or streaming service plan. MLB.TV does offer a Free Game of the Day, which will likely feature the Cleveland Guardians sometimes.

How do I stream Cleveland Guardians games on my smartphone?

Most live and specialty streaming services will have apps that you can use to watch games on your phone and similar devices. It may also be possible to access your account using a traditional web browser on your phone. Generally speaking, you can get a quality streaming experience whether you use an app or a web browser.

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What is the Guardians roster for the upcoming spring training?

This offseason, the Guards have added Tyler Beede and Carlos Carrasco on Minor League deals with invitations to big league spring training. Players on the MLB roster include pitchers Shane Bieber, Emmanuel Clase, and Triston McKenzie, infielders Jose Ramirez and Josh Naylor, and outfielder Ramon Laureano, among others.

How can I watch other MLB teams?

We have guides that show you how to watch every MLB team:

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  2. Get the content you deserve with the best VPN.
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