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CONtv Review for Comic Con Fans Who Love Cult Classics

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In the world of over-the-top streaming services, great new niche offerings are hitting the market every month. All of them are looking for ways to separate themselves from the streaming giants likes Netflix, Hulu & Amazon.

Recently, an interesting new service called CONtv was launched and it’s caught our eye. CONtv is a streaming service dedicated to the Comic-Con community and aims at providing exclusive access to conventions from across the country. If you love comics, if you love Comic-con–then you will love CONtv.

What Is CONtv?

Short version: CONtv is a cord-cutting comic nerd paradise.

CONtv provides thousands of hours of behind the scene looks at Comic-Con, live panels, and tons of streamable movies and shows. Since this is a service dedicated toward the geekier things in life, CONtv shows old comic/video game based cartoons, sci-fi films, horror, anime, and everything else in-between.

CONtv: the quintessential streaming service for geeks

The platform has launched with over 2,500 films, television episodes and pieces of original programming, with more coming in the future. For instance, on March 22, all 11 episodes of the “Fight of the Living Dead” horror/reality series starring top YouTube stars will release exclusively on CONtv.


Remember the Super Mario Brothers Super Shows? Yeah they got it. Digimon? They have that too. They even have the incredibly short-lived Legend of Zelda animated series. What more could you ask for?

ConTV Shows
They’ve got it all.

CONtv also has a host of original content, including the game show Last Fan Standing, hosted by B-movie legend Bruce Campbell. If you like offbeat, nerdy, and interesting content, CONtv is a great place to start.

How Much Does CONtv Cost?

Like Peacock, CONtv offers a free version and a paid-for version. The free version of CONtv comes with ads and only allows you to access approximately 40% of the content available from CONtv. The paid VIP version, which costs $7 a month, is ad-free and more than twice the amount of content as the free version.


Aside from getting a lot more streamable content with CONtv VIP, you also get a lot of tangible benefits as well.

To start, with CONtv VIP you can live stream Comic-Con panels as they happen. That means no more waiting for someone to upload onto YouTube or questionable picture quality.

CONtv VIP means VIP access to Comic-Con

Tired of getting stuck in line at conventions? Well, then we have even better news for you!

With ConTV VIP you can enter Wizard World conventions ahead of the general public as well as receive reserved seating for panels. Now you’ll finally have that chance to ask GRRM how he came up with the name “Hodor.”

While a lot of free/premium services have very little differences between the two payments tiers, CONtv delivers a great amount of value for a small price tag. If you’re interested in CONtv, we would recommend trying out the premium version.

CONtv Device Support

As far as device support goes CONtv is compatible with iOS, Android, Xbox, and the Roku. That means no support for the Amazon Fire quite yet, but since it just launched we wouldn’t rule anything out. Sling TV originally had very limited support, but now is available on all devices.

Wrapping Up

We have to say, all in all CONtv is a great service for anyone that likes comic books, sci-fi, video games, and everything else that society deems nerdy. CONtv won’t make a perfect cable TV alternative, but it is certainly a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Featured photo credit: CONtv.com

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