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How to Cancel DirecTV (2022 Guide)

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Before there was streaming, people signed up for cable or satellite services. One of those services is DirecTV. You’d sign a contract for service and a technician would set up your dish and allow you to watch hundreds of channels.

The service works fine enough, though the price has always been an issue for most people. Especially now, when there are cheaper options available, DirecTV subscribers might be interested in dissolving their contract, and trying something new.

If you need to know how to cancel DirecTV, this article is for you!

This article will tell you how to cancel DirecTV. It will only work for the satellite customers. While there are streaming packages including AT&T TV NOW (formerly DirecTV NOW), cancelling those services are easier because they don’t come with contracts.

It’s not terribly difficult to cancel the satellite service, DirecTV, but it is a process. All the steps you need to follow to cancel DIRECTV are listed below!

Step by Step: How to Cancel DirecTV

It’s important to realize that when you call to cancel DirecTV, you will likely receive some resistance from the customer service agents that you speak with. You’ll eventually be able to get them to understand that you just don’t want your service anymore, but you will have to pay a cancellation fee.

While some have gotten out of it, short of the account holder dying or deciding to move to a country that doesn’t have DirecTV, you can assume that you will have to pay something. On the bright side, when you cancel DirecTV, that will free you up to try out less expensive services that are contract-free.

Now let’s look at the specific steps required to cancel DirecTV:

#1 Contact DirecTV customer service

Unfortunately, DirecTV won’t allow you to contact them online or to just click cancel in your online account. Instead, you have to call them. You can reach them through their customer service department at 1-800-531-5000. Customer service reps are available every day from 8 am to 1 am ET.

While the department takes calls daily, it is generally easier to reach someone without a longer hold time and to cancel in general during the week. Holidays can also be a little dicey in terms of cancelling DirecTV, so you might want to call on a regular weekday for best results.

When you call, you will go through the prompts to input your account details. From there you’ll be able to be sent to a customer service representative so the process of cancelling your account can begin!

#2 State your purpose – Tell them you want to cancel DirecTV

Once you are able to go through the various customer service prompts, you’ll want to state that you want to cancel your DirecTV contract. Listen through the prompts until you hear the option to cancel and then you can go from there. If nothing fits, you can offer the verbal prompt “cancel DirecTV” and that should get you sent to a live representative.

#3 Ask for the retention department

You can assume that whoever you speak to first, won’t be able to help you cancel DirecTV. For this reason, to speed things along, when they ask why you’re calling, tell them that you want to cancel DirecTV. Asking for the retention department will help get you to the people that can help you cancel your account.

#4 Explain why you want to cancel DirecTV

If you’ve ever cancelled a cable contract, you probably already know what to expect. Once you tell them that you want to cancel, they will try to talk you out of it. They might even lie to you to try and get you to stay. Just stick to your guns, thank them for the information, and let them know that no matter what they say you want to cancel DirecTV.

Once they realize that you mean business and you’re going to cancel they will likely tell you that you’re going to have to pay a cancellation fee (more on that in a bit).

#5 Send back your equipment

On the phone they will explain how to return your equipment. They will send you a box so that you can return your receiver and remote. Anything else (mainly the dish and some cords) is yours to keep. As soon as you receive the box, you should pack up your equipment and send it back. The equipment needs to be returned within 3 weeks otherwise you will be charged for what is not returned.

If you don’t receive a box to return your items within a week, you might want to consider calling back. You might receive the original box, but you’re better off requesting another box, just to be safe.

A packing slip is included with the box, so you won’t have to pay for shipping. When you take the box, you should receive tracking information. You’ll want to hold onto that in case DirecTV says they don’t receive your equipment.

#6 Verify the return of your equipment

After a few days or once you’ve checked your tracking information and it states that the equipment has been returned, give DirecTV another call to make sure they have it. Not only will this clear your mind, it will allow you to verify that your contract has been dissolved and that you’re going to receive your final bill.

#7 Make your last DirecTV payment

When you get your bill, you’ll need to pay it. On the plus side, it should be the last bill that you receive from DirecTV. Keep in mind that cable bills are known for being a little hard to read. More than anything you’ll want to keep track of the day you officially cancelled, so you know when your contract ended for the cancellation fee, but also for the prorated cost of your monthly bill.

If you are confused about the costs and end up calling the billing department, be aware that they will try to convince you to resign up for DirecTV. Obviously, if you’ve come this far that isn’t what you want, but they will try anyway.

Early Cancellation Fees: What Will I Have to Pay?

The important thing to realize is that the cancellation fee isn’t as bad as you think it’s going to be. Actually, when you consider the money you’ll save when you cancel DirecTV, the fee, while annoying, is worth the cost you’ll pay.

You should talk cancellation fees with the retention representative. The price you should pay is $20 per month for each of the remaining months on your DirecTV contract plus an additional $15, which serves as a deactivation fee. So, if you cancel DirecTV and have 5 months on your account, you’d pay $115 ($20 per month for 5 months and the $15 deactivation fee). That said, the total is prorated, so if you had 5 ½ months on your account, you’d pay a little more. It’s meant to be worked out to the day. This is why it’s so important that you know the exact date that you cancel your service.

Can I Avoid DirecTV Cancellation Fees?

Honestly, if you want to cancel DirecTV, it’s easier just to pay the fee. Otherwise, you’re going to have to have an exceptional reason why you want to avoid those fees. Assuming the account holder isn’t dead and you’re not moving to a new country that doesn’t have DirecTV, you can assume the fees are going to stick. If you feel you have extenuating circumstances that should get you out of your contract and out of the fee, you can let them know. Just don’t expect them to remove the fee, as they likely won’t.

Wrapping Up

You shouldn’t have any real trouble when you cancel DirecTV. Granted, there will be some hassles, and a few extra fees. Of course, you’ll save more money cancelling your account than you will by keeping it.

If you have questions about how to cancel your DirecTV account, feel free to let us know in the comments!

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