How to Watch Major Events Without Cable

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Are you thinking of getting rid of your cable contract? If so, you may be wondering if you will still have access to major events like the Olympics.

One way around this is to get an OTA antenna. Some events, like the Super Bowl, will run on local affiliate channels. But that can be a hassle. Besides, an increasing number of events only run on cable. What to do?

Your best bet is to go with one of the top live TV streaming services. They allow you to stream a wide range of events. If it is going to be on cable, it will be streaming.

Stream Your Favorite Event

Here are our explainers for watching particular events. If you are looking for something else, see the individual streaming services for more information.

Sporting Events

FuboTV Sports Tab
FuboTV sports tab gives you easy access to live games.

Non-Sporting Events

Top Event Streaming Services

There are dozens of streaming services that focus on the needs of different audiences. Here are the top services for streaming events:

  • AT&T TV ($69.99/mo): Provides great access to local and regional stations. In general, AT&T provides access to anything you are looking for but it may cost you extra.
  • FuboTV ($64.99/mo): Arguably the best streaming service for sports. They provide great access to big sporting events — including over 130 events each year in 4K.
  • Hulu Live TV ($64.99/mo): Known primarily for their on-demand streaming of movies and TV shows, Hulu Live TV provides access to a broad selection of local, regional, and national channels with good access to major events.
  • YouTube TV ($64.99/mo): Although it is known for its video-sharing platform, YouTube TV has developed into one of the very best live TV streaming service with exceptional support for live events.


Sling TV Sports Android
Watch sports on an Android phone with Sling TV.

How can I get sports channels without cable?

All of the streaming services we discussed above (AT&T TV, FuboTV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV) offer a good selection of sports channels in their basic plans. For example, they all include ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports 1 (FS1), and Fox Sports 2 (FS2). You can also check out Sling TV for a low-cost option. For sport- and league-specific channels, you should look at YouTube TV and FuboTV.

How can I watch MLB games without cable?

MLB games are broadcast on a lot of channels — especially Fox, FS1, and ESPN. All the major streaming services offer these. YouTube TV is currently the only service that includes MLB Network in its base plan. FuboTV offers it with their $7.99/mo Fubo Extra and $10.99/mo Sports Plus add-ons.